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How Are Those Waffle Fries Workin’ Out For Ya Now? Chick Fil-A Bails on “Anti-Gay” Groups

todaySeptember 20, 2012 2

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The “Romney Tapes” have had a negligible effect on “voters” and just as I predicted have now stirred the lowest common denominator discussion on the subject of tax rates

IRS will threaten the preachers who preach Romney but the 1st Amendment-in THIS case-actually DOES apply and says that they CANNOT censor the pulpit

George Will: Our every 4 year fit of narcissism is in full swing this past week

GaGa moves one step closer to the circus act I described that would be her grand showbiz finale (this story NSFK)

How do you feel about those waffle fries now? Chick Fil-A bails on donations to “anti-gay organizations” like the meek “Focus on the Family”, how’s that for “principled stands”?

If you wonder why I call them DeceptiCONS: NRO blogger (the “conservatives”) lays out Romney strategy where he goes and promotes hundreds of BILLIONS in road and bridges spending, oh but states have to COMPETE for the $$. How’s THAT for constitutional AND apportioned!?

Rand Paul keeps his promise to filibuster any bill until an up or down vote on Egypt & Libyan foreign aid is taken – as the Senate prepares to spend another $1 TRILLION we don’t have

The REAL debate has finally begun as the REAL Right digs into Romney’s newfound embrace of … oh wait a minute, he HASN’T embraced anything new he just danced around the Mexican (legal) hat a few more times

Did Romney insult his OWN voters with the 47% comment and subsequent explanations or rather AFFIRMATIONS?

McCArthy: The Obamedia -and the Injustice Dept or Eric Holder-all of it, need to be shown the door

Last Train to Brokesville, rinse & repeat: “Housing boom” is re-ignited as hacks get panties twisted, cheering latest Fed inflated bubble that will destroy millions of other “American Dreams”

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Written by: TheKingDude

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