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Order your, "America Secede or Die" embroidered baseball cap today!
Order your, “America Secede or Die” embroidered baseball cap today!

Mandeville, LA“The whole field of public beneficence is thrown open to the care and culture of the Federal Government. Generous impulses no longer encounter the limitations and control of our imperious fundamental law; for however worthy may be the present object in itself, it is only one of a class. It is not exclusively worthy of benevolent regard. Whatever considerations dictate sympathy for this particular object apply in like manner, if not in the same degree, to idiocy, to physical disease, to extreme destitution. If Congress may and ought to provide for any one of these objects, it may and ought to provide for them all.” – President Franklin Pierce veto message against Indigent Insane Act of 1853

CO – Secede or Die! The AP decides that it may now be safe to mutter the “s” word in public and write about NOCO’s upcoming bid to become the 51st state. Of course the story is peppered with claims that it will never work and that the 5 seceding counties only wanted to “send a message” blah blah blah

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John Taylor of Caroline was the most influential [r]epublican voice of his day and his work remains as  necessary reading. This essay by the great Joseph Stromberg, first published in 1982, explains Taylor’s [r]epublicanism and libertarian thought, unlike any other American of his time

S.J. Quinn’s The History of Fredericksburg, VA is a most thrilling historical walk through 18th & 19th century American history &b includes episodes from 1776, 1798 and 1861

One of the most accomplished yet little know Founder AND Christian Gentlemen was John Randolph of Roanoke, I am researching him for reference and for a good volume on his life to republish, this one is rare and good


Henry_detail_Christmas Gracie Olmstead:
Is the death of writing nigh? Before answering that think about the last time any of us picked up a pen to write, journal or even add and subtract, Writing skills are pre-requisite for intelligent discourse, the ability to convey thoughts through written word is a uniquely human skill. Animals can “orally” communicate too which the promoters of the techno state assure us is our glorious future. Check out the Geico “Who” commercial for what that may look like.

So the “GOP Establishment…swindled” conservatives in ’08 and  ’12 and now only Senator Ted Cruz & Mark Levin can save us with an Article V Convention. I am heartened Levin’s book is catching on and causing people to re-read Article V (read/hear our 2009 Art V Symposium) but if the States reserved the power to call a Convention to correct abuse, why would that corrective power not be reserved in nullification/interposition/secession? There’s nothing in Article V that guarantees a convention for amendments guarantees the union’s sanctity now is there?

Memo to Chris Christie, beware of fans and supporters bearing the gifts of the Bush Presidency and the wish-list of the WSJ editorial page

Bubba checks in, tells Obama he better listen up or else “Let folks keep what you promised them they could keep… even if you have to CHANGE the law”

The DeceptiCONS have moved from their “end of the world” crisis over Syria’s chemical weapons to reigniting hysteria over Iran’s non-possession of nuclear weapons. Why? Because the Israelis do not want the U.S. to make peace with Iran

The NEW Colonial revolutionary t-shirt-our bestseller, ever!
The NEW Colonial revolutionary t-shirt-our bestseller, ever!

OK case shows why “Supreme Courts” must NOT be “Supreme” and that sovereignty must overrule judicial fiat every time: OK passes an abortion restriction laws that is determined to be “unconstitutional” by an OK judge. Time to find the impeachment clause in the OK Constitution. ”

A new essay on John Taylor of Caroline reveals a lot about his moral character, thoughts on government and defense of [r]epublicanism, enforced by moral codes and moral men as the best system on Earth

Ahh yes, the ol’ “let’s end the stigma of something by pretending the ONLY thing wrong with it is that there IS a stigma and therefore the first step is to ‘talk about it openly’ ” is being trotted out by the New Yorker as it publishes the tell all tales of 19 women who killed their unborn children. SAD…. sooooo sad

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