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Mandeville, LA  – Michael Matt at the Remnant reports and comments on the Saint Benedict Center crisis,I will summarize: Manchester Diocese Calumniating the MICM & their lay community to Saint Augustine, “Beat it, rigid purveyor of heresy and unholiness, you’re no “Father” to us!” Meanwhile, is Sodom City… Manchester Diocese calumniating the MICM and their lay community to “Father” James Martin S.J. “it’s about time you came to our neck of the novelty woods and taught our yewts and their instructors on how to properly welcome and promote LGBT folks… Read the rest of my report here! and their “lifestyle”! Don’t believe that? Here’s the invite posted on the Manchester, NH based, St Anselm LGBTQ center’s Facebook.

On the same Facebook page the Core Council states their mission.

The Core Council is made up of students, faculty/staff who offer support, seek to respond to and raise awareness of the needs of LGBTQ community members.

Saint Anselm College in their mission statement boasts that…

Saint Anselm College was founded in 1889 by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey of Newark, New Jersey, in response to the invitation by Bishop Denis M. Bradley, the first bishop of Manchester, N.H. We’re proud to be preserving a tradition framed in academic excellence that has distinguished the Benedictine Order for more than 15 centuries.

Hmmmm, the MICM at The Saint BENEDICT Center are kinda, you know, Benedictine like too, yet the former is promoting an actual heretic – Fr. Martin – while the latter defend the teaching of 8 Councils including Trent and every Doctor of The Church including Saint Augustine. Michael Matt comments.

In any case, don’t be too sure that your thin theological disagreement with the St. Benedict Center will spare your family similar persecution. At the end of the day, your brother Catholics are being accused, essentially, of being too Catholic. And that does not bode well for any of us. Today it’s the St. Benedict Center under the gun; tomorrow it’ll be The Remnant, the FSSP and pretty much anyone else who believes Christ founded only one true Church as the sole means of salvation, which is the Catholic Church.

Let us not forget that Saint Padre Pio was the victim of a smear campaign that he endured nearly his entire priesthood. When he was cleared on one of the interdictions against him, Blessed Pope Pius XI said of the future saint’s dilemma.

“I have not been badly disposed toward Padre Pio, but I have been badly informed.”

The old racetrack saying goes “the fix is in” and as far as our beloved brothers and sisters at the MICM and the SBC are concerned, it most certainly is. If the matter is truly over “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” then there is no controversy and this calumny should end. This research paper collected all available texts from Doctors of the Church on the matter and leaves no doubt as to the inerrancy of the teaching the SBC is standing by while the Bishop of Manchester stands with arch sodomite promoter Fr. James Martin, S.J. Heaven help us.

Saint Joseph, oremus!

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