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Incorporating Conceal Carry Nationally Gives Federal Government too Much Authority over Firearms

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Mike: Theres a bill in Congress [H.R. 822] that will mandate or will order open or concealed carry recognition in all 50 states. The NRA is behind this. They are supporting it. This is not a Second Amendment issue here. Each state may regulate firearms as they see fit. The Second Amendment was not to be applied against the states. It is a prohibition against the feds taking your guns and the feds writing rules and regulations for your guns.

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Most people have this absolutely backwards. Therefore, this concealed carry bill I know youre all out there cheering this on. Again, if youre going to let Congress mandate that the states have to allow open carry, be prepared when theres a Democrat Congress to accept that open carry be only .22-caliber, maybe only two, three bullets in a brand new magazine, and any other mandate that goes along with this. This is an issue for the states. Do I want states to grab guns? No. But thats the way the federal system works.

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