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In Search of A Father For American Conservatism? Behold, Leo XIII

God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
Chris Ferrara’s book has become the subject of many conversations on the Mike Church Show of late

Mandeville, LABruce Frohnnen posits that the American Conservative, quoting Bugs Bunny, has “gone Left at Albuquerque” and is no longer conservative in the “tradition…of Russell Kirk…and the father of modern conservatism, Edmund Burke.” 

I reply: Was there ever any debate over Burke being tagged as the “father of conservatism”? “Conserving” the secular system that has produced the horrific, sin-drenched civilization we occupy is at best a rear guard action. Does anyone really believe that the system producing the spectacle occurring today, on Holy Thursday, in Indiana is worthy of conserving? 

Reply, the second. If you are looking for a solution to the secular “separation of Church and State” paradigm that is guilty of the aforementioned atrocity, a “Father” for a genuine “conservative” response is His Holiness Pope Leo XIII and the encyclical Immortale Dei serves as a guide to implement that plan.

In political affairs, and all matters civil, the laws aim at securing the common good, and are not framed according to the delusive caprices and opinions of the mass of the people, but by truth and by justice; the ruling powers are invested with a sacredness more than human, and are withheld from deviating from the path of duty, and from overstepping the bounds of rightful authority; and the obedience is not the servitude of man to man, but submission to the will of God, exercising His sovereignty through the medium of men. Now, this being recognized as undeniable, it is felt that the high office of rulers should be held in respect; that public authority should be constantly and faithfully obeyed; that no act of sedition should be committed; and that the civic order of the commonwealth should be maintained as sacred. – His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII

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