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Mandeville, La – If you haven’t seen Avenger Infinity Wars, go see it for a 2 hour 49 minute long testament for the cause of Life. The theme of population control is what drives the entire film and this is the diabolical quest of the films über villain  Thanos, “The Mad Titan”. Mike’s review is woven into the first hour dialogue.

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  1. Mark McGinley
  2. Melissa Linscomb
  3. Paul Clark
  4. Mike Devine


Columbia Magazine: The Rosary Priest – Fr. Patrick Peyton

The Incredible Latin Mass



News/Headline Rundown:

What is the state of Iowas dong? They are acting all ‘state’ like.

Example: Illegal to become Christian or Catholic in the state of California, what if this actually happens?

Planned Parenthood tweeted out the law against abortion with beating heart says it is “gross”. 

Babies Heartbeat at 16 weeks

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Back to Iowa and the Heartbeat Bill

  • The only danger here is to the unborn child.

Crusader Prayer Knights:

  1. Sodomy
  2. Abortion
  3. Pornography
  4. Contraception

We don’t live in a Christian Country. Not in any meaningful sense of the word.


Side Bar –

  • Movie Theater yesterday to see The Avengers – Infinity War
  • Michael Fassbender Alien: Covenant gives a speech on defending human life.
  • Infinity War– bad guys name is Thanos he is a population control freak.

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What does the movie Infinity War have at its core? What are they trying to portray to you the viewer?

  • They are making a case for life in this movie and I don’t think they even realize it.

HEADLINE: The Real Villain in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Overpopulation Panic by G. Shane Morris

  • But the fact that this film’s genocidal villain is peddling the same panicked theories they did on the fiftieth anniversary of their best-known book is too good to ignore.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • Chris Pratt – line on Jesus Christ is pretty much the only objectionable part of the line.
  • Thanos character itself winds up being, through his madness, winds up being an adoptive father.
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Special Guest: Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief

  • Infinity Wars Geek Out
  • The behind the scene or hidden meaning. 


 Ongoing natural disaster going on with the island of Hawaii

HEADLINE: Hawaii volcano shows ‘no sign of slowing down,’ destroys dozens of homes by Edmund DeMarche, Travis Fedschun

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HEADLINE: Amazon Boots Christian Nonprofit From Donations Program Because Of SPLC’s ‘Hate List’ by Bre Patyon

  • We learned just last week that Amazon Smiles kicked out the St. Benedict Center for being a ‘hate group’

HEADLINE: Amazon Partners with Hate Group to Eliminate Unwanted Charities by Brother Andre Marie

  • An entity is either Religious or Irreligious.




HEADLINE: How can we rebuild Western civilisation? This priest has an answer by Francis Phillips


  • “In time and eternity’ aren’t these the same thing?
  • The ethics say b/c I know and I know your eternal soul will exist in eternity.
  • The concept of original sin

Saturday at 9am St Leo 4th parish Civilization in 6 Words speech by Mike Church

  • a Catholic and priestly identity and to be creators of creative minorities


 Caller Aaron from Illinois –

  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • ‘We don’t trade lives!’ Captain America is 70+ years older than the rest of his Avenger peeps so maybe its because he comes from the older generation. The WWII era to slap some sense into the younger Avengers.
  • The 2nd Captain America Winter Soldier – the minority report scenario, he states “that’s not freedom that’s fear”.


HEADLINE: Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers by Rand Paul

  • Conservatism and Catholicism



The Incredible Catholic Mass author Fr. Cochen

The Victory of Pascal Vives



HEADLINE: Social Media, Not Religion, Is The Opium Of The People  via Global Macro Monitor

  • What’s going on here? Is easy, its driven by pride and vanity.
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