Ignorance Is Not Bliss

todayOctober 6, 2014

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Even the NEW legal citizens don’t know Obama isn’t a King.

If_at_first_you_dont_secedeMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript There’s no rule that says if you’re stupid you have to remain stupid, unless I missed it, and maybe I did.  There’s no rule that says if you’re ignorant you must remain ignorant and that you can’t elevate yourself out of a position of ignorance.  I would think most people would want to elevate yourself out of a position of ignorance.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Jim, how you doing?

Caller Jim:  Very well, Mike.  How are you this morning?

Mike:  I am well, thank you.

Caller Jim:  I just wanted to call.  I’ve been listening to you for, oh, I don’t know, about eight years.

Mike:  Thank you.

Caller Jim:  It’s been a long time.  I was having a discussion the other day with somebody about the whole ISIL thing.  They happened to be an immigrant from Indonesia.  Something dawned on me during the conversation.  They’re not teaching the Constitution, or that part of the Constitution with the executive powers in the nationalization stuff.  This person’s argument for the war on ISIL was he’s commander in chief and he’s allowed to do it.  I was like, “No!”  I looked up my Constitution on my phone and said, “Show me.  Show me where it says that in there” because that’s the document he’s supposed to go off of.  It was just pretty funny that they’re not even teaching it in the naturalization process.

Mike:  Did the person that you were arguing with or trying to discuss with, did they bah at any point in time?

Caller Jim:  Did they what?

Mike:  Bah.

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Caller Jim:  Yeah, pretty much.

Mike:  [bah-ing like a sheep] like that.

Caller Jim:  She ended the conversation with, “Have you ever lived in a foreign country?”  It doesn’t matter.  This is our document.  Like I said, it was just pretty funny.

Mike:  Why would it matter if you’ve ever lived in a foreign country?

Caller Jim:  That was my comment.

Mike:  What was the point going to be, do you know?

Caller Jim:  I have no idea.  She ended the conversation at that point and never responded to it.  She couldn’t point out in our Constitution —

Mike:  [mocking] “Have you ever lived in a foreign country?  Well, buddy, let me tell you, if you lived in a foreign country, you’d see hell, you hear me, hell.”  I haven’t lied in them but I’ve visited two foreign countries and stayed for extended periods of time.  Some of you call these countries socialist.  I didn’t see hell.

Caller Jim:  Me, too.  That’s what I told.  Two and three weeks at a time is where I’ve been.  Like I said, it was just really funny that even the people that are going through the courses don’t even have a grasp on what’s going on in the Constitution.

Mike:  But that is an indictment against not just an educational system and educators, although it certainly is an indictment against both of them, that is more an indictment against, I think, the people that are uneducated.  There’s no rule that says if you’re stupid you have to remain stupid, unless I missed it, and maybe I did.  There’s no rule that says if you’re ignorant you must remain ignorant and that you can’t elevate yourself out of a position of ignorance.  I would think most people would want to elevate yourself out of a position of ignorance.  One way to find out whether or not you’re ignorant or not — there’s nothing wrong with being ignorant.

Being ignorant could just be a state of existence where you just haven’t taken the time or have not made the time or been presented with the opportunity to learn something.  If you don’t work in someone else’s field — say you’re not a blacksmith.  I’m not a farrier.  I’ve never done any horseshoeing or anything like that.  To a blacksmith or to a farrier, you might be ignorant about horse hooves, the tools needed, the kind of shoes, how you bang them out, how you fit them, how to quick cut a horse.  You might be ignorant about that.  That doesn’t make you ignorant.  It doesn’t make your whole being ignorant.  If you wanted to, most of us could probably learn to be a farrier if we wanted to, being a blacksmith, how to properly do that.  The same is true in most fields.

There are probably very few that are so exclusive that you would have to spend an inordinate amount of time studying them.  It may take a degree, Andy_McCarthyfor example mathematical skill, to become a certain kind of engineer.  Just because someone else has not acquired, does not have that skill, hasn’t been through the schooling to be able to know how to apply it, again, doesn’t make them generically, as you view them as a person, ignorant.  When I say ignorant, it’s not that our fellow citizens are ignorant.  They have just either A, laziness, B, improper instruction, or C, willful blindness as my buddy Andy McCarthy calls it.  You had the opportunity to learn something and you went, [mocking] “Meh, I don’t believe that.  You can teach it all you want.  You’re wrong.  There’s no such thing as Incorporation Doctrine.  You go to hell.  You go to hell, you die.”  But you don’t have to remain in that condition of being.

Derek in North Dakota is next on the Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  Hello, Derek.  How you doing?

Caller Garrett:  Hey, Mike.  This is Garrett.  How you doing?

Mike:  Garrett or Derek?

Caller Garrett:  It’s Garrett.

Mike:  Garrett, yes.

Caller Garrett:  Hey, guy, I just want to tell you I love your show.

Mike:  Thank you.

Caller Garrett:  I guess what I wanted to call about is unless the Constitution affects someone directly, anymore it’s obsolete.  If it affects them directly then they wear the Constitution like a flak jacket in a war zone.  We have laws to follow.  If we break those laws, we’re held accountable to it.  The Constitution, I believe, was designed to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans, and to essentially govern the government.  Where is the governing of the government and where is the accountability?

Mike:  It allegedly put a system of what little Jimmy Madison called checks and balances into play.  Also, you have to remember — again, this could be one of those instances where someone is ignorant of this.  It doesn’t mean they’re ignorant; they may just be ignorant of this.  You have to remember and recall, and it does take a little bit of study to catch up on this, that there were men at the time of ratifying that wanted what is currently happening today.  They wanted the Constitution to bring that about.  In other words, it’s a fiction to say the Constitution was never designed to do this or that.  It may not have been designed by James Madison and others that had different motivations or intentions, but there most certainly were men that wanted it to turn out exactly as it has turned out.  Why they would wish to have bedeviled and cursed future generations like that is a discussion for another day.

I can tell you this: fame was the principle motivator.  The pursuit of fame — this is easy to demonstrate.  There basically is an American Parthenon, Acropolis, whatever you want to call it.  There basically is an American founding pantheon of founding fathers, isn’t there?  You all know the names.  Washington.  Did he make himself famous?  Yep.  Jefferson.  Did he make himself famous?  Yep.  Madison.  Did he make himself famous?  Yep.  Patrick.  Did he make himself famous?  Yep.  John Adams, yep.  Is that by accident?  We were taught to, especially by ahistorical, illiterate people that actually are ignorant because they’re misleading people, we are taught that the framers of the Constitution only had motives that were as pure as snow driven by wind and Derek Jeter.  There had never been a people more pure of heart in the history of pure-of-heart people than the American founders.  They were all selfless.  The only reason they did any of this was because they would love, they loved us, they knew they were going to love us, they knew they were going to love the next generation and the one after that.


It was only through the purest, most noble of intentions that they entered into any of these discussions.  Bull honking horse you-know-what.  That is simply not true.

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There is a book you can get.  You can’t get a new print copy.  You’re going to have to find an out-of-print copy, a used one in other words, and you might be able to find one in a library.  It’s written by a guy named Douglas Adair.  It’s called Fame and the Founding Fathers.  That’s Adair’s master’s thesis basically.  I think he makes the case very well about fame and the founders, that there was something that they sought.  It’s in their writings.  It’s in the speeches they gave.  It’s in the books and pamphlets they authored.  And that’s not to demonize or vilify the founders.  I’m just saying that there was a motivating factor and it was not egalitarianism.  It was not the instillation of utopia.  It was fame, eternal, lasting fame.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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