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HealthCare Debate A Prime Example Of Their Thirst For Control

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – The KingDude had a significant amount of content today dedicated towhat’s currently taking Mordor on the Potomac by storm – the HealthCaredebate. We brought up the Liberals and their obsession with constantlyusing the Congressional Budget Office as their go to ‘trump’ card whenany Conservative in this Galaxy mentions this bill as being ‘jobkilling’.

We then discussed how Congress is apparently split rightsmack down the middle with nothing but an ‘aisle’ separating them, butno fear folks, they claim to be friends with each other so hopefully wecan avoid any violent rhetoric or vitriol. And while each side hastheir ace in the hole we notice that neither side is arguing on behalfof what’s really at stake here in America – and that’s Liberty.

So what is the real reason behind all the uproar? If we’re all friends and the only thing separating us is a carpeted open corridor then why haven’t we reached an agreement that benefits the Nation? Well that’s because this is all about control, it’s not about citizens getting the best possible HealthCare, it’s about Congress continuing tightening there grasp in order to make their pockets a bit heavier. The revolving door as we like to call it here on the show! 

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