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How To Be Christian And Engage In War – WARNING: DeceptiCON Health Hazard

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “So questions and peaceful, humble answers, that’s not going to satisfy the talk radio mafia drunk on war, war, war, kill, kill, kill crowd.  I thought that we could flesh this story out just a bit with a short video clip from The History Channel about the persecution and then the martyrdom of the Theban Army under the command of a man now known as St. Maurice.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I know all of you neocons and decepticons love, admire, and trust Eric Holder with your very lives.  [mocking] “We believe,” thundered Eric Holder yesterday, “that there was a plot from Khorasan.  They were plotting.  We believe that maybe they were gonna hit, I don’t know, Europe.  But wait, wait, we also have one guy that said they were gonna hit the homeland, too.  We had to wipe it out.”  Preemptive strike, Jack Bauer scenario.  Every fan of 24 went: Yay!  Yay!  Again, to rehash the first two hours of this program, which you can get On Demand at, I have been bombarded — which is fine.  I’m happy about the bombardment.  It’s not a negative thing.  I’ve been bombarded with demands…


[private |FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76|FP-Founding Brother|FP-Founding Father|FP-Lifetime]

from some of you, many of them expletive-laced, many of them very angry, agitated and violent in your tone, that if I’m going to oppose our latest holy, sacrosanct war effort in the Middle East, I better have an alternative.

As I stated on this program, number one, I am under no responsibility to provide to the United States or to you, fair listener, my battle plan of action.  Besides the fact, I’m not so arrogant and conceited to believe that I actually could propose one.  I don’t want to propose one.  There is a plan that is at work here and it is being orchestrated — of course, things only happen if, number one, God wills them to, or, number two, God lets them happen.  We right now, I believe, are under the control firmly, in all of our affairs cultural, military, and otherwise, under the affair and control of Beelzebub.  Baphomet is running the show.

My response to you in the first two hours, my gentle kind response is: I’m going to answer your question with a question.  Here’s my answer.  I’m going to ask a question.  If the answer to my question is no, my answer is not going to contain military power.  I applied section one of Augustine’s jus ad bellum to the current activity in Syria and Iraq, and have concluded, as I believe any Christian or Catholic off any mettle and honesty whatsoever will conclude, plank number one hasn’t been met; therefore the answer is no.  Military action is not just.  That’s not going to satisfy many of you because you believe that we control the world.  There’s no other power at work here.  It’s only human power.  It’s only our power that’s at work here.

I also said that while I’m asking the question, instead of launching bombs and ordnance, my first weapons of choice — and I know many of you chuckle and laugh about this but I say this seriously.  Three weapons of choice: prayers for the conversion of the evil ones and for the lives of those affected by the evil ones.  The other two weapons: a crucifix, a very powerful thing, not just in movies but in real life.  Make the sign of a cross.  If it makes someone uncomfortable around you, think about that.  It’s a very powerful thing.  Thirdly, as St. Padre Pio called it, my weapon.  It could be your weapon, too.  It was the weapon of the men that won the day at the Battle of Leponto and the siege of Vienna.  It’s called a rosary.  Many of you will oppose that, [mocking] “That’s a relic.  That’s a relic from the hedonistic, horrible thing called the Catholic Church that’s killed all those people across time.”  As Tom Woods has pointed out in a brilliant series of videos, that’s propaganda.

So questions and peaceful, humble answers, that’s not going to satisfy the talk radio mafia drunk on war, war, war, kill, kill, kill crowd.  I understand that, and I fully expect another round of acrimony to be headed my way today.  I thought that we could flesh this story out just a bit with a short video clip from The History Channel about the persecution and then the martyrdom of the Theban Army under the command of a man now known as St. Maurice.  A friend of mine sent this to me.  The audio is a little weak but the story is good.

Morris was under Roman command and was fighting in what he thought was a just war.  When he was asked to do something that was unjust, he refused.  He wouldn’t do it.  What did he do?  He asked Augustine’s question first.  He asked the question and when the answer came back no, he refused.  [mocking] “Those weren’t Muslims, and they weren’t gonna come to San Diego and kill people.”  I understand and get it.  I understand.  War, war, war, kill, kill, kill, I got it.  Someone should market a brand of microwave popcorn that is called War-War-War, Kill-Kill-Kill.  Of course, there will be a low-fat variety, too.  This clip is only three minutes long and I’ll chime in where I need to.  The story is fascinating and I think you might enjoy actually hearing it.

[start audio clip]

Narrator: . . . the border of Switzerland in Northern Italy. Maurice is the commanding officer of Egyptian Christian soldiers known as the Theban Legion. Maurice is later canonized, becoming the first black saint, the patron saint of the Roman Empire.

Female: He represented the kind of Christianity that was so staunch, so fiercely held that someone would be willing to die for it.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Of course, don’t anyone take that story — [mocking] “Come on, Mike, that’s mythology”  I’m sure it is.  Don’t take that story literally, and certainly don’t take the actions of someone that disobeyed an order from on high when he was given the chance to do what the emperor had commanded him to do.  There were other instances of this, by the bye.  These are some of the reasons why St. Augustine took the time to then craft a theory of just war, which Christendom basically tried to live by all the way up until Lincoln.  Yes, I know that there were wars that broke out that weren’t just.  Men are fallible.  Men are not infallible.  Men write and say things that are infallible and are errant.  Unlike the gospels, they are not the inerrant word of God. [/private]

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The point of the exercise is to demonstrate and show that the proper procedure here — if you really want to know my answer, then use St. Maurice as an example.  Ask the question first: What would your God have you do?  If you’ve studied just war theory, jus ad bellum, or just the faith in general, you’re going to come to the conclusion that what we’re doing right now is not just.  [mocking] “I’m not following you because we gotta defend ourselves.”  Hey, man, you go ahead and do that.

Folks, be well aware, if you have the audacity to consider what I just proposed to you — since so many of you are demanding an answer, there it is.  If you have the audacity, or should I say the conviction and faith and humility to consider that, be well aware that your riches will not be here on earth.  Let me assure you that there are more of them that are drunk on the elixir, on the cocktail that is war, war, war and kill, kill, kill, regardless of the threat, regardless of how the threat is assessed, regardless of how anything about the threat is promulgated and told to you.  [mocking] “We have to accept it.”  Again, let’s review.  One year ago the American sheeple, the British people rose up, cried out: You are not leading us into a ground war or a warlike action in Syria, David Cameron and Barack Obama.  We’re not doing it.  We don’t want it.  The two powers that be then spent the next year hatching this plan that is currently being executed.  This time, the couch potatoes and the fantasy war league people fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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