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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Another thing no the same subject, why do we always think of things in terms of large, ginormous scales?  I have a friend that asked me two weeks ago, almost to the day: Mike, why don’t we think in terms of American secession and American independence and American republicanism, why do we think of it in terms of cities, in terms of towns or counties?  There are some pretty prosperous and very well-regarded and respected, very small republics out there, like San Marino, like Luxembourg.  I believe Monaco is its own little self-governing fiefdom.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Colvin is in California.  Colvin, you’re on The Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  How you doing?

Caller Colvin:  How you doing, Mike?

Mike:  Good.

Caller Colvin:  I like your show.  I’ve been listening for a little bit.  I’m a first-time caller, so I wanted to say it’s an honor to talk to you.  I think you’re a really awesome guy.  You really speak your mind.


Mike:  Thank you.

Caller Colvin:  Here’s what I’ve got to say.

Mike:  Let’s hear it.

Caller Colvin:  As an American citizen — let’s take the American part out of it.  As a human being here on this Earth, I feel very abused in every way possible by the American citizens in this country and the government.  Me being just one person speaking my mind, you being another person having a radio show and speaking your mind, having people call in and tell you what they think is going on in this country, it’s great.  Where does it help?  How does it help?  Where do we stand up as the people that originally, and to be honest with you settled this country, founded this country, that our ancestors came over and protected this country to give us our freedom from people like the government today.  They are tearing apart everything that our forefathers and everything that us as people believe in as human beings.  We have the right to choose what we pay, what we don’t pay, how we pay, what we want to buy, how much we want to pay…

Mike Church Show Transcript: NSA Phone Monitoring Another Reason To End “Reign Of Witches,” As Jefferson Put It

We have lost every aspect of our life because of the government, because we are so afraid to stand up on our own two feet and shout to the government on the hill and tell them what we think.  We’re so afraid that they’re going to get into our phones and our personal lives.  So what?  They already know everything we’re doing.  That’s why they run the government.  That’s why they are in government, because they already know.  For them to dig into more shit, fine.  Get on my phone, get in my pictures, see my checks, see that at 15 years old I was smoking pot behind an alleyway.  Go ahead, find that information out and please come after me and talk to me about my wrongs and my rights.  In the end, when I stand up and tell you face to face as a human being on this earth you are no different than I am and you are no better than I am, so who are you as the government, in my country that my ancestors founded, who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?  Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot pay?  How are you going to dictate and judge and rule my life in this world as a human being, not as an American citizen, not as an African-American, not as an Eastern, not as a Chinese, not as anybody who breathes and bleeds the same goddamned way that I do?

Mike:  Wow…

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Caller Colvin:  Who are they to tell me that I don’t have the right to do what I want to do in this country?  They don’t have any right.

Mike:  Next time you call, please tell me what you really think about matters today.  Don’t give me the censored, filtered version.  Let me and the audience have it.  To your actual point about your being a human being, what’s that?  You’re a taxpayer, haven’t you heard?  You are nothing more than the bag of bones and flesh that occupy social security number 001-12-2222.  That’s what you are, mon frère.  That’s all you are, because in the grand scheme of things, Colvin, we have this magisterial force, this force for good throughout the world, we have it because we are “we.”  We are no longer content with “we” being “we.”  Now we must be the “we” of everyone else.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signWhy do you think that some Americans react so viscerally and so angrily when the United States doesn’t capture the crown or doesn’t capture the title in a golf event or an Olympic event, in the soccer World Cup?  AG, when was the last time the U.S. men won a World Cup?  Have they ever?  Have we ever won a World Cup?

AG:  I don’t believe so, and they didn’t even make the tournament for like 60 years up until the early ‘90s.  Not a good soccer team.

Mike:  Why is that?  It’s not as though we don’t have — think about this.  You can’t swing a dead cat in most suburban neighborhoods and areas without hitting a soccer field.  There are soccer fields where you live.

AG:  Our best athletes become baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players.  These other countries don’t have leagues that pay very well in the basketball, baseball, football, hockey sports.  They do pay well for soccer.  LeBron would be ridiculous on the soccer field, but he plays money playing basketball.

Mike:  At seven feet tall, he’d be one heck of a goalie, right?

AG:  Or a striker.  You simply have to loft the ball up there and he’d hit it in every single time.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Can You Hear Me Now? The NSA Sure Can If You’re A Verizon Customer

Mike:  Just hit it in with his head.  My point about raising the thing about soccer is that people react viscerally because, [mocking] “Who are these Norwegians to win a medal?  We’re the United States.  Get out of the way.  Get out of the way, pal.”  I don’t know, maybe the Norwegians think the same way, [mocking] “Ya, who does they thinks they are?  Ya, they’re Americans.  Big deal.  Vell, the little Norwegians can’t come in and vin the luge.  Vy can’t we vin the luge?  Vy you so mad?”  Colvin, what you misunderstand or what you have not heard apparently, you haven’t listened to enough right-wing radio, I guess, or haven’t spent enough time viewing a certain television network.  What you are not apprised of is that you are not just a human being, pal.  You’re an American human.  That entitles you to all the privileges of the planet.  We are the platinum American Express cardholders of the world’s citizenry.  Whatever it is that we want, the rest of the world’s duty and job is to serve it to us.

