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Interventions Verdit: 67% of Americans Want “Defense” Spending Cut

todaySeptember 19, 2012 1 1

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Steve Sabol, filmmaking pioneer for NFL Films has passed away. Sabol’s family CREATED the sports film industry and never let their work get hardened or cheapened by the Rock soundtrack. RIP Mr Sabol

DISTRACTIONS ala Saul Alinsky “Freeze the target” as in get the entire planet talking about a stupid video clip of a common sense statement when the country is $16 TRILLION in debt

Signs of intelligent life found! No not on Mars, on a TV soundstage covering the latest war chant directed at “our biggest enemy, Iran” by Joe Klein on Morning Joe

The US Military actually has deadly PLANS to put down an insurrection of Tea Party types in SC as early as 2014. This to “protect the American People” which i surmise means the people NOT living in SC, asserting their Constitutional protections!?

If Romney loses what will the “establishment conservatives’ blame it on? His foreign policy “lack of hawkishness”, his underuse of the Budget Savior Paul Ryan> Or will they instead just surmise that “the liberal media” got them again and try and fix the problem by hiring more fake ideologues at Fox News?

BTW – the Obama “Convention bounce” has evaporated-again-If Romney would listen to reason (magazine) and Scott Rassmussen he would kneecap Obama on Libya as a non-interventionist and this would all be over

The 1980 Presidential campaign featured TWO Republicans, Ronald Reagan and John Anderson, ANderson received 6.6% of the vote yet reagan STILL handily beat deadbeat incumbent Jimmy Carter.

TAC wonders if “small r republicanism” will become the next passing fancy for the GOP and the Romney boosters it counts as “important”

The Romney video you do NOT want your DeceptiCON friends to see for fear they will link you to a Media Matters conspiracy (of course that’s easier than disavowing their candidate)

Memo to Romney campaign: NOT paying taxes means you have received RELIEF from the government

I told you so: 67% of Americans WANT defense department spending cut, says Scott Rasmussen

Sanders: Why did the FED tinker with Mortgage Securities and the “housing market” when it was already healing on its own!?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Anthony B. Sanders


Here is my Fox Business interview where i mention QEternity and housing.



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