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How Catholic Community Is Supposed To Work With Backwater Foie Gras’ Ross McKnight


Ross McKnight

Owner of Backwater Foie Gras

Backwater Foie Gras website –

Follow Ross and his farm on Instagram –

  • We had a milk machine issue on Sunday morning and then we had some car issues.
  • We are friends and our Catholic community is Louisiana Catholic, all of this is an outgrowth of what a good healthy community produces.
  • We aren’t here standing alone.
  • We just happened to be the family that got picked out of the group.
  • We are happy to proclaim Our Lord’s word and declare it is His month, the Sacred Heart.
  • You are holding the line here Ross.
  • As your friend and someone that runs in this MSM circle, you are acting out of charity for those that are on your case and it is a beautiful thing.
  • At the moment this is above my pay grade – shipping out ducks.
  • We exist for and with our local community. 

HEADLINE: Backwater Foie Gras GoFundMe raises over $5000 as Louisiana farmer slammed over controversial Pride post by Aaratrika Bal 

HEADLINE: Louisiana farmer facing economic hit after social media post touted his Catholic faith, called out Pride month by Kayla Bailey

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