I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump – DC McAllister

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DVD_So76_RTI_combo_1920Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Let’s go to the Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to our old and dear friend, Denise “DC” McAllister, who is a prolific writer at, among other places,  That’s where we find today the headline, “I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump.”  We are very delighted to have the presence of Ms. McAllister.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s go to the Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to our old and dear friend, Denise “DC” McAllister, who is a prolific writer at, among other places,  That’s where we find today the headline, “I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump.”  We are very delighted to have the presence of Ms. McAllister.  Hi, Denise, how are you?

Denise McAllister:  I’m doing well.  How are you?  Thank you for having me.

Mike:  Always.  I’m always on the lookout.  I follow you.  I’m always on the lookout when you write something that is provocative as this, to get the chance to talk to you.  Again, I told the audience in the first hour: Please send Denise a note and thank her for her work.  It’s courageous what you wrote.  Not everyone is going to write their own personal sexual assault stories and own up to them.  I don’t want to say you’re not grieving or bitter because you’re obviously grieving over them.  You’re putting them to good use.  Thank you for that.  I’m sure other people appreciate it, too.

McAllister:  Thank you.  It’s a shame I have to put it to use, but if there’s a voice to be heard in this, I think women who’ve gone through this kind of thing and have a different perspective on the politics of same should be heard.

Mike:  I’m especially intrigued, and I think I tried to make this point last week.  I haven’t seen very many others trying to make the point, among other points.  Before I go there, I’ve got to ask you, do you know – the editor of your magazine is David Harsanyi.  I don’t know who actually puts the web pages together?  Who is that a photograph of on your piece?  I know it’s Trump and Clinton and Melania.  Who’s the other woman?

McAllister:  I don’t know.  I’m not in charge of that.  One of our copy editors –

Mike:  I’m looking at this photograph and I’m going: My goodness!  It doesn’t look like it’s Photoshopped.  It looked like a very happy – of course, Bill Clinton was really happy to have his arm around Melania.

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McAllister:  I think it’s probably – it looks like it’s at a baseball game.  She’s probably just, maybe a waitress there it looks like, someone who works there.  I’m not sure.

Mike:  I want to say that it was Ashley Judd.

McAllister:  No, it’s not.

Mike:  I couldn’t confirm it.  Anyway, I just thought I’d drop that in.  You brought this out in your article, “I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump,” about the fact that there is a piece of video evidence out there that the current President of the United States is a bit of a pervert himself.  He was basically exposing himself to a gaggle of female reporters on a campaign plane back in 2008.  I want you to flesh that out for us, and why does that matter?

McAllister:  I began the piece, because I’m really responding to Michelle Obama, who a few days ago came out talking about how she so personally feels grieved and shaken up about these sexual assault victims who are now coming forward and testifying against Donald Trump.  She talked about how she’s not being disingenuous, that she’s being sincere, and that she really feels a lot of angst about these women, that she’s heard so many stories from them and feels for them so deeply.  Well, a video was recently released of her husband on an airplane.  He’s flashing his erection underneath his khakis to women on the plane, which I’d like to point out in many states is actually a Class B misdemeanor.  He could be put in jail for up to 180 days in some of the states for doing such a thing.  It’s called public nudity.  It’s under the indecent exposure laws.  Anyway, it’s different in every state.  I don’t know exactly where he was.  It is definitely – we have him on tape doing something that is actually illegal in many states.  It’s not only a perversion, it’s actually a crime.

My response, I told a story about a time when I was 16 years old, when I was working my first job in a drugstore.  It was late at night and getting ready to close.  A man comes in and he’s wanting to see watches behind the counter of where I was working.  He was asking me to give them to him.  To make a long story short, he leans back and shows me his erection through his sweatpants.  It was quite horrifying.  I was 16, but old enough to really be aware of what was going on.  I had my manager walk me out.  Seeing Obama on the plane doing that just brought back those memories.  Michelle Obama, you don’t really speak for me.  You haven’t really shown a consistent concern about sexual assault victims.  You’re not concerned about the victims who’ve come forward about Bill Clinton.  You aren’t even concerned about your own husband’s behavior, which is a predatory behavior toward women.  She was best political friends with Ted Kennedy, who was a complete scumbag, who was complicit in the death of a woman who died in 1959.  He was also highly sexually immoral.  Yet she didn’t shudder, she didn’t grieve, she wasn’t personally touched by any of these who are politically expedient to her and her own career.

