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Hogs For The Cause: May The Pork Be With You. Always

Times_That_Try_Mens_Souls_3_quarter_viewMandeville, LA – If there is one thing New Orleans is famous for, besides an army of people in perpetual party mode, it’s food. Some even insist that our restaurant & food services ARE our industry as if spicing up what we need to survive is the same as manufacturing espresso makers. We should also be known as a city of hospitalities and the most important hospitality of all, charity. From Children’s Hospital to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & a hospital actually named “Charity” this city is always happy to participate in Christian charity and now has another charity champ: Hogs for the Cause.


The word charity comes to us from the Old French “charite” which means “Christian love” and while politicians prance about proclaiming the imperative that everyone else should “be their brothers keeper” some people actually do “keep” their “brother” which is heartening to see.

The 6th annual Hogs is this weekend in City Pork. Hogs is the second largest barbecue event in the U.S. and continues to grow as do the contributions to it’s “Cause”: pediatric brain cancers. Teams from at least 8 states are rolling into town with smokers in tow to compete for the coveted “Grand Champion” prize. Every hour worked & every morsel served to Hogs attendees is the result of each team’s own investment. Last year the event raised over $700,000, that’s quite an achievement for a bunch of “back yarders” with team names like my “Death Chefs” & “The Funky Meaters”. So this Saturday skip the Southshore’s daiquiri shops and the Northshore’s Columbia Street Tap Room and make your way to Hogs.

Now for a salute to the 88 other teams who will make this year’s “Cause” memorable for tens of thousands of barbecue & festival lovers, and most importantly, for those families with children suffering from brain cancers, who will be the beneficiaries of “The Cause”. May almighty God and The Pork be with you, always.


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