H&R Block Is Ready To Profit On Medicaid Expansion

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – How are you ever going to vote people out of the office who continue the flow, and how are you going to vote people into office that promise to cut it off?  I want to ask that question again loud and clear.  Please explain to me how you are ever going to un-elect someone that promises to cut the flow of healthcare money, even though it’s not real money, and how are you going to elect the people who promise to take an ax and cut the hose?  We are now at the point of European-style, totalitarian, top-down national government.  Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I have been telling you all along, since the adoption of Obamacare, that the only way that you’re going to prevent this thing from being implemented is to fight it locally and fight it in the states.  Apparently we are losing the battle in the states.  Not only are we losing, we’re being clobbered.  There still does remain some resistance in some quarters, in some states.  Just as I predicted and other people predicted, Obamacare will become like Medicare.  You’ll have “conservatives” out there demanding, [mocking] “You can’t have $700 million in cuts in Obamacare, we have kids out there that depend on this Medicaid money.”

You mark my words, it will become exactly like every other entitlement.  The sheeple will get used to it, and then they will begin demanding it, then they will demand increases in it.  Mark it down, dude.  As long as we’re stuck in this corrupt union with these corrupt leaders and this unconstitutional, illegitimate administration of our federal affairs, this is going to happen.  I can prove it’s already happening.  Listen to this H&R Block ad and tell me we are not on the way to across-the-board acceptance of socialized medicine.  Don’t worry, H&R Block will help you sort through it.

[start audio clip]

People don’t realize that taxes and healthcare are connected.  The Affordable Care Act means big changes this year when you file your taxes.  I read the whole 900 pages.  It literally took me weeks.  I will give you a tax and healthcare review.  I know the law.  I have the solution.  I can help you figure it out.  We’re going to see this through together.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Free H&R Block Health and Tax Review.  How do you like the romper room music?  We’re all a bunch of little school kids.  Get in line, accept Obamacare, and shut up.  I heard Betsy McCaughey, in one of the rare when Reagan Skelly of Fox News actually makes sense.  She had Betsy McCoy, former Lieutenant Governor of New York on yesterday.  McCaughey is a wonderful woman.  She is an eminent authority when it comes to all things socialized medicine in the United States.  McCaughey was telling Reagan Skelly — I call her Reagan Skelly because that’s what she’s called in my best-selling docudramedy that all of you should have a copy of yet less than one percent of you do, What Lincoln Killed: Episode I.  Reagan Skelly is talking to Betsy McCaughey.  McCaughey is telling her people think that this is somehow going to go away.

What Lincoln Killed flyer
Hear the story of the United States AFTER the Constitution like you’ve never heard it before

In 2014, when all the rest of the Affordable Care Act provisions kick in, you have no idea of what’s coming your way.  Most of your employers — and I would surmise that Sirius XM is on this list — most of your employers that are smart and counting the beans are going to drop your healthcare, especially in states where it’s really expensive because certain coverages are mandated by law, like in New York and New Jersey and other states where they’ve added that you cover mental health and this health and that health.  The plans are exorbitantly expensive.  When the full effect of the Affordable Care Act kicks in and many large companies where most people unfortunately get or purchase their health insurance, many companies are going to opt out.  They’re going to say: There’s a way for me to get out of this.  I’m actually going to save a lot of money for my company and not offer this anymore.

When they do, when we as individuals are no longer able to purchase and get the fabled quantity discount that we get through our employers, you’ll have to go out into the marketplace.  What happens then?  Well, because someone who has a preexisting medical condition is treated exactly like a healthy person who does not and they both must be covered exactly the same and there can’t be that large of a difference in the premium charge, all premiums have to rise.  You have to then subsidize and cover the people who are sick and who have preexisting conditions.  Many people are just going to say: What, $600 a month for a policy, $600?  Many people are just not going to be able to afford it.  Then what will they have to do?  Then they’ll have to go to these awful socialized medicine, Medicaid-run state exchanges.  You’ll have to go and try to beg your state government, through the Obamacare exchange program, to write you a policy.

Even if you go through that and you are successful, where are you going to find a doctor?  I talk to doctors every day, whether it’s through email or they call the program, and they tell me they are not going to stay in the business of purely insurance-based medicine.  They’re just not going to do it because they can’t make any money.  They can’t survive.  So what’s going to happen?  Fewer doctors, costs rising.  Most people will most likely opt for some form of concierge medicine where you get together with friends or neighbors and totally drop off the medical grid.  You’re going to have to find your own doctors and hire them one year at a time.  You’re going to have to basically retain them like they’re an attorney.  That’s what’s going to happen.

Then if you want major services and they’re not available in your state because the doctors don’t exist to perform them or they’re too exorbitantly expensive, then you’ll be flying out to Atlantis in the Bahamas because they’re going to build hospitals out there, vainglorious, marvelous hospitals.  We will have a medical tourism industry.  Where the United States doesn’t have any jurisdiction and there’s some semblance of a free market, smart, enterprising people will build hospitals that Americans can fly to and actually get their healthcare.

