How Do We Fix America?

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America is Broken, how do we fix this mess?

NEW ORLEANS, La.– It should be abundantly clear to anyone with open eyes just what a sorry state we find ourselves in here in America. The House cheers in thundering cackles, high-fiving themselves at finally negotiating a deal to swindle trillions away from those not yet even born whilst the Senate acting like a group of senile grandparents nods accordingly, staring blankly off into the corner of the room, betting on the fact the majority of them will have passed on before the ramifications of their theft come home to haunt those who remain.

Is there a special place in hell for those who desiring a soft landing, decided to mortgage the wages of the unborn to the criminal Central Bankers? It is all so disconcerting, like mindless drones, the people march on refusing to even peek at the rotting carcass which lay at their feet; the stench of the rot permeating every facet of our day. What are those remnants who still hold the candle of liberty high to do in these dark days; how is it possible to fix this sorry state of affairs?

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: This is a question that comes up all the time. Well, Mike, what are we gonna do? Well, you just heard Charlie, Well, Mike, what are we gonna do? Hell. Spit fire. Hell. Shazam, what are we gonna do? Heres the nuts and bolts of it. Heres the reality of it. Professor James Buchanan won a Nobel Peace Prize in Economics for his theory of what he calls public choice theory. And what public choice theory basically says is that, as long as theres a class of sheeple out there that demand services or transfers of wealth from politicians or whatever the case may be, whatever it is that they demand from the political class, the political class, being the consumer-minded people that they are, are always going to deliver it.

Think of Congress as a business. And I dont mean think of the way they run their business as a business. I mean think of what it is they purportedly do as a business. The American sheeple, by and large, are a bunch of losers. Theyre a bunch of cry-baby spoiled brat losers. Lets just go down the list of what the American sheeple, raised, born and bred to gamble in Bermuda shorts and, hey, look at me, Im not a real hooker, I only play one at the Hard Rock Casino, women. This is what these average people are raised to believe and raised to live their life by. This is their tradition. This is why this problem is so damn hard to tackle because the tradition is that, okay, when youre born, the last thing your mother does is have a contraction. Her responsibility ends after the last contraction. The fathers responsibility ended after he impregnated her. This is how we view the family today.

And anything that comes in between is responsibility of government, whether its an abortion or the delivery of the child. Then we move on to early childhood, and its now the governments responsibility to provide baby formula and to provide nutritional guidelines and to provide early healthcare preventative services. Thats right. Then it is the governments responsibility to provide early childhood education through Head Start and nursery schools and every other godforsaken thing that you can imagine. And then its the governments responsibility to provide education beginning at kindergarten. And its the governments responsibility to design the curriculum. And if theres anything thats short in that curriculum, the parent bears no responsibility for this, society does. Its your problem. Its my problem. And so what do we do? We transfer it to government. And then you wonder why everything is so cocked up?


Do I need to go on? Yes, Mike, you should. Well, thank you, self, I will. Does the governments responsibility, according to the American sheeple, end there? Hell, no. Then theyre told that theyre not allowed to eat Happy Meals, and theyre not allowed to eat this, and that their school lunch must be supervised, and it must be made according to these standards. And then theyre told that their sports must be supervised, they must be regulated by our almighty federal overlords at the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. Do I need to go on? Yes, you do. Well, then, by the time they get ready to get out of high school, they must pass proficiency exams mandated by their almighty masters at the federal and state governments. And then, should they choose to drive a car, well, then, they must learn to drive the way the federal overlords or state overlords demand. And they must drive in vehicles that are created and made safe by their federal and state overlords.

Shall I continue? Oh, and heres the greatest one of all. Oh, youre going to love this one. When they turn 18 and they get this thing called a high school diploma, ooh, they can be shipped off in fancy green uniforms with flags on the sleeves, and they can go off into foreign lands and go kill people. Way, yay, whoopee. Oh, and if you dont like that, we can just go invade another country and occupy it for a century or two, wearing the same uniform, all at 18 years of age. Oh, but that same child, according to its own magisterial, all-knowing, all-seeing, cradle-to-grave federal government, cant imbibe alcohol. Children in Afghanistan can drink when theyre seven. Children in Wisconsin cant drink till theyre 21.

Do I need to continue? And the cradle to grave just continues for there. So this is what your sheeple grow up in, a society where nothing is their responsibility, nothing. Youre not responsible for a damn thing other than waking your crotchety ass up in bed in the morning and going to work. And hell, we dont even make you responsible for that anymore. Oh, no, stay home. Year, two years, oh, take a sabbatical. Well call it unemployment. And you wonder, Well, Mike, what are we supposed to do? Stop acting like an invalid, how about that? How about stop paying for people acting like invalids? How about stop cranking out illegitimate children? How about that? Here, we tried not going to church. We tried worshipping at the altar of Elvis Presley and Bob Seger. Why dont we try worshipping at Jesuss altar again? How about that? Why dont we try worship, hell, Id go for Scientology.

What are we supposed to do? Stop acting like the invalid. Stop acting like an amoeba that has no control. Oh, you can be anything you want to be in this country except free. This is the most ridiculous statement that I hear these days. Oh, well, at least in America you can grow up to be anything you want to be except responsible. Except actually free. I cant grow up to live my life the way Id like to without government at every level telling me how to do it, spying on me, and correcting me or incarcerating me or stealing my private property from me and penalizing me if I live it the way I want, not the way they want. And no, Im not talking about being illegal and murderous and thieving and conniving and full of fraud and what have you here. You are not allowed to consume certain beverages in your own home anymore. Youre not allowed to decide
whether or not you want to take Ephedra. Youre not allowed to decide whether or not you want to drink raw milk, for crying out loud. Were not even allowed to decide whether or not we want to buy cheese thats been aged a little longer and it smells.

And you wonder why, what are we supposed to do? Look around you, sir. Look around you. What are you supposed to do? Stop acting like a socialist. Stop acting like a person that needs to be ordered about. Stop acting like a slave. How about disobeying your slave master every now and then, hmm? Whether thats a mayor or a town councilman or a governor, how about just telling them no? How about no? Oh, but thats just way too difficult. How about stopping this express train to economic hell that says that every decision that we make must be based in economics? Maybe theres something wrong with that theory. Hmm? So how about living your life the way your forefathers did, where their governments could only conjure up and could only be supported to spend three percent of what they earned. Three percent, imagine that. Yeah, there were instances where government spent more. But your average was a paltry, measly three percent. And you wonder what you can do?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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