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Hogs 4 The Cause – Vital, Christian Charity Work & Dinner With Mike Church

Christian Charity Is Vital & I Know A Charity That NEEDS Your Help-Bid To Have Dinner with Mike & Help Ease The Stress of Pediatric Brain Cancer

[UPDATE-03/22/2016 – This JUST arrived via email and illustrates all too painfully the reality of this disease and the need for events/charities like Hogs. ]

“Mr. Church,

I have just been told by my daughter that one of our family friend’s 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at UNC today. So your Hogs for the Cause fundraiser is hitting home this evening. This family is not wealthy, in fact they are very lower middle class and they live a 3 hour drive from UNC Hospital so the treatment and travel costs are going to mount quickly. They will be there the rest of this week and I can only hope that they are staying in the Ronald McDonald House there to defray costs. Could you please pass along information for applying for the grant that the fundraiser raises money for? As soon as I have the information I will pass it along as this family will need all of the help they can get.

Very Respectfully,

Wayne C.”

Dear Liberty Loving Friends,

I talk often about Christian Charity and hear others talking often about “the welfare state”.  The two are Becker_Hall_Pig_leagues_trading_cardcurrently linked but that doesn’t mean we have to accept that condition.  This is why every year, from the 1st of February until the Sunday after the event, I devote my spare time (and some that isn’t spare!) to Hogs For The Cause.  Hogs is a charity I discovered in 2011 and after learning of the work they do assisting families with children suffering pediatric brain cancer, I was hooked on “The Cause”.  Many of you have already donated cash or picked up your yearly Death Chefs Merchandise, for those who haven’t been moved or inspired to do so, I appeal to you one last time to consider doing so.  As Debbie Schlussel has revealed, almost all the proceeds raised by Hogs goes to funding grants, this year I am told that Becker Hall And Rene Louapre have already promised grant money to families that needs to be raised.  Please search your hearts and dig deep, every dollar counts.

Here’s the important links:
1. Buy Death Chefs gear, bid on a cool auction item or make a cash donation in any amount:

2. Buy tickets to the event, please select “The Death Chefs” for the team credit:

3. Make plans to spend the weekend with me and be my guest for the annual Hogs For Cause Gala Dinner on Thursday night, March 31th, then stay for the Fri-Sat cookoff and festival! You can Bid on the Gala tickets here!

Want to know more about the charity?  Simply click this link provided and you can read the back story of how the charity got started and all the wonderful young children this charity helps!

Thanks for your time, Pax Domini tecum,

Mike Church & Staff

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And yes I give to the cause……


Next thing you know he will be singing “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”. Oh wait Lotti blew that one out of the park too!! Left the park……..oh oh wait he sang “Hurt”. did that song at 19. An Elvis tribute to Timi Yuro who sang it originally…please tell me God did not grant such a voice


Shalom Alechem (Hemlut Lotti 1998). May peace find your soul….Glory Glory (Hallelujah) oops Johns Brown’s Body….next thing you know be singing “Quando Caliente El Sol!!” Oh such purgatory……………

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