Ilana Mercer – Trump’s Not Yet President, But Nieto Is Saying, ‘Si Se Puede’

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RTI-CD&-DVD-ComboMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“We’ll go to the Dude Maker Hotline now and say hello to weekly guest here and now contributor to and the Veritas Radio Network, Ilana Mercer, who has a new piece out, a new post up at  Ilana, all the way out in the beautiful hinterlands of Washington State, how are you?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We’ll go to the Dude Maker Hotline now and say hello to weekly guest here and now contributor to and the Veritas Radio Network, Ilana Mercer, who has a new piece out, a new post up at  Ilana, all the way out in the beautiful hinterlands of Washington State, how are you?

Ilana Mercer:  Or as we call it, the Pinko state.

Mike:  How are things in the Pinko state?

Mercer:  I try to switch off, I really do.  It is fantastically beautiful, it really is.  By the way, I must get that, especially the Incorporation Doctrine, what you have to say about it.  That’s something that’s featured in my current book, The Trump Revolution, advertised on and Veritas.  I used that awful doctrine to make the case that we no longer have a Constitution essentially, that the federal government is the ultimate arbiter of our sovereignty.

Mike:  You write today at, “Trump’s Not Yet President, But Nieto Is Saying, ‘Si Se Puede’.”

Mercer:  Thanks to Trump, I know who Nieto is.

Mike:  I though Vicente Fox was still president.  That’s how much I know.

Mercer:  I do mention it in this column.  With the emphasis on the immigration address, which was absolutely heavenly and sublime, people forgot to really – the media doesn’t forget.  That’s pathological, isn’t it?

Mike:  Their reaction to his speech is pathological.

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Mercer:  It is pathological, absolutely.  He’s like Hitler, right?  And that is the ultimate illogical liberal argument.  In any good text on logic, they will tell you the argument of Hitler doesn’t cut it.  Trump is Hitler, therefore he’s wrong.

Mike:  How about the lack of logic in – I love the phrase: This is not the American way.  Speaking of kicking people out that aren’t supposed to be here or actually having a border.  If you say that’s not the American way, then you’re kind of defining that there is a way.  So what is it?

Mercer:  That’s a brilliant point to bring up.  That’s featured, again – well, great minds – in my book.  I call it the tyranny of values.  The appeal to values is the way these people intimidate and cower people into submission.  Our government is supposed – Russell Kirk, a real classical conservative, said that values are a private thing.  Our republican, RIP, government was not supposed to enforce values.  Values are reserved to the church, civil society, the individual.  Our government is supposed to enforce only the law, that’s all.  Keep us safe.  This enforcement of values is extremely dangerous.  It’s cultural Marxism essentially.

Mike:  Let me ask you, Ilana, you watched the same address that I watched on Wednesday night.  I did not take the “softening” away from it.  If anything, I took the exact opposite.  I told my colleague Mark Kreslins, because he didn’t get to watch it, about it.  I said: You pretty much got a rehash of what he’s been saying for over 14 months, but with specifics now.  He named the agencies that would have to do the enforcement.  He actually proposed an act that has a name, named after two police officers, or a federal officer and local officer that were murdered by illegal immigrants.  He gave actual numbers on what to do.  He actually cited specifically the executive orders that he would repeal.  There was a lot of meat on that bone, I thought.  Apparently I was the only one that thought that.

Mercer:  The immigration address has been so rehashed that I decided to focus on a very interesting dynamic with the newly-revealed President Enrique Nieto earlier in the day.  My, does Donald Trump have energy?  I wouldn’t be able to – I’m a little younger than he, being the same age group, I guess, as you are.  That, of course, was completely ignored by the media.  How interesting the dynamic was there.  For the first time since I’ve been observing and analyzing American politics, the Mexican president was conciliatory, reverential.  He didn’t manipulate the colluding quislings – I’m talking about the Mexican president here.  He was reverential.  He didn’t manipulate his colluding quisling, the American president, into manipulating Americans into taking all the huddled masses.  He didn’t do what you mentioned.  It is your values.  Take them.

Trump_Revolution_Ilana_MercerThere was an entirely different dynamic, and a very interesting one.  I think any commentator worth his salt, which the dimwits on the networks can hardly be accused of being decent, would have noticed how interesting it was.  Here you had Donald Trump, was forceful, patriotic, but extremely diplomatic.  Wouldn’t you say?  I quoted or at least paraphrased a proverb saying when you act like a fearless lion before your adversary, the adversary will retreat.  That’s what Nieto was doing.  He indicated his willingness to reconsider the path they’ve been on, to renegotiate, to accept criticism.  This was path-breaking to my mind.  That is where the column focused.  I knew that the immigration address was so fabulous that everyone would be talking about that, so I focused on this less-covered issue.

