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Catholic Identity Conference 2018 –

Family & Tradition: Keeping the Old Faith in a New World Order

November 2-4, 2018 / Pittsburgh, PA

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HEADLINE: 75 clergy, scholars appeal to Cardinals: Urge Francis to ‘withdraw’ death penalty teaching by Diane Montagna

  • Silver Spring Maryland – Father said in a very manly way said “God is calling you to serve in His Church.” 
  • “A group of 75 clergy, lay scholars, and prominent public intellectuals have taken the  unprecedented step of issuing an open appeal to the College of Cardinals, urging them to tell Pope Francis to teach the authentic Catholic doctrine on the death penalty.”
  • We need our Priests now more than ever. Our good, devout, Holy Priests!

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HEADLINE: Pope Francis and Capital Punishment by Edward Feser

  • The Church has always taught, clearly and consistently, that the death penalty is in principle consistent with both natural law and the Gospel.
  • It is NOT a Dogma if it can be changed. PERIOD!
  • I am tired of this movement that has no teeth.
  • We need men to start being Catholic Men again.
  • Brother Andre and Michael Hichborn discussed this very topic this week. Please go back and listen to fully understand all sides of this.


BACK TO HEADLINE: 75 clergy, scholars appeal to Cardinals: Urge Francis to ‘withdraw’ death penalty teaching

  • Original Sin – if you deny this Dogma you are basically denying Original Sin (God passing down the death penalty to Adam)
  • What if someone says it is depicting a spiritual death?
  • Bring it back to 2,000 years of Magisterial Teaching.


HEADLINE: Pope Francis and Capital Punishment by Edward Feser

  • This error can happen because there is a pliable laity that swallows this stuff up.


HEADLINE: The Catholic Church’s Rotherham by Michael Brendan Dougherty

MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY Tweet from yesterday: I think I’m reverting back to my JPII era RadTrad beliefs. Back then I was sure VII was a false religion and would produce demonic results. Now I see the demonic results, and am back to the premise that it must be a false religion

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  • If you love that person, get in between them and hell!

AUDIO: Thank you Sir may I have another soundbite from Kevin Bacon – Fraternity Paddle from Animal House

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Special Guest David Simpson host of The True Money Show

  • I’ve been in the fight for years and I am pretty wore out.
  • I was never able to get to the point you are at.
  • To accept them and revel in it…thank you Sir may I have another.
  • Personal preparation – fasting, prayer and alms giving
  • Chesterton – Father Jerome at the oratory
  • The Oxford Oratory Catholic Church of St Aloysius Gonzaga
  • A parallel fundamental necessity. – Most people haven’t trained themselves how to reason.
  • Summer Soldiers
  • I think both sides are desperate. That is why they are firing so rapidly.
  • God + 1 is enough of an army.
  • When your brother is in the fight and you don’t understand, don’t cut him down. Try to understand and get behind him or shut up and get out of the way.
  • If you love and respect someone, start by giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  • The greatest false flag in Catholic history is the Safe Environment Class.
  • Individual program for child sex abuse, so there is a collective responsibility.
  • LEGION – I am many
  • Destroy the relationship between God and the individual by making you look at everyone else.
  • You can’t prevent and why?
  • The whole principle of crime is it has to be committed FIRST!
  • Once I go to the Bishop privately and give him reasons why I feel the way I feel, if he doesn’t do anything about it, I have the right to contest him IN PUBLIC!
  • This is Canon Law!!!!
  • I have rights and responsibilities – I am a Father, a Husband, an Educator to my children and wife. This has been sanctioned by the Catholic Church through Holy Matrimony.
  • When we have Priest like Father Martin out preaching homosexuality from the pulpit, there is something horribly wrong here and its not just the higher ups fault, this is the laities fault also.
  • We have Priests that did terrible things to boys through the years. We should have handled that immediately and defrocked these Priest. The Church decided to go the Safe Environment route instead.
  • If you have a program, someone has to monitor it. So who is in charge of monitoring it? THE STATE!
  • Over half of the movements of the Mass have been altered.
  • Personal integrity and the mind to do it.

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Sex Scandal in the Catholic Church –

  • We are called to get into the fight folks.
  • If the laity doesn’t do it, who is going to do it? – Sister Mary Pantsuit?
  • To not apply that history to what is happening today is a tragedy.


HEADLINE: ‘Gosnell’ Abortion Doctor Movie Releases Trailer by Paul Bond

  • Gosnell, in fact, indicts not only the doctor but also government officials, the legal system and the media for ignoring what the filmmakers say was a pretty sensational trial in 2013. The trailer shows an empty press gallery, based on a photo at the time where about a dozen “reserved media” signs stretch across courtroom benches where no one was sitting.


Father David Nix Tweet: Here’s the 1356-page Grand Jury report on PA priests abusing children.  Rules for bad priests before Vatican II mostly refer to falls with women.  So, we need to finally admit: “Novus ordo” means “No order” in doctrine, liturgy and aberrant sexuality.


HEADLINE: The Left Is Actually Afraid Of Jordan Peterson Because He’s Leading A Revolt Against Their Corruption by Joy Pullmann 

  • “I regularly field articles from people with advanced humanities degrees who ought to have flunked fifth-grade writing. Just about every professor at a non-elite institution can tell similar stories, and even at elite institutions can clearly tell the marked differences in students admitted due to affirmative action, which can be the equivalent of an artificial 400-point SAT score boost.”


They who have the most of what? – People who are rich materially speaking. That’s who our leaders are. You don’t have to be virtuous.


Disposable appliances –

  • Do you know by name a dishwasher repair man?
  • Mike’s story of when he bought a new dishwasher.
  • Forced obsoleteness. They are made to last approximately 2-4 years.
  • Entire generations have been taught that making things and working with your hands is a bad thing.
  • England has an issue with what they call the Dole but they still have craftsmen.

Update on Baby Lily Ann – she is 13lbs 2oz now, still on oxygen and a feeding tube but doing very well.


Back to Headline: Joy Pullmann

  • “The phenomenon he’s sparked cannot live upon YouTube videos alone, but requires those ideas incarnating into thousands, even millions of people consciously choosing a lifetime challenging themselves with the rigors of true service to and friendship with wives, husbands, children, neighbors, and God himself. This is what it means to be human, to be fully alive.”
  • Count Joy Pullmann in, she is with Father Heilman, this is a war!

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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