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Hate Mail: The Slavs vs The Slobs

Enjoy an American made, El Rey Dude Corona Cigar from Mike Church today
Enjoy an American made, El Rey Dude Corona Cigar from Mike Church today

Mandeville, LA  – UPDATED with John K’s comments (see below) I received this most angry and dismissive piece of Hate Mail this morning after the Conclusion of today’s radio show. I have publicly noted my error on both Twitter & Facebook and now here. The good news is “John K” has inspired “Gentleman’s Rule #00”. (Read more of Mike’s hilarious Hate Mail exchanges here)

Gentleman’s Rule #00

Introductions are the most important interactions a Gentleman will of the world will encounter. George Washington instructed his nephew George Steptoe Washington “First Impressions are generally the most lasting.” It is therefore, in the Gentleman’s best interest to be mild of manner, never loud, never insulting and above all never in pursuance of embarrassing his new acquaintance. A public embarrassment is a stain not lightly removed from any man’s character, regardless of stature and therefore carries a lifetime of suspicion and distaste toward the progenitor.

===============TODAY’S HATE MAIL BAG===============

Name: John K

Comments: Slovakia was part of the Soviet Union (CCCP) olympic team?  Thats a complete fail!!! Slovakia and the Czech Republic were combined into one country by the Soviet Communists.  Remember Czechoslovakia…..  Lets act like we have a little knowledge of world history/geography.  Embarassing…

John K
New Castle, DE

Here is my response.

17 Feb., 2014
Dear “John K”,
I could have said Latvia or Belarus but I had just finished watching a Slav receive a medal. Slovakia was under Warsaw Pact rule in 1968 though it was not part of the Soviet Union. So yes, technically I am in error and will correct the record accordingly but no amount of my humility in this regard will make up for your lack of manners and “embarrassing” use of punctuation. How many exclamation points are needed to try and enforce your attempt at embarrassing your kind and generous host (you used the contact form on my property,, thereby making you a guest)?

I believe your screed serves as grounds for another addition to Mr. Klugewicz and my “Gentleman’s Guide to Chivalry in the 21st Century”, we’ll call the rule you just inspired “Gentleman’s Rule #00”, thank you for the inspiration. George Washington wrote to his nephew that “First impressions are generally most lasting.” What do you think mine is of you, Sir?

Mike Church

And here is my correction via

 John K responds. “So…you were wrong.  You could have just said that instead of pontificating for half a page and quoting Washington. ”


I respond to John K.

“Dear John,
With some people you just cannot win. Ignore the mistake and you’re an arrogant jerk. Correct and then comment, as is my wont, and you’re a Pontiff. See Gentleman’s Rule #00, I am happy I can now fully credit its inspiration (John shared his last name with me).


Mike Church

post scriptum: I added your comment to the post.
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