Iben Thranholm Discusses The US and Russia’s Role Reversal

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Iben Thranholm is my guest here.  She is our European correspondent and is live from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Iben, you just don’t get what you just said in Western media.  We just don’t get it.  We don’t hear this.  Instead, you hear the propaganda line from the State, which is: The big Russian bear is back.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  You said that you’re studying this.  Our Lady at Fatima said that the errors of Russia were going to compound themselves.  It’s interesting to me that you just – I want to talk to you a little bit about that.  You just came back from Russia.

Iben Thranholm:  Yeah, exactly.  It’s very clear to me that the East and the West has now swapped roles, I mean morally, spiritually, and culturally.  Now we are having the spirit of communism here.  They are actually becoming a Christian nation.

Mike:  That’s shocking.

Thranholm:  I think it’s very important to keep in mind that socialism and communism was a Western idea, was imposed on the Christian Russia.  It’s very important that it was not a Russian idea at all; it was a Western idea.  It came from the West.  Now it has returned to the West.  The reason why that the leftists, they hate Russia so much is because they cannot forgive them that they have left communism and now they want to become Christians.  That’s why they hate them so much.  You see, everywhere in our world, in the Western world, these people are actually promoting the spirit of communism.  They’re at the university.  They’re at the media.  They’re at the parliaments.  These people are still in control.  Now Russia is done with that spirit.  It has returned to the West and becoming even more aggressive, I think.

I think the reason why we see so much hatred against Russia, there is no political explanation to it [unintelligible] because Russia is not an aggressor.  It’s a very friendly and very peaceful country that just wants to protect itself.  There are so much blaming and so much demonization.  That’s why – those people who are controlled by these spirits, which is the spirit of communism, which is very anti-Christian, they just hate the idea that Russia now, which is a huge nation, the world’s largest country, biggest country, they are becoming a Christian superpower.  They don’t like that.  They don’t want to bend.  Russia will never ever again bend to any godless culture, because they’re really done with that.

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Of course, there are still communists.  You still have the communist party.  The mainstream people, even people who don’t really practice the Christian faith because they have been living with atheism for 75 years.  For a lot of people it’s a new thing to start to go to church.  It’s something that the next generation probably will do a lot more than this generation.  Just in Moscow, they are building 2,000 new churches over the next ten years.  If you go to a church in Moscow, it’s full.  They still complain that they don’t think enough people are coming to the church fast enough.  Still, when you look at this terrible persecutions of Christians in Russia, and there were millions of Christians that were killed and martyred.  It’s fantastic to see this revival.  They could have become like us, just completely ignorant, secular, “The Church, it’s all right, but we don’t want to have anything to do with that.”  It’s not like that.  To be a Russian today is to be an orthodox.  It’s very clear.

Some people say that President Putin is just using this for his own political career or it’s just a political tool.  That’s absolutely not correct.  He’s respecting his people’s faith in orthodoxy, because he knows that it’s so engrained in the Russian history, the Russian culture, and the Russian soul, so you can’t separate the two, you just can’t.  That’s why you see a lot of Christian people in the government who’s actually very devoted to the Church.  I know off the record from somebody in the Russian Orthodox Church [unintelligible] that Lavrov, the minister of foreign affairs, whenever he goes abroad, he always goes to services in the Russian Orthodox Church abroad.  It’s not in the protocol, but he’s doing this.  That means he is a believer.  I like him a lot because I think he’s a very reasonable man.  Whenever he’s in all those meetings and you see those news shows where he gives comments, I think he has a kind of reasonable voice in all this craziness that Russia is to blame for everything.

Whenever I go to Moscow, I feel extremely encouraged by their Christian fervor.  You see that it’s growing.  Of course, it’s also a fight in Russia.  It’s a fight everywhere to be a Christian.  I think they are afraid that secularism should come back somehow through some kind of Western influence.  That is the real battle right now.  It is spiritual warfare.  It is a conflict of values.  It’s really not a political struggle about economics and geopolitics.  It’s about whether – a group of people in the West can have the total world domination and set an anti-Christian agenda, and if they can make Russia submit to that or not.  They cannot.  That’s the reason why they’re so furious with Russia.

Mike:  Iben Thranholm is my guest here.  She is our European correspondent and is live from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Iben, you just don’t get what you just said in Western media.  We just don’t get it.  We don’t hear this.  Instead, you hear the propaganda line from the State, which is: The big Russian bear is back.  The Soviet Union is reforming now.  Putin’s got this and Putin’s doing that.  Putin’s mobilizing this.  Russia is the gravest threat to our freedom, etc., etc., etc.  Talking to you and talking to my – I have another friend – I don’t know if you know Srdja Trifkovic.  When I talked to Dr. Trifkovic – I think he’s in Serbia now.  He tells me the same thing.  I ask him pretty much the same question.  It was about a year ago last time I talked to him.  Iben, he told me the same thing.  He said: No, this is not about Putin flexing his muscle.  He said that Russia’s orthodox ascension is not a false flag operation.  That’s what he said.  He said: No, it’s the real deal.  It’s the Western world that’s pulling all the false flag operations.

What I find is, and Christopher kind of mentioned this.  What I find is it’s – I’m trying to think of what the words are.  So Our Lady said that the errors of Russia would be compounded if Russia wasn’t consecrated to her immaculate heart.  I don’t know if the Russian Orthodox have a devotion to Our Lady the way their Catholic counterparts do in Rome.  It seems to me that the errors of Russia have been compounded in everywhere save for Russia.  Russian or communist errors are everywhere else but they’re not in Russia now.

