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I do not even know how to define this.  I dont even know if Im a social conservative anymore.  I cant tell.  Listen up.  Charles Murray, one of the great minds of the last half of the 20th Century, is a scholar.  He writes about things that no one else will write about them because the other people that write about them get fired, or harassed and laughed out of polite academia.  Murray, who co-authored the book The Bell Curve, perhaps youve heard of it, writes this:  Even the good news has a downside.  This is about new data on the illegitimacy rate.

The preliminary birth data for 2010 just released by the National Center for Health Statistics reveal that, for the first time since 1995 and only the second time since 1950, the American illegitimacy ratio (the percentage of live births that occurred to unmarried women) decreased in 2010.  Thats nice, but dont pop the champagne [corks just yet].  Were talking about a drop of two-tenths of 1 percentage point, from 41 percent to 40.8 percent.  (Linger over either number for a second.  More than two out of every five American children are now born to unmarried mothers.)

The more interesting aspect of the data is shown in Table 7:  Even though the overall ratio dropped, the ratio for every age group [has] increased.  How could this be?  Because the group with the highest proportion of nonmarital births, teenagers, accounted for a smaller proportion of all births in 2010 9.3 percent [of all births] compared to 10 percent in 2009 while women with the lowest ratio, those 30 and older, increased their share of all births from 37.4 to 38.6 percent.

It is unequivocally good news that teenage births are falling.  Other things equal, mothers in their 20s and 30s are more mature than mothers in their teens, and consequently likely to be better mothers.  But that the illegitimacy ratio is continuing to rise in every age group is ominous.  As the years go on, nonmarital births decreasingly reflect adolescent thoughtlessness.  Boy, is this a mouthful or what.  They increasingly reflect the opinion of adult women that it is okay to bring a baby into [this]

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Mike:Now, those of you that are actually socially conservative and this is a floating definition, now.

world without a male committed to its protection and care, and the opinion of adult men I call them losers that it is okay to create a child without fathering it.  Thats depressing.

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Mr. Murray, you are correct, sir.  That is depressing.  Is there a program in Congress that you can create to fix that?  No.  Is there a program in your state legislature you can create to address this?  No.  There are some programs that you could uncreate.  And if you uncreated them, you could at least stop the subsidy of this.  But this is just pure arrogance and conceit.  All these women out there in their late 20s and mid-30s are like, eh, marriage, who needs it.  Screw that.  I just want a kid.  Nary a thought given to bringing that child into the world without preparing the way for him by at least going through the process of trying to have a dedicated father in that kids life.  I mean, that is just arrogance and conceit of the highest order.  Civilizations do not survive demographic trends like this.  Here, let me put it a different way.  We dont deserve to survive a demographic trend like this.

As someone that has watched and presided over 14 years now of life, or 15 years from conception to teenage years now, over a pair of twin daughters and a stepson, let me say to you that the greatest endeavor that we men are engaged in right now is not making money, its not making a name for ourselves, its not saving the damn republic, its none of these things.  The greatest endeavor that we are engaged in right now is preparing the way for our children and our wives to get to heaven, children first.  You can work on the wife, but she may pull rank on you.  It is 2011, after all.  This is our task.  This is our quest.  This is our duty.  Get those kids to heaven.  You cant get them to heaven if you dont know who they are, if you dont live with them, if you dont supervise them, if you dont, ooh, dare I say this on radio airwaves, father them.  And I dont just mean go through the sexual act.  I mean father them.

You can almost instantly tell when you meet a young man or a young woman that has a strong father figure.  Without fail you can almost instantly tell.  Mannerisms, manners, confidence, intelligence.  Mike, are you saying that women cant do youre saying that women are stupid, you male chauvinist pig.  Im saying nothing of the sort.  Both roles are important.  But ladies and gentlemen, the demasculinization of not just the American male, the planets male, I mean, every strong man thats out there must be evil.  Hes got to be despicable.  If hes an American, why, hes a chauvinistic pig of a brute.  Why, hes not sensitive.  Why doesnt he get in touch with his and her feelings?  If hes a foreigner, Well, he must be a war-mad lunatic.

We are taught from birth that strong men are a bad thing.  Well, you know what, strong men make strong families.  And this is part of the rot.  Its part of the rot we are possessed of.  And a society and a civilization that does not address that issue right there, you young men out there, yeah, youre free to go marauding about the countryside and having your way with her and him because you can, and because sex is just free and loose, and its oh so wonderful, and you can just meet on all these Internet dating sites and Facebook and all that.  You dont have any of the responsibilities like your old fuddy-duddy parents did.  Like I intend to instruct my stepson, if you make it, you own it.  Its yours for life.  There aint no getting out of this deal.  So youd better make it with serious conviction.  Boy, I tell you, folks, that Charles Murray is right on that.  Right on that.

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