Does it parse through the synapses of the average American’s mind on any given day that maybe the Norwegian that I was just talking about thinks the same thing?  I know I’m not doing a very good Norwegian accent.  Please save the snide emails and tweets.  [mocking] “Ya, I’m Norwegian.  Vy can’t I rules the world?  Ya, ve vant to rule the vorld, too, Lebowski.”  Why are we the only ones that think it’s our inimicable right to do so, irrevocable, unassailable, unquestionable right to rule the planet?  How many times have you heard [mocking] “This is the greatest country in the history of the world, the greatest country in the history of the world that God ever created”?  Do you boast and brag about things like this all the time?

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtThe greatest country in the history of the world as compared to what?  Have you actually traveled the world?  Have you read all the historical texts?  Are you fully confident that since the first recorded history on cave paintings in France, are you confident that since then no creed or community of human beings ever attained the happiness, felicity of each other’s company and security that we have attained, really?  When I hear that, I used to not think this way but I do now: How do you know that?

Let me give you an example.  I brought this up one day on the program.  I’ve never been here.  I hear it’s to die for but I’ve never been to San Marino.  If anyone is listening in the audience today, I’d like to talk to someone who’s actually been to San Marino.  [mocking] “Mike, why are you bringing that — there’s no such place as San Marino.  I’ve never heard of this.”  It is a tiny little republic, I believe it is on the Adriatic Sea.  It is bordered on the west by the Adriatic Sea and on the east by the Italian Alps.  It is a self-governing, self-functioning republic that has been around since the 15th century.  They have their own coin.  They have their own currency.  They have their own [r]epublican government.  They have their own port.  From what I understand, it is quite a lovely place to live.  As a matter of fact, at the conclusion of World War II, the Italian government during reconstruction flirted with the idea of: Should we make San Marino part of Italy?  The people of San Marino, being the peaceful people that they were, said: Thanks, guys, but no thanks.  We kind of like hanging out here by ourselves.  We don’t want to get involved.  Your country is too big.  We like ours small.

Mike Church Show Transcript: James Rosen And Julian Assange Are Guilty Of The Same “Crime”

Another thing no the same subject, why do we always think of things in terms of large, ginormous scales?  I have a friend that asked me two weeks ago, almost to the day: Mike, why don’t we think in terms of American secession and American independence and American republicanism, why do we think of it in terms of cities, in terms of towns or counties?  There are some pretty prosperous and very well-regarded and respected, very small republics out there, like San Marino, like Luxembourg.  I believe Monaco is its own little self-governing fiefdom.  Singapore comes to mind.  Yes, I know it’s part of China, supposedly.  Why?

We’re trained to think of things in large scale.  We are not trained to think of things in small scale and to appreciate the beauty of the small and the beauty of the simple.  If it’s not large and complex, it can’t possibly be good, which is why baseball teams that play in little minor league stadiums — it can’t possibly be as exciting to go to a AAA or AA farm game as it is to go to a major league game.  Right, Mr. Gruss?  You’re quite the baseball fan.  I actually enjoy going to minor league baseball.  I find them to be more fun than their major league counterparts. There are minor league hockey teams.  Do you guys have any minor league hockey teams in the Maryland area?  Is it the ICHL?

AG:  Where’s the nearest one, Hershey, Pennsylvania, I think, the ECHL.

Mike:  Have you ever been to a minor league hockey game?

AG:  I’ve been to the San Antonio Rampage back in college.

Mike:  I wonder if they play in the league — we have the Lafayette, Louisiana, I’m trying to remember now.  [mocking] “You live in Louisiana and you don’t know the name of your own team?  They’ve won championships, for crying out loud.”  I know, and I’ve been to the arena and I’ve seen the damn banners.  I’ve got a brain spasm.  My point is scale.  We never think of things in terms of scale.  Answer this question: Why is it so shocking that the NSA is revealed yesterday to have ordered the collection of 110 million customers served by Verizon wireless?  The scale of it.  If they had ordered the records of 110, would it be a news item?  People would go: It wasn’t me, big deal.  It’s the scale of it.

To answer part of your question, Colvin, the reason why those people that you were directing your invective at do what they do and get away with what they get away with is because the enterprise is so far out of scale that it can’t be managed.  Its wings cannot be clipped.  There is no force on Earth right now that can do this, other than breaking it apart, which is why some of us hold out hope that if that seed is ever germinated and begins a green shoot and grows, then we’ll see a couple of things.  We’ll probably see the real violence of our magisterial government and what it’s capable of doing to us.  That’s the first thing.  The second thing is you will see desperation sink in and many of the villains that are behind the scenes today will be revealed for the villains that they are.  They do not wish to ever give up what they have paid for and what they believe is their just dessert, which is their success guaranteed and bought and paid for not by their own hard work but by the influence and power and force of the government.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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