Hoosiers Rise Up to Push back Against State Government

todayMay 21, 2011 3

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: And it is a story about how remember how last, I guess it was on Mondays show I covered the story about the state of Indianas Supreme Court that had decided in its infinite dumb-assity that the citizens of Indiana should be subject to search and seizure and police invasion of their homes without provocation and without warrant. And it didnt matter what they had done or not done, the cops had the right to break doors down and barge inside. And so after the case was adjudicated, the citizens of Indiana were wondering, what what what? What what what? What? Milk of what? And now there are going to be recall efforts of the Indiana Supreme Court. Theres going to be a rally next Wednesday, I think, for the Fourth Amendment.

You people in Indiana that are rallying for the Fourth Amendment, youre rallying for the wrong thing, though. You should be rallying for your own Constitution. And I believe it is Article 11 of the Indiana Constitution that has the pertinent law in it that tells these nitwits in the Indiana Supreme Court what they should do. What they basically did was had a Constitutional Convention without the people of Indianas authority, and they amended the Constitution. Thats what they did. But there was this one particular sheriff, Newton County Sheriff Don Hartman, Sr., that has now caused a double secret probation firestorm, saying that he thinks that the new law is good because now the cops can conduct random searches. And random searches of peoples homes, just imagine the crimes that we can find. Just imagine the criminals that we can apprehend.

Now, of course after Allison breaks the story at, and there are talk show hosts across the country that are using us as a source, the sheriff has now said, Well, wait a minute, thats not what that aint what I said there. Thats not what I said there.

It is an interesting discussion, or at least its interesting to me, and its a little bit exciting, that the people of Indiana have now discovered, or have now rediscovered all of a sudden, that their judges and that their state government is not on their side, just like most despotic state governments that collude with the federal government. We have, ladies and gentlemen, government thats out of control. We have out-of-control government everywhere. And the reason we have it out of control is because the federal Supreme Court has made it so. It has made it so it doesnt matter what a state constitution says. Even if the judges in Indiana had ruled lets just say the judges in Indiana ruled incorrectly and said, no, no, the cop that barged into that mans house and found that guy smoking the dope or whatever, that no, were throwing this out. That was an illegal search and seizure under Article 11 of the Indiana Constitution. That doesnt mean that the plaintiff in the case wouldnt have said, well, fine, well go to the Supreme Court. That doesnt mean that nitwit Samuel Alito wouldnt have taken the case and wouldnt have said were striking down the Indiana state the Fourth Amendment has nothing to do with it. Why, of course its reasonable. Of course its reasonable.

All these things, many of the things that we complain about are made possible because of the federal government and because of Leviathan. So again, the answer to many of these problems, if you really want to fix them, is not to be found by electing new members of Congress. It is not to be found by changing the party of whos in the White House. Although that is preferable at this point in time because the madman currently running the country and thats what Obamas basically doing, using executive authority never dreamed of in the history of man. This includes executive authority used by the great dictators. Obama has more authority than them in some instances. Hes certainly got a larger army that the only way that you can fix any of this stuff for the long haul and gain your liberties back is to dismantle the monster. You cant dismantle your state monster as long as youre a member of that federal monster thats going to overrule everything you do.

This is why the S word, secession, needs to be on your tongue. This is why the Declaration of Independence says what it says. This is why, when you watch my movie, The Road to Independence the movie debuting next week, youll be able to get yourself a copy, and its a movie, its not a documentary, now and you learn the history of the struggle for independence, youll hear the founders actually say the S word. Youll hear the founders actually express, look, man, were not look, we can talk about this all men being created equal crap all we want. What were really doing here is freeing our states from the crown and getting our local governments back, like the one in Williamsburg, Virginia.

So all these things are interrelated here. And this is why so much of what goes on and what is debated with Tea Parties and what have you, and I dont mean to insult any Tea Partiers, I just think that your energy is being applied to the wrong things, is wasted. Your energy was wasted. Just like all the energy that was expended to elect Boehner and his buddies. Boehner and his buddies havent stopped the spending. They havent stopped what you told them to stop. And theyre going to raise the debt ceiling. Like it or not, Boehner and his buddies are going to do it. Youve heard the man say, why, it would be irresponsible for us to not do that. Well, what does that mean? That means that theyre absolutely going to raise the debt ceiling. So its not a debt ceiling at all, even when Republicans are in control, its a debt suggestion. Have they done anything to fix the currency? No. Have they done anything to rein in these radical rogue federal judges out there? No. And the list could go on and on and on and on.

So there really is no federal hope left whatsoever. I dont have any federal hope. Our government is much too large to be saved. It is. That doesnt mean that theres not hope for us as individuals, or for you in your state, or for you in your county. It just means that youd better get used to this tyranny. And its only going to get worse. Tyrants dont take no for an answer, ladies and gentlemen. I dont know if youve noticed this.

Here, let me ask you a question for all you romantic fantasizers out there, lovers of current candidates in the Republican ranks and of your new deck chair party in Congress and what have you. Let me ask you a question. Have conditions gotten better in Cuba since 1962? Or since 1960 in the Cuban Revolution? Have they? Or have they gotten despotically worse, or at best stayed as horrific as they once were? Well, we dont get much information out of Cuba, but we do know this: They still dont have microwave ovens there. The newest car that youre going to find on the street was made in 1958. Has it gotten better? Do tyrants and dictators walk backwards, give their powers back because they have guilty no. No. Are the elites in Cuba still living fat, high on the hog with the Castro brothers? Well, hell, yeah, the corporatist hacks, the central bank, all of them. Theyre doing very well for themselves. The rest of the people, theyre just, baaahh, Cuban sheeple.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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