Really what I wanted to call out is the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, the hypocrisy of Michelle Obama, who come out and use women as props to prop up their own power and their own purposes and their own agenda, people like me.  If you’re going to say you feel my pain, you feel my shame, you understand my hurt and my experiences, you better darn well be consistent about it; they’re not.  Not only that, their policies themselves, the policies of Hillary Clinton, the policies of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and the Democratic Party are an assault on women.  They DC McAllister Federalistare an affront for women.  They are not good for women.  Big government is not good for women.  Abortion is not good for women.  Taking away our guns is not good for women.  Opening our borders to rapists – and yes, I’m sorry, but jihadists and Islamists who are now butchering young girls in the Middle East and raping women in Europe, I don’t want that coming here.  That is not good for women.  Do they all do it?  No, but the Islamists who are fundamentalist extremists do.  We’re opening our borders.  Hillary Clinton is more concerned about letting those people in than she really is about protecting American women and girls.

I am not going to listen to Michelle Obama when she stands up with her voice quivering, talking about how she so deeply understands women like me.  She doesn’t.  She doesn’t care.  She is a political hog.  She is a political beast when it comes to wanting her own power.  I’m not going to listen to her.  I’m not going to allow her to stand up there and act, and that’s exactly what she was doing, act like she cares about women like me.  She doesn’t.

Mike:  One of the other points that I try to bring out when I talk about this is, Michelle Obama’s BFF is Beyonce.  It is beyond the pale some of the porn that’s contained in Beyonce lyrics that’s played to six-year-old girls.  Mrs. Obama was not outraged when that song “Surfboard” came out.  I may be an old fuddy-duddy 54-year-old, but when I hear the song I know what’s being intimated in the song.  I know that young men and young girls are going to be heavily influenced by this, as they are.  There was no concern, no outrage over that.  She was busy stocking cafeterias with arugula lettuce.

McAllister:  Exactly.  The rap lyrics of many of the people that she praises in Hollywood and in the music industry are simply appalling.  Of course, that is art, artistic pop culture, whatever you want to call it, entertainment.  The fact is, the woman has actually associated with predators.  She supports predators.  She’s inconsistent and hypocritical about predatory behavior.  Most importantly, the policies and the positions of Hillary Clinton are an assault, like I said, on women, the safety of women, the independence of women, the value and dignity of women.  To say that Donald Trump is a threat to all these things because of his personal behavior that we haven’t even had proof of in a court of law at this point, this is just offensive to me.  I’m not stupid.  I’m not going to fall for the emotional plea and lies like women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Mike:  I haven’t talked to you since the conventions have convened.  Mrs. Clinton’s calling card and her signature achievement this summer was to present to the world – because the conventions are international telecast.  They’re not just broadcast here; they’re broadcast the planet over – was to present to the world not one but two women who went on stage in primetime and boasted and bragged about how they killed their soon-to-be-born children and how we should all be funding this.  This is on Mrs. Clinton’s agenda.  There’s a piece in the Washington Post today about how Hillary is now considering campaigning in other states that she ordinarily wouldn’t campaign in so that the landslide is that much larger, and thus her mandate is that much larger, as if it’s already over and the election has already taken place.  One of her spokesmen said: We’re going to do this so that we have a larger mandate to implement her agenda.  Her agenda is death.  Why are all these women falling for this?  I’m watching television right now.  I’m watching file footage on CNN and on Fox News of Mrs. Clinton posing for selfies with these smiling young women.  Have we lost our collective mind?

McAllister:  The party of death, which is the Democratic Party, has been around for years.  It’s been supported by women who believe that abortion is freedom, abortion is their right.  They’ve been sold a lie since 1973, whenever it was.  This is something that’s good for them.  It frees them from the trappings and the horrors and the terrible struggles of motherhood, and enslavement to some men who impregnated them magically without their choice.  These women don’t want to take responsibility for their choices, choices that they’ve already made to actually have sex.  When you choose to have sex, you’ve already made a choice.  You’ve made your choice of engaging in behavior that could possibly produce life.  To go and kill that life because you don’t want to take responsibility for the choices you’ve already made is simply evil.  People in our country have feared their consciences on this matter.  They don’t care.  They don’t care about life.  They only care about their own conveniences.

