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If An American Cringes When A Fed Says “I’m From The Gubbmint & I’m Here To Help”, Why Wouldn’t A Syrian!? – The Mike Church Show

todaySeptember 13, 2018

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Mandeville, La

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  • The Washington Post has actually blamed President Trump for Hurricane Florence. You just can’t make this stuff up folks.
  • Homes in our neighborhood all had significant hail damage. 90 something homes and ours was one that didn’t have to have the roof replaced. Having your house blessed is very important and it definitely doesn’t hurt.

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 The Impending War in Syria –

  • The newest chemical weapons attack in Syria (black flag op) but the hurricane has ‘trumped’ that story.

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Mike’s Story on the Washington Monument –

It looked like the tower of Sauron. That’s where I got Mordor On The Potomac.

HEADLINE: Washington’s Influence in Syria is Nowhere to be Found by Doug Bandow

  • You don’t see Catholics being executed in Syria do you?
  • The Muslims are kept at bay due to Bashar al-Assad.
  • Does he have faults? Well yes of course he does but he is still protecting the Catholics in Syria.
  • Why does America want al-Assad to go so badly?
  • Why does it seem like wherever there are brutal regimes, there is always some sense of peace until we get in there and give them some exceptionalism.?
  • How much damage was done by ISIS after we killed Saddam Hussein?
  • Why do we have military bases in Syria? We are violating our own UN charter by being there!
  • I support our troops in a just war action and this is NOT one.
  • Ruling Elites –
  • The only Democrats that have actually fallen are those that self destruct like Anthony Weiner.
  • Despite President Trumps efforts, the Republican

HEADLINE: After The Republic by Angelo M.


Surf Parks – Surf Park Central


  • Conclusion – transforming the middle East in the image of America simply doesn’t work.
  • As a Christian have you truly thought about Just War Theory?
  • Have you thought about the ramifications of all these unjust wars?
  • Aren’t we supposed to be pro-life?
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Truth In Wisdom – St. Thomas Aquinas

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PART TWO – if a sovereign declares war then it may not be a sin.

  • We go to war so that we may HAVE peace.
  • So what is a just war? One who’s aim is PEACE.
  • Have any of our wars been JUST WARS then?




HEADLINE: More Yale freshmen identify as LGBTQ than conservative, survey finds by Alyssa Damron

  • Unless there is a serious change in environment, we should see these numbers staying steady right?

HEADLINE: U.S. Doctors Are Performing Double Mastectomies On Healthy 13 year old girls by Jane Robbins

Remember this story/ –

HEADLINE: Michigan doctors charged in first federal genial mutilation case in US by Mayra Cuevas

  • Where are our Bishops on this topic?
  • Why aren’t our clergy out there warning parents against this abomination?

VIDEO/AUDIO: from video RT Documentary I WANT MY SEX BACK

  • 40% attempting suicide are those that regret having changed their genders!
  • We are so worried about school shootings but are we worried about this?
  • Do you know how many children that turn into severely depressed people commit suicide?
  • If you are a father allowing your daughter to do this, woe to you at judgment.
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  • You are assisting the culture of death.
  • These parents described “clusters of gender dysphoria outbreaks occurring in pre-existing friend groups with multiple or even all members of a friend group becoming gender dysphoric and transgender-identified in a pattern that seems statistically unlikely . . . .”
  • This is the “latest fad” only that this fad is NOT REVERSIBLE.
  • What is missing in all of these cases of transgenderism and gender dysphoria? GOD, the Faith. The Faith does respect sound, true science and nature.
  • Welcome to the new world of agenda driven statistics.
  • Let’s go back to vocations – if you have a vocation then you generally have a code of ethics.


 Magnum PI is being remade

  • The new Magnum PI is being relaunched on CBS
  • Howard Johnson in Blazing Saddles


HEADLINE: One Soul’s Escape From Satanism to Catholicism by KV Turley 

  • “What Wolff remembers clearly is that he was aghast while attending it.”
  • Mike Reading the Story of Wolff (the actual incident that made him leave Satanism horror struck)
  • Who do you call if you need an exorcism? A Catholic Priest. You don’t call the Methodist Minister.
  • A Child of Mary can NEVER be lost!

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Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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