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Recap of the Mary’s Dowry Invasion

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HOMOClericalism –

  • We have to remember we are still talking about the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
  • We do have to remain respectful to the Church.
  • We do NOT have to remain respectful for the horrible men that competed these atrocities.

HEADLINE:  crisis magazine

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Trivia Question –

Answer – The last nominee to be yanked by the President was Harriet Miers by Bush 43

  • Bush Administration
  • Discussing the loss of the House of Representin’
  • Make Your Street Great Again – start there!
  • How many of you still watch FoxNews or Fox and Friends?
  • If you do, then by now you must have witnessed the TV commercial to call your senator to support Brett Kavanaugh.
  • This revolving door doesn’t work without the media accomplices.

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England Trip –

  • Duty Free stores in the airports.
  • A pack of cigarettes in England is $14.
  • Even with this price, people still smoke! They simply roll their own cigarettes to get around the ridiculous tax.
  • Story of Sam the student at Cambridge and his take on Evolution.
  • Most English youth 100% believe in Evolution.


HEADLINE: Biohackers Encoded Malware In A Strand of DNA by Andy Greenberg

  • Why would we want to do this?
  • The DNA has a virus sequence in it.


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 HEADLINE: An Open Letter to President Towey of Ave Maria University from a Diocesan Catholic Priest by Fr. John Paul Echert
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 Flying out of Heathrow Airport terminal 2

  • I booked the flight through Condor.
  • Singled out again for a double secret probation security check.
  • Entertainment package issues and the terrible customer service.
  • Now the entertainment package is something we PAID for.

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Back to President Towey at Ave Maria University –

HEADLINE: President Towey’s letter to friends of Ave Maria University by President Towey (revised letter)

Here is the pdf of President Towey’s letter August 24th.

President Towey’s August 29th letter.



Ryan Grants Tweet/FB Post from September 2nd –

Something I posted elsewhere. Important to keep in perspective:

The Church is found where you have those members that visibly 1) profess right faith; 2) have the same communion of the sacraments; 3) are in union with the center of unity.
Evil members, the tares in the wheat, can maintain all three marks whereby we discern a member of the Church and therefore the presence of the same Church. Evil men in the Church do not make the Church an anti-Church.
What would you say if the Pope were known to regularly order assasinations (Pope Sixtus IV), have bisexual relations (John XII), commit pederasty with a 14-year old and make him a Cardinal (Julius III), throw wild parties and have the common rumor that you father children (Alexander VI), or violated the Canons of Trent by entrusting the courts of the Papal states to his nephew, whom he knew was homosexual, and knew was accumulating benefices for dioceses he did not reside in (Pope Paul V, for his nephew Scipione Borghese), or turned a blind eye to homosexuality in the clergy when a priest (later St. Peter Damian) writes a whole book on it and delivers it to you in Rome demanding you do something? (Pope Leo IX).
This is the first time we have seen such things WITH an international media, and for several hundred years after having mediocre to good and even great Popes, but no gravely scandalous ones, it looks positively horrendous.
I do not say Francis should not resign if current allegations turn out to be true, combined with what he has already done), but that this does not constitute an “anti-Church” but evil men that disgrace their office in the Church of Christ”.


Sermon sent from Steve Cunningham –

“He is not good who is better than the worst.”

  • The Lavender Mafia’s tentacles go back years!!

HEADLINE: Center For Applied Research In The Apostolate

  • The homoclericalsim was a coverup basically.
  • Men will most likely not report this because it is embarrassing for them.
  • If you are Catholic, your child has 1 in 4 million chance of being abused by a Priest.
  • How many women teachers are preying upon young boys they teach?
  • The Church is NOT rotten and your children are SAFE there.

The Fathers of the Church Mediaeval Continuation  The Letters of Peter Damian

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HEADLINE: Military hardware company swamped with orders for bulletproof schoolbags as US school term starts by Colin Drury

  • You are more likely to be shot on the first day of school than to be molested by a Priest.


HEADLINE: The New Yorker Disinvites Steve Bannon from Festival After Jim Carrey, Jack Antonoff Pull Out, Other Celebs Protest by Roger Friedman

  • Carrey wrote on Twitter: “Bannon? And me? On the same program? Could never happen.”
  • What I think is really going on here…







Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute –

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Intolerant left cannot even be in the same room as someone with a different opinion?
  • illiberalism
  • Antonoff: “i’m no longer going to be speaking/performing at the new yorker festival as long as steve bannon is there.i always saw the new yorker festival as a wonderful moment to celebrate culture. so when they told me it would kacey musgraves, zadie smith and mike birbiglia etc – i was all in. steve bannon — respectfully that’s a full no for me and normalization of white supremacy ”
  • Are revealing themselves to be the shallow elites they truly are.
  • Changing the narrative so they can have a clean face.
  • Shocking revelations from Archbishop Vigano.
  • Attacking me to avoid the truth.
  • The Vatican is continuing to scramble to find other ways to discredit Archbishop Vigano.
  • What is driving this anger from the Vatican now?
  • It is their agenda is being disruptive and they are less able to put forward the false teachings because of these revelations.
  • The people who are listening to these ideas only listen because they think these Priests etc are “trustworthy”.
  • Now that their credibility is in doubt, they are furious.
  • The NIKE campaign – Colin Kaepernick
  • Sinful behavior should not be accepted in ANY percentage.
  • A private sin is never a private sin, it will spill over. It may be hidden but it is not private.
  • We are talking about “spiritual sickness”.
  • Final Words – Just about ready to release publication new tool for tracking which charities are safe to donate to and which are not.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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