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In-Justice Isn’t Blind She’s Black And Hates Trump

The antics of the judge overseeing the Trump case is not the only example of the kangaroo court in session. The comments by New York Attorney General Letitia James confirm the “validity” of this so called justice.  However if you don’t think that can’t put the former president away, Mike Church points to Martin Shkreli.  They were able to paint him as an evil man just because he refused Hilary Clinton.  Mike has some audio of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Shkreli and he brings you James’ comments as well. He will reveal why they are after Trump, and why the only way the can get him is to have a kangaroo court. He also exposes their hatred of Trump is actually a hatred for your.  Listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily for Mike Church’s break down of the Demoncrat temper tantrum. 



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