H&R Block is offering to help you.  They’ll help you figure all this out.  That’s just disturbing.  They have major corporations now that will aid and assist in the evisceration of liberty and the evisceration of a function of something that ought to be a function of the free market but is no longer.  This is going to become status quo.  The fact that we have all these tax service providers out there that will charge you and you can pay and retain to help you stay out of trouble with the government that’s supposed to be protecting you ought to tell you everything you need to know about the awful tyranny that we have allowed to accrue under our watch, under our parents’ and grandparents’ watch.

Folks, Obamacare is here to stay.  Expect to hear more ads like the H&R Block ad that I just played for you.  That’s going to become the norm.  You’re going to hear all kinds of people offering to help you out of Obamacare, just wait and see.  That is the reality that’s coming down the pike.  [mocking] “Come on, Mike, you’re exaggerating.  I don’t believe a word of that.  You just wait and see, Michelle Bachman and Scott Brown, they’re going to do it.”  Oh, no, they’re not.  Huffington Post Business, posted yesterday, “North Dakota Medicaid Expansion Favored by Republican Governor.”  Really?  You don’t say.


North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple makes four Republican governors who’ve decided to back an expansion of Medicaid to their poor residents under President Barack Obama’s health care law.


[end reading]

Mike:  That means where you have hundreds of thousands if not millions of citizens that are now reliant on a fee, on a subsidy coming from Mordor on the Potomac River for their very existence.  How are you ever going to vote people out of the office who continue the flow, and how are you going to vote people into office that promise to cut it off?  I want to ask that question again loud and clear.  Please explain to me how you are ever going to un-elect someone that promises to cut the flow of healthcare money, even though it’s not real money, and how are you going to elect the people who promise to take an axe and cut the hose?  We are now at the point of European-style, totalitarian, top-down national government.  Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen.

Is there a way out of this?  When I read this story last night, I almost wanted to weep.  That’s it, it’s over.  It’s pretty much over.  Who is going to stop this, Superman?  Are we going to call Spiderman in here?  Is Ryan Reynolds available?  Can we get the Green Lantern on the job?  This is in North Dakota.  I don’t think these people are known for their socialism.  These are supposed to be rugged individuals, wild western cowhands, oil explorers and what have you.  Back to the Governor of North Dakota now:


Dalrymple submitted a bill to the state legislature last week proposing the state broaden Medicaid. Obamacare aims to make the benefits available to anyone who earns up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $14,856 for a single person. Like practically every Republican holding public office during the past three years, [Mike: Bear in mind this is written by the Huffington Puffington Post.] Dalrymple isn’t a supporter of Obama’s health care reform law. Here’s what he said when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare last year:

“The fact that the Supreme Court decision permits mandated health care coverage does not mean that the Obama administration’s health care plan is good policy for the nation. The health care plan is wrong for North Dakota. Our citizens want the freedom to make their own decisions about their health-care coverage. Instead of embracing government-run health care supported by a tax on the American people, we should be pursuing market-based reforms that make heath care more affordable, that encourage greater participation and provide Americans with more choices. I call on Congress to enact meaningful reforms that reflect the wishes of the American people.” [Mike: That was then, this is now.]

Now, Dalrymple wants the Republican-controlled state legislature to forget all that and focus on the cash the federal government wants to deliver to Bismarck. [Mike: Remember, what is the federal government promising? They’re promising boatloads of federal money.] In an interview after the hearing, Dalrymple said the national spotlight on the expansion program and its ties to Obamacare can sometimes make issues seem more difficult, and believes this might be one of them. “We try to leave the politics out in the hallway when we make these decisions. In the end, it comes down to are you going to allow your people to have additional Medicaid money [Mike: No, governor, boatloads of federal money, boatloads. There is a steamer ship heading to North Dakota right now with a boatload of federal money on it.] that comes at no cost to us…

[end reading]

Mike:  It’s just free.  What planet does this man live on?  What planet do the people that elect this man and beg for this boatload of federal money that apparently is just beamed down from some spaceship now that’s orbiting the planet.  “Hey, we need another boatload of federal money.  Somebody get Scotty on the line.”  Are you going to beam some down?  This really is just sad, ladies and gentlemen.  This has to be one of the saddest epics in the history of the planet.  There are actually people in positions of high authority that either have convinced themselves that these things are true or say them for purely political expedience.  Either way, there is no boatload of federal money.  The only boatload is a boatload full of printed paper.  You may as well call Kimberly Clark and say: Hey, you guys got any paper over there in one of your mills on the West Coast or Maine?  Can you send us a couple thousand pounds?  The money doesn’t cost the people of North Dakota anything.  This is the greatest deal in the world.  All you have to do is line up and get your share of the boatload of federal money.  The governor continued:


“…yes, we should.” [Mike: In other words, yes, we should take the boatload of federal money.] Similar thinking contributed to the decisions by Dalrymple’s fellow Republican governors in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, you people in Arizona, you cannot assert your sovereignty and claim you have the sovereign right to run and manage your affairs when it comes to illegal immigrants and all the other things you fancy yourselves that you have the right — and I’m not challenging that you don’t.  You can’t assert that sovereign right and then say some other state or collection of states is responsible for the health and welfare or the healthcare and welfare of your citizens by direct subsidies.  I don’t have the words to describe it.  Don’t worry, H&R Block is going to help you through the entire process.  The capitulation and the embrace of Obamacare as the law of the land is now in full swing.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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