Mike:  When you say “Si, se puede,” that means “Yes, we can,” right?

Mercer:  He was saying: Yes, we can.

Mike:  I thought the same thing.  On Tuesday’s show I actually predicted here’s how this press conference, if they have one, is going to go.  Nieto is going to say that he actually got to listen to Mr. Trump explain his proposals.  They are not as I thought they were.  I believe there’s common ground.  If he’s elected president, we can work out our differences.  I even predicted that one of them would say something that trade, like to use the professional sports analogy, the best trade deals are the ones that benefit both countries.  That’s exactly what Nieto said and what Trump said.  Trump appeared calm, intellectual.  He appeared statesmanlike.  Of course, the industrial-media complex was so shocked by the fact that they weren’t consulted in whether or not he should make the trip, and that he didn’t tell them that he was going down there – he only announced it on Twitter the night before – that they couldn’t even get anybody on Tuesday morning to comment on it.

Mercer:  They were [unintelligible] that he was so forced in the [unintelligible] of the United States.  His intention to stand up for our huddled masses.  Trump just went straight to the matter.  He just came out with it.  He was also gracious and very poignantly – it was quite a lovely moment when he said: I love America.  I want to protect its people.  They’ve been hard done by it.  I recognize you love your people, too.  I thought that was beautiful.

Mike:  Ilana Mercer, who is our Friday morning contributor and contributor of essay columns on every week, this week’s “Trump’s Not Yet President, But Nieto Is Saying, ‘Si Se Puede’” is on the Dude Maker Hotline.  I liken it to this.  I’ve been told by people who are pro-life that, [mocking] “I can’t support him.  He’s not a real pro-lifer.”  I’m like: What do you mean?  What is real?  What are you talking about?  [mocking] “Well, once upon a time he was on television in 1999 and he said this and that and the other.”  So let me see if I understand you correctly.  As a pro-lifer you don’t want converts?  You don’t want Bernard Nathansons coming over to our side?  Are you insane?  Did you not hear the story – this is when I knew Trump was a real candidate and he was actually, I still think, for the right reasons.  People disagree with me.  They think I’m a nut now.  I have friends that say: Come on, Mike, it’s all a setup.  He’s trying to take over the world, too.  I don’t buy it.

There was a debate and Marco Rubio brought up that interview in 1999 on Meet the Press where Trump said he was pro-choice or something to that effect.  Donald Trump’s response was: What convinced me – again, I am not endorsing Donald Trump.  I’m not going to going to tell you that I’m even going to vote in November.  However, the disruption to the corrupt state of affairs is welcome.  I wholeheartedly support it and endorse it.  His response was, I’ll paraphrase:  You know, you’re right.  I did say that, Marco.  You know what happened to me?  I had a couple who was a friend of mine, real good friend, great people.


She got pregnant.  We were all telling her that you can go ahead and if it’s not right for you guys you can get an abortion and get rid of it.  They decided not to.  I’ve been involved in that kid’s life since he was born.  You know what?  He’s a great kid.  That changed me.  I’d never seen it personally before, but now I saw it personally and realized if she had done that, I wouldn’t know that kid.  I’m pro-life as a result of that.  I almost cried.  I’m like: Dude, that’s as beautiful as it gets.  That’s a conversion story.  You want to hear that.  What was the reaction?  [mocking] “Oh, he just made that up for political expedience.”  No, a political hack like Ted Cruz would make it up for political expedience.  I don’t think Trump made it up.

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Mercer:  Mike, I always saw – as a hardcore libertarian, I always saw him as having more of a libertarian position.  If only conservatives had come out and said – you probably don’t agree with me on this, but I don’t like abortion, of course I don’t, but I cannot see myself advocating chaining women to beds, or anyone.  You own your body.  However, I did see him taking the libertarian position in that it cannot be federally funded.  It simply cannot be federally funded.  I think that is a very strong position to take.  You cannot force the religious and the faith community to subsidize birth control and the pill after.  That is unconscionable.  This all comes back to a limited government and like the government that does only the very basic things.  I thought that was more or less commensurate with libertarianism.  No, he doesn’t like it.  Can he prevent women from doing it?  Probably not.  Funding must not be federal.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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