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The Mike Church Show World HQ

How Eisenhower Empowered Obama To Confiscate Guns & Your Money

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers, unconstitutional confiscate  guns schemes and other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Those who are unhappy can only but obey, or attempt to build quiet alternative mechanisms within and around a hostile status quo. Our modern temporal world contains Three Kingdoms and within it we have but those two choices. All else is self-delusion now, onanism of a kind unique to modern democratic states.” – Stephen Masty at TIC

Dear Leader channeling some insecurities of his own: “The U.S. is not a deadbeat nation” – well first of all, we mistake Union for nation and second of all we are the biggest deadbeats in the history of deadbeats

General Dempsey on his RISK board

I couldn’t make this up if I tried: General Dempsey has a basketball court sized map of the world that he prances about like its a Risk board, planning the affairs of the planet and our military’s role in containing or altering them!

U.S. Troops will be engaged in yet another undeclared military war in Mali but don’t worry we’re just assisting our French Allies (the same ones who couldn’t take out Ghadaffi without our CIA’s help)

Even with Sandyhook Moms emotional “promise” the American sheople have NOT turned on gun ownership just yet, making the conspiracy predictions of outright confiscations just that: conspiracy

Stephen masty’s essay about “The Third Kindom” and “our two choices” which are “obedience” or “isolation” is here

Golden Oldie I found while assisting my daughter in a report on the perils of young people surfing the social media world: Should we do something about idiots having FaceBook pages that ruin their lives?

HBO’s “Girls” racks up awards as yet another standout example of our moral decadence, televised and celebrated as though weird lewdness in the name of comedy/entertainment provides cover

The story of how a Republican President-breaking his oath to the Constitution, ultimately sealed our permanent fate with establishing a near permanent “debt ceiling”

VIDEO: H&R Block is now marketing their services as “understanding ObamaCare” so much so that they will “help you get through it together” so just as predicted the sheople begin their lemming like acquiescence to full-on socialized medicine & ObamaCare

More hyperbolic saber errr Colt .45 rattling from the “My Sheriff will pull his gun on you, you Obama, if you try and come in here and take our guns” crowd

What is wrong with Bill Maher and consequently, what is wrong with the rest of us (we are all self-important demagogues incapable of tolerating the least disagreeable viewpoint)

Maybe more of us (that means you, fair reader) should think a few moments before we write small business folks, accusing them of fraud, conspiracy and incompetence because some part of their business with you was innocently incorrect? Recall Jeffrey Tucker’s “All Hail The Merchant Class”

Meet Steve Martin: Banjo player using comedy to get famous enough to pick his banjo for $$$, never stop honing your skills my friends, never stop practice and details

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Jeff Massey

Your face book page is limited on friends. Can’t comment on the posts there.

By the way , thanks to you I have been delving deeper into the Lincoln dictatorship of 1860-1865. I am reading “when in the course of human events ” – C Adams.

Great read! Love listening. Jeff

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