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How Coronapocalypse Happened & What To Do To Stop Climapocalypse with Laurie Calhoun

todayAugust 2, 2023 32

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Mike Church interview with Libertarian author and friend Laurie Calhoun.


Author Laurie Calhoun 

Book – Questioning the COVID Company Line: Critical Thinking in Hysterical Times

  • Joe Biden – Protect unvaccinated workers from vaccinated workers?
  • They just repeated things like this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
  • In Whales – early chapter – 
  • How did the same narratives, rules and lockdowns get implemented so quickly in all countries simultaneously? 
  • The propaganda was so pervasive & effective, how did this happen?
  • The draconian lockdowns for people that weren’t really at any risk of this illness.
  • People right now are, they want to just forget about it to be quite honest.
  • It is really important we learn from the episodes of this history.
  • Many people just have COVID fatigue. 
  • Don’t forget the people that called YOU a threat to humanity!
  • Maggie when she was on Twitter was told she had “Eucharistic Piety” because she wanted to go to Mass during COVID and that she was so selfish in wishing that.
  • Remember the masks?
  • We all knew that what they were saying about masks wasn’t logical but they said it anyway and people followed it!
  • It was supposedly DANGEROUS to do your own research!
  • That should have been the biggest RED FLAG ever!
  • They were just doing what Dr Fauci told them to do b/c they were bashed over the head w/ the propaganda and that they weren’t doctors and they weren’t qualified to read books or data!
  • Is this the same as We Kill Because We Can syndrome?
  • An overwhelming fear of death – they are inclined to accept whatever people that claim to be able to save them!
  • Remember after 9/11 how we were just so scared and in shell shock after the attack b/c we couldn’t believe this happened here in America.
  • We did whatever Bush told us b/c we were just scared and afraid of if this could happen in NYC, this could happen again anywhere unless….XYZ.
  • Remember the COVID death counts at the bottom of each TV NEWS image?
  • It was all about fear, plain and simple.
  • 3 Contributing Factors
  • NeoCons in the Bush administration that had been wanting to fight Saddam. (that small group managed to persuade the next group the mercenaries etc those that stood to prosper from war)
  • The populous that gets persuaded by these b/c they want to do what is right. (they buy into this b/c they want to be patriotic etc)
  • This was the SAME tactics they used for COVID.
  • You have small group of people Pharma Executives, WHO they already had all theses plans and so when this virus shows up it was perfect time to implement. 
  • This was the largest transfer of wealth in our country!
  • Small businesses were told they couldn’t open but Walmart could.
  • These people had no one to look out for them or protect them.
  • Remember when Krispy Kreme donuts offered free stuff to go line up and get this experimental shot that no one knew about the risks to!
  • And Americans did it!!!
  • We were asked to do our Patriotic duty w/ no compensation and not only that but the GOVERNMENT signed over our right to sue if we had any adverse reactions to this shot.
  • The whole scenario was preposterous, it just showed how little people know about big Pharma!
  • There are 4 stages of how Big Pharma became the powerhouse they have become. 
  • When they started advertising directly to the consumer via TV commercials, their sales went through the roof. 
  • Americans would see the symptoms and think, well I think I might have this and then go to their doctor, ask for the drug they saw advertised and boom they are now on that medication.
  • Doctors are also self interested too.
  • They want to keep their patients and if you ask for something 9 times out of 10 they will prescribe it to you. 
  • You then had the propaganda of the shot saved my life.
  • No you were a healthy 25 year old that didn’t need the shot to survive the virus.
  • The government did NOT save your life.
  • Has COVID changed the way people view or think about problems?
  • The same amount of people that bought COVID have bought Putin as Satan and Zelensky as a Saint.
  • I want you to take something away from this conversation – 
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