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If the Constitution & Sound Money Are Restored the Press & The Polls take the Hit

“If the Constitution & Sound Money Are Restored the Press & The Polls take the Hit”

2011 Mike ChurchHey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.
When is coming in a statistical dead-heat for first place in a nationally televised competitive event a non news item when you were expected to finish no better than 4th!? Well, if you are candidate Ron Paul that is exactly what has occurred. Paul finished a mere 152 votes behind Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman. This equals a difference of less than 9/10 of 1%, a statistical dead heat, yet Paul is getting no credit on the airwaves of our vaunted Video Commentariat or as I call it The Industrial News ComplexWhat is the explanation for the bias? Maybe it is caused by that sinking feeling that you get when you are being hoisted to the top of a 310 foot tall roller coaster-that is that if you close your eyes and wish hard enough the ride will stop and youll find yourself safely on the ground enjoying sunshine and lollypops. What actually happens is that the crest of the hill does come and you do fall that 310 feet to the earth, much like our lofty government apparatus supported by unprecedented destruction of private wealth and accrual of debt.This is what drives the fear of the DeceptiCONS and Libtards in the The Industrial News Complex which is partially supported by the Leviathan State. How? The creation and protection of monopolies in both business and government, one which gets covered and shells out substantial ad dollars and one that provides the rest of the programming content: government. Witness the network news shows reliance on government generated statistics, surveys and studies for the habits of single gay men with purple toe nails to the recommended amount of vitamins in school lunches, the whole house of cards is built upon a devotion to government and its cousin: corporatism.
An end to fiat currency, never ending wars and out of control defense spending and a restoration of some liberty threatens the politicians and the industrial news complexs grip on your attention and your wallet. Thats what Ron Paul represents. It really is as simple as that.

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