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Hey Bathroom Pervert Promoters: The 10th Amendment Doesn’t Come On A Roll From Charmin

Mandeville, LA – Let the time be marked:03:16 (cst), Loretta Lynch, The AG of United States, declared war on the state of NC and promised to withhold funds from UNC’s system and the NC DOT if the state doesn’t immediately drop its legal defense of the 10th Amendment Right to use powers never granted to the General Government. This is an lgBtq-rstlne bridge too far and will be the date remembered by a future Kevin Gutzman or Brion McClanahan that many states went into open revolt when Anthony Kennedy refuses to hear NC Governor Pat McCrory’s appeal. De tempore habeus venit. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution states:

Amendment X – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

It should be obvious that the determination of how bathrooms are labeled and who might access the distinct rooms was not transferred to little Jimmy Madison and friends via the Constitution although Patrick Henry did warn of similar abuses arising from the Constitution if it were ratified. Henry, a devout Episcopalian, could not have imagined the King of Great Britain even dreaming of the Lex de Latrina, Law of Latrines, yet the monster king that bears not the title of royalty but President proposes to assume that power.

“Here is a resolution as radical as that which separated us from Great Britain. It is radical in this transition; our rights and privileges are endangered, and the sovereignty of the states will be relinquished: and cannot we plainly see that this is actually the case? The rights of conscience, trial by jury, liberty of the press, all your immunities and franchises, all pretensions to human rights and privileges, are rendered insecure, if not lost, by this change, so loudly talked of by some, and inconsiderately by others. Is this tame relinquishment of rights worthy of freemen? Is it worthy of that manly fortitude that ought to characterize republicans? It is said eight states have adopted this plan. I declare that if twelve states and a half had adopted it, I would, with manly firmness, and in spite of an erring world, reject it.”

The_way_it_should_be_Sid_DavisCatholics might wish to know what it is their Magisterium says about this and if there ever was a time when the Church needed to be saying things in opposition to moral relativism it is now. But, alas, after an hour of searching I was only able to find the half-men and immodest women of the 101st Keyboard Battalion promising mass suicides would be the result if Catholic teaching was to be dusted off and asserted.

But like most screeds written by urban legend influenced Protestants, the Church’s position actually counsels the opposite and preserves the purpose of gender as God intended it: to bring about and raise a beautiful family through marriage. From Moira McQueen:

Catholic teaching on gender identity follows its established teaching on sexuality and marriage.

a) Briefly stated:
•each of us is made in God’s image as man or woman;
•gender identity is determined at conception, genetically, anatomically and chromosomally;
•a person must accept that objective identity.

b) The Catechism of the Catholic Church (September 1997 edition), Section 2333, states:
Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his or her sexual identity. Physical, moral, and spiritual difference and complementarity are oriented toward the goods of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarity, needs, and mutual support between the sexes are lived out

c) The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (2004), Section 224, states:
Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his or her sexual identity. Physical, moral and spiritual difference and complementarities are oriented towards the goods of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarities, needs and mutual support between the sexes are lived out. According to this perspective, it is obligatory that positive law be conformed to the natural law, according to which sexual identity is indispensable, because it is the objective condition for forming a couple in marriage.

d) Address by Pope Benedict XVI to the Curia, Thursday December 12, 2012:
The profound falsehood of this (gender identity) theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious. People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given by their bodily identity, which serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves. According to the biblical creation account, being created by God as male and female pertains to the essence of the human creature. This duality is an essential aspect of what being human is all about, as ordained by God.

This is precisely the clarity currently needed but it is either late to the game or got stuck in traffic. Furthermore, this is the moral debacle that sodomite “marriage” was caused by and the exact same original error: the State has been granted authority over a matter it has no say so in other than to conform its policy, if one need be stated, to the natural law and the magisterial teaching. But so murky are the sewer waters we are steeped in this is all but impossible because the good, the True and the beautiful can only be seen at a distance as though Our Lord’s teaching has now become the forbidden fruit of Eden. Put another way, the United States of ‘Muricah is divining its moral code and teaching from those that remained in Sodom and Gomorrah and Lott is the one being executed. McQueen concludes her paper with a reminder that Magisterial teaching requires charitable practice and the love of our neighbors:

There is no doubt that the Church, while sympathetic to those who have this condition, does not condone any move that would attempt to alter the person’s body to represent the opposite gender, although it would recognize counselling therapies that try to alleviate the dysphoria or distress.

Catholic teaching is clear on the need to accept the objective truth of the reality of our bodies in this condition, and therapy should have that aim as its goal.

henry_meme_fun_00000Amen, sister, but that’s as good as the news gets and you won’t see this Charity and clarity in the Judgement Pornosphere™ that is my Twitter feed.

MONITOR the bathrooms, as in buildings!? As if separating the genders especially where children are involved actually requires a discussion but if a discussion is needed let it be said it is not the banality of the restroom that needs to be “monitored” but, Sir, the formerly perverted actions perpetrated inside! Perhaps instead of condition social media wars over this we should just admit our fallen state has rendered many us as Remnants and we must be contented with entering this fight, engaging the enemy and leading by example, knowing a “victory” is only possible in our own sphere:

Is it necessary for your liberty that you should abandon those great rights by the adoption of this system? Is the relinquishment of the trial by jury and the liberty of the press necessary for your liberty? Will the abandonment of your most sacred rights tend to the security of your liberty? Liberty, the greatest of all earthly blessings — give us that precious jewel, and you may take every thing else! But I am fearful I have lived long enough to become an old-fashioned fellow. Perhaps an invincible attachment to the dearest rights of man may, in these refined, enlightened days, be deemed old-fashioned; if so, I am contented to be so.

Amen, Brother Patrick, Amen, but perverts and pervert promoters everywhere have no use for what Chesterton called “the democracy of the dead” other than to demand fake “liberty” that leads to real sterility and then death, in this world and the next.

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