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The Rainbow Coats Are Coming

Jefferson_Revolt_T_shirt_displayMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “As I have thought about this and tried to flesh these things out and provide some historical narrative here, when you run out of compromise, you have one of two choices.  This is why I said the radical progressives wielding rainbow flags today are not much different than the Mohammedans.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This mob he is speaking of:


It has overcome resistance to contraception, abortion, gay marriage (and soon, plural marriage), pornography, adultery, norms against suicide and “assisted” suicide, and other activities through a moral crusade from which it has stolen the Christian language of rights, used recently to great effect in ending slavery, and stripping that language of any purpose beyond itself, of any boundary save consent, and any responsibility save obtaining that consent. Need we doubt that the modern mind, considering slavery, believes that the problem was that slaves had not consented to their condition, and that Lincoln’s statement that “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master,” is incomprehensible in at least part?

For mastery is what the modern mind seeks – mastery over nature and over self. The given-ness of life, the gift of life, is gone. There is nothing beyond oneself to thank for where one is (though perhaps one may blame others for not being a rich genius). Only in such a mind could the works of the New Atheists take hold and grow – the works which fail to understand, or attempt to understand, religious ideals – and be endless mimicked and repeated as if themselves gospel.

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, this mob is fashioning its own new gospel, its own new civil religion.  And unlike most religions before it, it will not be able to and will not be static.  There will be nothing to defend.  What’s defensible today could be indefensible tomorrow depending on how the emotions and the sympathies are applied to it.  We’re in the middle of this.  You can see this happening in real time.  Open your eyes.

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And religious commitment is already being used as a weapon in divorce matters, whereby atheist parents (or even those seeking to get a foothold against the other party) demand that children not be taken to the religious worship of the other parent, and insinuate that such is a form of child abuse (aping the works of many a New Atheist). It will not be long (indeed, the day may already be here), before religious faith is considered a negative factor in cases where a court must balance custody decisions, and a negative factor which may implicate the intervention of child protective services.

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, if they find out you’re a Holy Roller, if they find out you’re a daily mass-goer, for example, which I try to be, you can be labeled as a fanatic, a freak, a threat to society, a threat to your own children.  [mocking] “He’s participating in these dangerous ceremonies, and he’s doing it every day.”


For the mob knows that the surest way to achieve its goals, even surer than courts, is to get at the children. Do we not see millennials, after years of bombardment by the media of the idea that “gay parents are just like everyone else, and are born that way, and only want to have committed loving families, and anyway, how dare we judge?” turning surely and slowly (or even rapidly) in that direction? [Mike:  No one is telling them otherwise. Of course they’re turning in that – not all of them, but it has to start somewhere.]

That the mob is a descendant of the mobs of revolutions past we need no longer doubt. Witness the slavish devotion to ideals, under doma gay marriagegirded by no support in reality, and similarly, undercut by no contrary realism. Witness the studies which at least provide pause for whether same-sex-lead families provide better or equal parenting to traditional families – they are not challenged well on any findings, but dismissed as bigoted or biased. Classical rhetoric dismissed in an emotive windstorm of ad hominems and tu quoques – calling C.S. Lewis: your Bulver’s day has arrived.

The Indiana RFRA is welcome. But it is weak, and will fall in front of the storm. As predicted by a friend in a recent Facebook post, at some point in the near future, within 1 – 5 years by my own reckoning, the RFRA laws, federal and state, will be overthrown in a Supreme Court decision. This will surprise only those who have lived with their heads under rocks, for it will be the logical outcome of the Court’s long jurisprudence of sexual individualism.

We are at war. It is a war we did not wish, but it is thrust upon us.  And the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can raise the barricades. We must take every opportunity in law to argue against the eventuality. But we should not expect the law to do much for us any longer. There are those who will say that what is written here is “divisive” or seeks no compromise. This is untrue. For we must compromise, if only to hold the peace as long as possible, while we form communities and keep alive what tradition and religion we can. But, while we will not breach the compromise (laughably, the RFRA is seen as such by many!), it will certainly be broken. The fleeting withdrawal from the federal RFRA has shown us as much. And the refusal to read and understand – this law, our religious faiths, the philosophy of the West – is evidence that compromise may be possible only for a little while longer.

