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“I Don’t Like My Job and uhh, I Don’t Think I’m Gonna Go Anymore…”

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – George Will may as well be quoting Office Space in his new column at The Washington Post: Mugging Our Descendants.  Male labor force is down from 89% to 73% and 27% don’t even consider themselves to be part of the workforce.  The problem, as Will points out, is the entitlement mentality.  We’ve got too many young “men” standing around water coolers playing air guitar just waiting for their chance to audition to be part of the next Verizon commercial… not to mention all of them on Government aide, unemployment, etc, etc… Tune in to today’s Founders TV preview for more on this and to watch the full Founders TV show grab a Founders Pass right here…

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Wil Shrader Jr.

I may be a member of the “workforce” by the fact that I work but I am more a member of the “forcedworkers” because so much of my labor and meager efforts to be a compleat gentleman benefit those not in the “workforce.”

The MP3 doesn’t work anymore, and has been that way for a week or so. WAZZUP?


We are working on this issue, meanwhile the embedded mp3 plays just fine.

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