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Hottest Year On Record Is a Bunch of Hot Air

todayJuly 10, 2012 2

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“The Donald” to be awarded “The Prize” for “Statesman of the year” from Sarasota GOP – kind of like Nancy Pelosi being crowned Miss Austerity

Here it comes again or “they’re ba-aaaack” meaning the credit as wealth delusion is settling in on the sheople as cash is consumed by debt and inflation leaving no alternative to extend our “standards of living”

Milbank: Obama needs fire & brimstone when he ladles out the class warfare

Richard Kimball: Conservatives often have conversations about “art” and why it is supposed to private and not NEA supported which misses the main argument: does it bring man closer to the grace & beauty of God?

Scranton PA-hometown to Joseph Biden-loses all its money, cuts ALL worker pay to minimum wage and defies a judges orders to hand over the loot to labor unions

Rate Runners: MD sees its wealthy bolt the state over taxes “on the rich” as Eduardo Salatin comes to Annapolis

Why Gary Johnson’s candidacy for President WILL matter

When MSNBC – channeling their Harold Ford – turns pro-war and USA! USA! you know there is a problem

Libs at Salon.com have never read Amendments IX or X and for certain have not read or tried to understand Jefferson’s VA & KY Resolutions of 1798 otherwise they would pronounce ALL Federal laws as “Supreme”

Sanders explains “Money Velocity” and why declining mortgages with rising credit debt (see above) are NOT good signs for Obama’s “Red Economy”

Over 80% of doctors have toyed with the idea of bailing on their careers to stave off having to deal with ObamaCare

Epic Fail: So people who worked hard for their money and were GOOD AT IT should fork over more of it to Obama to make it “fair” for the “middle class”? yessir, that’s what he said

THIS is what I mean by “self censorship”: Ted Nugent follows Hank Jr into “If the South would won we’d a had it made” territory

Some of the REAL history of “Nullification” is not so unfriendly to anti-slavery forces of the 1850’s

The last 12 months were the “warmest on record in the USA” claims “government scientists” – oh yeah? – “June 2012 is not remarkable for hi-temps…it IS summer folks, heat waves happen”

As the sun keeps getting cooler we are headed for an ICE AGE event, pray we can actually CREATE a warming

Here’s what the current, 2,000 year long COOLING trend looks like and it is still continuing

Marc Morano debates global warmest who MUST insist that every “weather event” is the result of MMCGW

New Ted Cruz ad: I don’t always raise taxes my friends but when I do I raise payroll taxes. Writer has to google “world’s most interesting man” to get the joke


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Written by: TheKingDude

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