I understand, and you know my story on this, I understand how difficult it is to have an unwanted pregnancy, to engage in the behavior.  I understand that.  I understand the difficulty of it.  I understand how it changes your life, and it does.  It’s hard.  It’s difficult.  That’s what it means to be a grown-up, to be an adult.  We are a country full of babies and toddlers who pitch a fit when they don’t get their way.  They don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions.  We have a Democratic Party who wants to feed into that juvenile behavior and that childish mindset.  When you keep people as children, you make them dependent on you and we are not free.  We are not free, independent, adult, responsible people.  If you want to be free in this country, if you want to be free in this world, what goes hand in hand with freedom is personal responsibility.  You give up personal responsibility, you give up your freedom.  Women who have the freedom to have sex anytime they want but don’t take the personal responsibility of the consequences and the results from that give up their liberty.  They enslave themselves not only to the culture of death but also to the sin that comes with it.  They don’t find freedom and the peace that comes from actually doing the right thing.

Mike:  If we had any females in the political class that could deliver that rant that you just delivered, I think we may be dealing with a different set of circumstances.  You’re actually dealing with the reality of the situation.  As I’m hearing you talk, I’m thinking: You’re right.  I do know your story.  I do know that I point blank asked you about nine months ago about your story.  You said: No, it was out of wedlock sex, I had it, and I was going to get an abortion, but I decided against it.  Today the product of that sex calls me mom.  It’s a great story.  I appreciate that.  The other thing I’m hearing when you’re talking about promoting freedom, that the cult of death promotes this alleged freedom, and that they have the freedom to go out and have this illicit sex without fear, I guess, of the consequences that may result of it.  In encouraging that behavior, which is what they are doing, they’re encouraging the behavior.  Who’s actually promoting sex crimes and sex assault?


I don’t remember if it was you that wrote about this or it was Rod Dreher and Dreher had quoted you on something that was written.  There are girls – you’ve got teenage daughters.  There are girls that are now taking advantage of the madness of transgenderism and are claiming they want to be little boys so that they’re not sexually assaulted or not prowled upon by all the horny boys that are in their school.  You have a pair of teenagers.  Why don’t you talk about that?

McAllister:  The transgender agenda is simply something I find disturbing at all kinds of levels.  It’s a deception and it’s a lie.  Unfortunately the people who suffer from this mental illness – I’ll go ahead and say that’s what it is – and normalizing it is actually robbing other people of the clarity of reality.  Just let fears and agendas and that you’re going to be threatened by men – the idea that you have to become a man in order not to be abused by men is ridiculous.  Ask anyone in the homosexual gay culture about that.  That’s just ridiculous.  People have learned that men who are dressed up as women – I always get them all mixed up in my mind – have gone into bathrooms and been raped by men.  It’s just convoluted.

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We’ve got our thinking so wrapped around what we want and our wrong views of what actually freedom is and what identity is.  Instead of finding our identity in who God made us, in finding freedom and truth, we’re looking to lies and an identity that’s imposed on us by a culture that wants to control us.  Even the abortion agenda – if you want to say I’m free, I am free.  I can be free of a man or a child or whatever.  Even in that politically speaking, collectively women have so invested themselves in abortion that they have enslaved themselves to a political party that stands for abortion so that they will sacrifice their prosperity, their national security, their ability to get the kind of education they want for their children, all for the sake of abortion.  They’ve become enslaved and made an idol of abortion because they’ve bought the lie that it is freedom.  It’s not; it’s a lie.

We’re seeing this whole sexual immorality and stuff like this, the sexual assault agenda that’s going on right now with the political election.  It’s all being used to manipulate and gin up women.  That’s why I told my story.  I told a couple.  It wasn’t just being flashed and the same thing Obama did.  I also had a sales person, I went in for a call as a 20-something-year-old.  I sat down and had a man, the guy who was one of my accounts, come up behind me and grab my breasts.  I have experienced that kind of sexual assault.  I know how to react and what goes on with that.  I’m not going to let my personal experience be tied to the false sympathies of the Democratic Party and these women of the Democratic Party who want to say because I was treated that way I must listen to them, I must vote according to them, and I must treat all men as if they’re all predators.  This is the kind of thing that’s just offensive.  Just because that happened to me by a couple of men does not mean all men are this way.  It doesn’t mean that I need to buy the lies of the Democratic Party to treat all men this way, as if the Democratic Party and the government itself can protect me from all ills in life.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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