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Hillary Promises To Banish Christ From Earth

Liberty the God that Failed smallMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript This is Mrs. Clinton, two days ago or three days ago, jawboning on about how women are being denied all these privileges and rights, and what’s going to have to give way in order to see to it that more women can murder their babies in other countries, and can murder more of them here in the United States.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Mike:  This is Mrs. Clinton, two days ago or three days ago, jawboning on about how women are being denied all these privileges and rights, and what’s going to have to give way in order to see to it that more women can murder their babies in other countries, and can murder more of them here in the United States.  “These deep-seated religious beliefs are going to have to be changed.”  So we have a new pope; her name is Hillary.

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Hillary: . . . maternal mortality rate in half, but far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive healthcare and safe childbirth. All the laws we’ve passed don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice, not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will, and deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed. [applause]

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Mike:  This is a bunch of angry, ugly women that are watching this I suppose, because it’s the Women in the World Forum.  I asked the question and I’ll ask it of Chris Ferrara, author of Liberty, the God That Failed, available in the Founders Tradin’ Post at signed by Chris.  Chris, how is she going to changed deep-seated religious beliefs?

Chris Ferrara:  Well, she’s going to change it the way the Supreme Court is going to mastermind the change, by imposing upon the nation the concept that what a good friend of mine calls “great big liberty.”  It includes the right to have men and women marry each other.  You mentioned the idea of purpose in the last segment.  It’s really remarkable how you’re getting down to the basics in a really profound way, trying to wake people up to what the Jesuits, when they were Catholic, way back when, used to call right reason, thinking rightly.  What does that mean?

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It means essentially an elaboration of the built-in common sense that we all have which has been obscured in this age of confusion.  That common sense really reduces to the proposition that one thing is different from another, and that each thing has a divinely-appointed end in creation, the purpose.

We talk about liberty, great big liberty.  Great big liberty is on a collision course with liberty rightly understood, which has a divinely-appointed end.  Liberty rightly understood does indeed involve what Hillary Clinton calls deep-seated religious beliefs.  She is to be given credit for recognizing that the only thing that is going to stop this juggernaut is deep-seated religious beliefs, not the democratic process.  She recognizes this is a moral conflict, ultimately involving religious principles, about the purpose of liberty.  What is the purpose of liberty?  It isn’t to have great big liberty.  Great big liberty is: I can do whatever I please as long as I let you do whatever you christopher_ferrara_mary_statueplease.  There is no purpose to it.  It’s whatever.

Liberty rightly ordered is for human flourishing according to human nature.  It’s the pursuit of the good, the right to pursuit the good, the good of marriage in this case, which is between a man and a woman for the procreation and rearing of children so that they can attain the ultimate good, eternal beatitude.  Have we all forgotten about eternal beatitude?  We’re going to die.  Hillary is going to die.  She’s going to face judgment.  She will have two places she can go: the happy place which we call Heaven, or the hell that is reserved to people who promote things like the institutionalization of sodomy and do not repent of this.  This is what’s really involved here, the ultimate destiny of man.  She at least recognizes that for her to triumph, for homofascism to triumph, for great big liberty to triumph, you have to overturn deep-seated religious beliefs.  When are we on our side of the struggle going to recognize that it is only our deep-seated religious beliefs that can stop Hillary?  When are we going to recognize that?

Mike:  But Chris, you’re not supposed to say that.  You can write that at The Remnant.  You can write that at Father Gruner’s site.  Those are a couple places you can.  There are other places that masquerade around as outlets for Catholic thought that you couldn’t write those things, because they wouldn’t be fair and they wouldn’t be things that Francis thinks.  For example, Tom Brady, Jr. and Tom Brady, Sr., along with a bunch of other alleged Catholics, took a full-page ad out in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper demanding that Archbishop Cordileone be sacked.  Because why?  Because he told teachers in his diocese in San Francisco: Stop acting like San Francisco liberals and start acting like Roman Catholics.

Ferrara:  That’s right.  That’s the problem within the Church as well as outside of the Church.  There’s a battle going on within the Church between great big liberty, the spirit of the age – the fancy German word is zeitgeist – and the perennial spirit of the Catholic magisterium, which as St. Augustine said, referring to the Church: It’s always ancient but always new.  You referred to the ancient magisterium.  It is ancient, but it’s also eternally present and new because it’s the truth that sets us free.  When Hillary says it’s these deep-seated religious beliefs that have to be overturned, she is absolutely right.  It is our deep-seated religious beliefs that told us that homosexual so-called marriages are just plain wrong.  They’re contrary to the divine order.  We seem to be incapable of making that argument any longer.  That’s the problem.

Mike:  That is the problem.  Just to refresh here, the reason I wanted to get that clip on was so you could hear Mrs. Clinton forcefully say that.  There’s no equivocation there.  She’s very clear on it.  As you said in the first hour, I did give her credit.  I said: Look, Mrs. Clinton is laying out what she intends to do.  The question remains: What are the rest of us going to do about it?  Spouting off about electing Jeb Bush or spouting off about electing Ted Cruz or anyone who is not – or even Senator Paul – who is not going to take the fight to Mrs. Clinton and to her allies in the manner in which they are taking the fight and defend what it is they seek to eliminate, obliterate, annihilate and attack, if you’re fighting on the wrong battlefield, you’re going to lose.  There’s no possibility of victory.


This is why purpose is important.  The purpose has to be that no, there is an issue of divine law at stake here.  Divine meaning I don’t understand it, Chris Ferrara doesn’t understand it, Pope Francis doesn’t understand it, but we do understand that it is there and it is our duty to abide it.  That’s the duty.  Either you’re going to stand on behalf of that law or you’re not.  This doesn’t mean you have to surrender your iPhone, that you have to surrender your modern life.  It doesn’t mean you have to stop driving cars, that you have to

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You may have to alter how you do some of those things.  It does mean that in the ecclesiastical sense, for the sake of your own immortal soul, we all have to make this call.  Yes, we have to put religion – I have to say it again, Chris, at risk of my own career here.  You have to place religion in the proper order.  It is eternal, judgmental law, then man’s law.  That’s the proper order.  This shouldn’t be a newsflash to people who fancy themselves as the most informed people in the history of informed people, should it?

Ferrara:  I don’t understand the attitude of people who reject what you’re saying while professing to be conservatives, and then turn around in the next breath and say: This is a Christian nation.  Hello?  I see some incoherence there.  If this is in fact a Christian nation – and I would argue that in its foundational principles it really isn’t, but we have a framework that could be.  If this is a Christian nation, why don’t we start acting like it?  Where are the Christian leaders?  In fact, why don’t the bishops get off their rumps and lead a civil rights movement for the unborn and for the defense of marriage along the lines of the movement that Martin Luther King led so successfully, despite all the problems in this man’s background, which I won’t talk about right now.  He at least understood that a higher law was involved in the movement to overturn unjust laws.

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