Thranholm:  Not anymore.  I think it’s also interesting to go back and look at what was said to the Russians during the Soviet era.  What we are told right now about Russia was exactly what the authorities, the Kremlin said to the Russians during the Soviet time.  They said: There’s no reason to have any information from the West or to try to understand those people because we are living in the best of all worlds.  The Soviet Union is the best place on Earth, so there’s no reason to listen to those people from the West.  They were, of course, also demonizing us at that time so that the Russians could have an impression that we were bad people that would just destroy this wonderful society that they’re living in.  Now it’s actually just the reverse situation.  They’re telling us that the Russians are the bad people, don’t listen to them, that they’re evil, all these things.  That was exactly what the Russians were told about the West during the Soviet time.  It’s just a completely reversed situation.

What I really like about the Russians is that they’re much more critical than we are, because they don’t trust the media.  They learned, during the Soviet era, that they could not trust at all what the authorities told you.  So you need to make your own opinions.  You need to do your own research.  You need to talk to your friends.  You need to open your eyes and learn the truth somewhere else.  We are so naïve in the West because we believe that whatever we are told on CNN or all the major news outlets are just the truth, because they could never, ever tell us a lie.  It’s just completely bullshit.  I’m sorry to use this word.  The Russians, they’re not that naïve.  They’re not that stupid.  I talk to a lot of Russians when I was here recently, just two weeks ago.  I said: Do you believe the media?  They said: No, we don’t believe the media.  Come on, we know that we can’t trust them.  They’re much more critical, because they know that you cannot just trust whatever they tell you on the news.  Many debate shows on Russian television are much more nuanced.  They have a lot of – they have more – they have a lot of different voices that do not agree.  It means that they have a representation of a lot of different opinions.  I think their debate culture is much stronger than ours.  Here, like one of my friends in Moscow said, whenever there is a debate, you can choose between: Do you want to drink Pepsi or do you want to drink Coca-Cola?  That’s the two choices you have.  It’s basically the same you’re going to choose.  There is no alternative.  All the leftists, they would take care – you won’t get any other kind of alternative understandings of your world or your environment.

In Russia, it’s actually different.  During the Ukraine crisis, they had a lot of people from Ukraine that were participating in those debates on Russian state TV.  It’s really not a correct picture that we get in the West, that there’s only one opinion in Russia and if you don’t have this opinion you’re going to get shot in the next moment or go to prison.  It’s a complete lie.  It’s really false.  Russian people are extremely nice and friendly and helpful.  Whenever I have friends who come to Russia and they experience Russia, they say: Wow, it’s a great country.  I couldn’t imagine that people were so nice and so helpful and so warmhearted.  It’s really a wonderful people.  They’re very spiritual people.  They really have a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.  They’re very well-educated.  A lot of Russian people are really studying a lot.  They’re always trying to learn the new language.  They’re reading a lot.  They’re very interested.  I would just encourage everybody to go and see for yourself.  Just take one week in Moscow and you will have a completely different understanding of what’s going on in the world.


Mike:  If I went and did a week in Moscow, then I would be labeled a Russian apologist.  They’ll put me on a no-fly list.

Thranholm:  So what?  You have to get the courage to just oppose your own government who wants to take control.  Look at me.  I was labeled a pro-Russian propagandist just for criticizing my EU leaders from a Christian point of view.  That was enough.  If you’re Christian, you’re already a pro-Russian agent.  So what?  We have to stick to what is the truth.  What we’re being told about Russia is not the truth.

Mike:  Not the truth.  Iben Thranholm is my special guest.  She is our European correspondent live from Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is on our Skype Maker Hotline.  We are also simulcasting this on Mike Church Show Fan Page on Facebook.  I’m delighted to see that Iben’s interview, one of the latest ones she gave, was picked up and put on the Zero Hedge website.  Last I checked, Iben, you’re up to almost 300,000 views.

Thranholm:  It’s incredible.

Mike:  The fact that that many people are finding the material or the story interesting enough, that’s good because you need more arms in the fight.  My next kind of segue here was, you were talking about the singular point of view, that the Soviets said: No, no, you don’t need the Western media.  Trust us.  We are the greatest place on Earth.  This is the greatest government, the greatest system, etc., etc., etc.  The same thing is happening in the West now.  The same thing is happening certainly here in the United States.  When it comes to matters of homosexuality, sexuality, and even matters of what sex you are, male or female, we’re being told: No, nature is wrong.  No, God doesn’t create males and females; he creates the possibility for you to be a male or a female but you get to decide.  No, God does not create man to go forth and be fruitful and multiply.  He creates many men and women so that they cannot multiply because they’re homosexuals, and you have to accept that.

We’re being told what the Russians were being told.  This is how you will think, and this is what you will think.  If you deviate, if you stray from the path, there are already white martyrdom consequences.  You’ll be drummed out of polite society.  You may have your livelihood, if you’re in broadcasting, taken away from you because major media players have bought into this.  They won’t hire you.  They won’t put you to work.  You won’t find yourself on their airwaves.  You can use me as an example of that.  It’s already happening here.  They’re already propagandizing us.

Thranholm:  Yes.  We have a new clergy, you could say.  This is a new clergy that is telling us how to think and how to behave.  They’re going to control everything.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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