[end reading]

Mike:  That was posted by Sardonicus.  Think about that for just a moment.  Currently there is compromise that is afoot and that is happening.  Every one of us that agrees: Look, we’ll try to carve out a niche here in the law using these RFRA statutes, etc. where we can still practice our particular faith and defend it and not fall into a state of mortal sin by denying it.  If you deny it, that’s sinful.  You might as well grovel in front of a graven image or a golden calf.  It’s the same thing.  So there is compromise that is currently available.  What he’s saying here is someday you run out of room to compromise.  There is no longer any room to compromise.  What do you do then?

As I have thought about this and tried to flesh these things out and provide some historical narrative here, when you run out of compromise, you have one of two choices.  This is why I said the radical progressives wielding rainbow flags today are not much different than the Mohammedans.  Either A, you convert and become a radical progressive, or at least lie about it and say that you’re one; B, beg them to let you exist and you’ll admit that you’re less than a human, admit that you’re less than a first-class citizen, admit that your tired, old, archaic religious practices are something that do not agree with the new religious practices and you’re a second-class citizen and agree to be taxes, subjugated, economically disparaged, reputationally disparaged, denied access to certain things.  There is no difference from the radical progressive sexual revolution dhimmitude than there is from the Mohammedan, from the Muslim version.  Yet every conservative alive is mortified of the Muslim version but doesn’t seem to have the same fear of the homosexual and radical, hedonistic, heterosexual version that we’re already starting to live under.  We’re living under a dhimmitude of sorts.

What’s happening in Indiana, what’s happening in Arkansas is going to come to a state near you unless what is afoot, the war that is afoot is described of, thought of, and therefore waged as such.  Folks, these are perilous times.  I just started reading Simon Schama’s book Citizens.  According to many, it’s the best history of the French Revolution ever written.  It’s 800 pages long.  It’ll probably take me a year to read it.  I wish I knew how to speed read so I could speed these processes up.


What becomes clear when you read the history of the French Revolution is that that revolution began – as I describe the events that we are going through right now, if you read the history of the French Revolution, which only took it a couple of years for it to go from: Okay, we’ve got some indiscretions that are being practiced by the aristocratic elites that the bourgeoisie wish to see changed and wish to see addressed.  There were some problems.  There were some things that were not fair and equitable, true.  They always start off this If_at_first_you_dont_secedeway.  So let’s address them.  You go from addressing these things in 1789 to mowing down entire populations of people in 1793 and 1794 during the Great Terror.  By my count, that’s four years.  It took four years for the war to be waged.

Mike has been talking about many different ways to deal with the American Union & it’s attack dog, the “Federal” government –There’s Article V & Nullification too.

Who was the war principally waged against when the French congress began meeting and had basically overthrown Louis XVI and the monarchy of France?  What was one of the first things that they did?  They said: Look, if you have a religious order and you’re in France, your religious order is over.  You cannot form any new monasteries.  You cannot form any new religious orders.  If you don’t take this oath that we’re going to send to you, that basically says you are a citizen of France and you are obedient to us and our new constitution or whatever it is that we say you ought to be obedient to today or tomorrow, and then to your God.  You have to take this oath.  Many people took it for fear that if they didn’t take it they’d be killed.  They were correct.  There were many others that refused to take it.  This is why the story of the Vendée is so important.  The Vendée refused to take it.  And their priests were nonjuring priests, as they were called.  Over 250,000 of the Vendée, the best estimate we have, lost their lives during the French Revolution because they refused to do what it is that the new radical progressive sexual revolutionista Mohammedans, or wannabe-Mohammedans, are trying to get me and you to do.  There’s a war coming, folks, it’s coming.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Efrem Sepulveda

Mr. Church:

Thank you for this article as I have been reading up on the tragedy that was the Vendee. Indeed, the LGBT crowd wants total acceptance at the point of a gun.

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