Hey DeceptiCONS: I Thought It Was Terrifying To See 3 Year Olds Dressed In Kevlar?!

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Mandeville, LA – Membah, membah the good ol’ days when Michelle Malkin and the “conservative echo chamber” (CEC) bombarded us with pics of Islamic children holding guns or wearing combat fatigues as a sign of their utter barbarism and proof they were not civilized etc., etc.? What then to make of ‘Muricans now buying and dressing their tikettes in bullet-proof backpacks and sending them off to school? Machine Gun ‘Muricah is here, folks and your kids are participants. Thanks, DeceptiCONS!

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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6:20 Old Testament

True joy in being in a state of grace. You don’t create it, it is created by the Almighty.

Brother Andre Marie Is Jesus Really Our Friend?

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Yesterday we discussed Rev. Billy Graham

HEADLINE: Stucky QOTD: Billy Graham. Faithful Friend or Fraudulent Foe? from The Burning Platform

  • BG’ sermons are like McDonalds hamburger-lots of calories, but no nutrition

Grooming Romney to run again in 2020!

  • A rich pastor peddling his homeless Savior.


  • The descendants of Noah
  • We live in a land of confusion, not implied either, they are direct mixed signals.
  • At the end of the day it is confusion, not heresy or apostasy.
  • Confusion over what gender you are, confusion over pro-choice and pro-life, so much confusion in the Catholic Church right now.
6:45 AUDIO: bar brawl from FOX


Caller Mark from Oregon

  • a VRN business card that we as listeners could leave at different places we travel to.
  • Crusader At Large pdf files
  • Ethanol Gas







 HEADLINE: 13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids by Stella Morabito

  • Standardized testing only teaches our children how to memorize.
  • No critical thinking skills are taught.
  • How do you get out of the prison camps known as public schools?
  • Graduation is their release

AUDIO: Tie a Yellow Ribbon

AUDIO: Mike’s parody of Tie A Yellow Ribbon (purple ribbon, wounded knee)

  • The cult of death must prevail upon the inmates to obtain release.
7:07 HEADLINE: 70-year-old man first to be arrested under Ontario’s new ban on pro-life speech by Lianne Laurence



Machine Gun America – machine gun fun for the whole family

HEADLINE: Bulletproof backpacks for children reflect a new reality in America by Chelsea Ritschel

  • So we aren’t going to attempt to SOLVE the problem, we are just going to make public schools look more like military America.
  • Hey Kim Zolciak-Biermann why don’t you HOMESCHOOL your children? You don’t have a job! That would keep your children safe.
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7:33 RP
  • So before the 2nd amendment was ratified, home invasions were just happening all over right?
  • Even on the Ice World of Hoth!







Debbie Schlussel with your weekend movie reviews:

Debbie Does Movies

  1. Black Panther
  2. Annihilation (savaged the real reason for Remember 5th of November)
  3. Game Night

The Shape of Water

HEADLINE: Neanderthals Had a Creative Side, New Cave Art Studies Suggest by Robert Lee Hotz

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New Orleans traffic camera ticket

HEADLINE: Judge orders New Orleans to refund three years camera fines; bill estimated at $28 million by John Simerman

  • This is why no one wants to visit the city anymore.
  • The city is still beautiful.
  • The city has the highest murder rate but you are going to send me a speeding ticket?
  • It is a shame, it could be absolutely beautiful.






Caller Dan in New Jersey

  • Dan’s New Orleans story
  • Trump pulling ICE out of California so they can deal with their own problems

HEADLINE: Trump casually threatens to pull ICE officers out of California to teach the state a lesson by Jenna Johnson

  • California should have to live among what they have created and on their own dime.
  • Turkey Farm is doing well, time to bring in the young ones.
  • Twin Smoke Shoppe Show get your tickets!
  • Mr. Pearce will be the guest speaker!


Noon News w/ Celeste Youngblood

Barrett Brief w/ Rick Barrett

True Money Show w/ David Simpson


  • This is a mortal sin, telling God HE got your sex wrong!
  • Now it is becoming compulsory to teach kindergartners about gender and how it is “fluid”






HEADLINE: School Shooting Death Wish by Rod Dreher

  • Why is there always a “town hall” after something like this?
  • whole thing played like a dream advertisement for the NRA
  • CPAC = war drunk citizens
  • Who is the left going to employ to do the actual gun grabbing?
  • How would that play out?
  • Why are we treating guns like a Holy Relic?
  • The two are linked: we aren’t a good people, we have good people.


back to HEADLINE: School Shooting Death Wish

Joseph Pearce – Literary Converts

  • “What is most interesting from a cultural-criticism standpoint is the way the shooting generated a simultaneous parallel media spectacle in the form of the survivors who were already making videos for Youtube while bullets were being fired and who had media handlers and hashtags ready to go before the bodies had a chance to get cold.”




 Caller Mitch in St. Louis

  • Town Hall performances they are absolutely shameless
  • 5 days later all these high school kids are valedictorians and they know all there is to know about AR-15 or all assault weapons?
  • How is this going to conserve your health or your way of life?
  • 2 ways to rule men
  • In defense of women by H.L. Mencken
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