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If At First you Don’t Secede… “ST*U” and Promote Ryan Romney!

Mandeville, LA – From time to time, oh ok, 16 times a day we receive email and comments on this site that are not so flattering or approving. Occasionally someone posts something that we think other visitors and members in support of our efforts should see and be able to respond to (as Mike did) in this example. We wonder what inspires men like Bruce B. to take time from their day to vent over what seems to us as what we are supposed to be talking about as opposed to what others, beating thoroughly dead and whipped horses are discussing? Nonetheless, here is a listener’s complaint and Mike’s response.

Comments: Mike,

I can’t listen to your show any more if all you are going to talk about is the Church fantasy of “peaceful ” secession. First of all; it will never happen; peaceful or not. Please give us a list of the states and their representatives that are considering this option… let me guess; uh none. So why continue harping on an issue that only you and maybe 4 or 5 other people are discussing ? Oh maybe we have some books and/ or tee shirts to sell; Cut me a break and get over it !

Bruce B. (name redacted by editor)

Mike Church’s response

Dear Bruce,

Are you angry over radio shows much, Sir? First of all, the generation of free men that ceases talking of [r]epublican forms and their underlying rights – secession being  one of them – is the generation that engages in fantasy. your statement precludes the assumption that perpetual union is possible as well so why don’t you show me federation or union that has lasted modern times without talk of “fantasy.” Second off, perhaps you have not been keeping up with news of late, the American Conservative Magazine’s website has been having near weekly discussions on the subject, the northwester region of Arizona and the counties of Riverside & Bakersfield have all rattled secession sabers in just the last 12 months.

I suggest you turn the radio channel Mr Bennett because I am proud to say I cannot be hectored or shamed (“selling t-shirts etc”) into abandoning what is quite possibly the last, best hope of free men.

I wish you will finding another radio show to attempt electronic humiliation with.

Mike Church


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Vermont even has a succession movement and has a radio station that promotes its culture. The idea of succession is popular and it is the logical choice when the federal government no longer honors its part of the contract. Heck, even when the constitutions was ratified, statements accompanied the ratification stating, basically, that the agreement was a contract and not perpetual relationship.

I would strongly encourage anyone to read, Rethinking the American Union for the 21st century.

I don’t always agree with Mr. Church but he has a right to his opinion, one of which he expresses and seems to have formulated off of the philosophy of Locke, Mises, and others. There has to be more than four or five people interested in what Mr. Church has to say as Sirius is a capitalist company and if there wasn’t a large audience for Mr. Church, he wouldn’t be worth keeping around to attract advertisers to sponsor his platform.


Bruce, unless States take a hard stand against the general government. They will continue to take it in the rear every time. We have to stand up some time and this is one of the best ways to do it. We just need a few states 9 – 10 to put some pressure on and then Mordor on the Potomac might actually listen.

He must not have heard you talk about how even the Soviet constitution had secession built into it.

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