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Interview-Anthoney Gregory What Happened To America's Anti-Statist Spirit ?

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Mandeville LA, The Mike Church Show – The Independent Institute’s Anthony Gregory drops by the Mike Church Show to elaborate on his sweeping essay covering Pearl Harbor’s causes and the effects of the war footing the U.S. engaged in and has never relinquished. As Gregory explains to Mike, there is a very large cost associated with these decisions. From the Independent Institute piece "70 Years of Infamy"

But what resulted from Pearl Harbor has been a virtually uninterrupted cascade of U.S. government infamy. The war transformed the United States domestically. The highest income tax rates surpassed ninety percent. Butter, sugar, tires, and a wide range of other necessities were rationed. Forty percent of the economy and work force were devoted to the war effort. Never again would the U.S. have as small a government as it did even during the New Deal. Moreover, civil liberties were trashed. Martial law was declared in Hawaii. 110,000 Americans of Japanese extraction were interned. A U.S. citizen was tried by military commission and executed without meaningful civilian judicial oversight. The Roosevelt administration engaged in censorship and surveillance. Most dramatically, over ten million American men were conscriptedforced to join the militaryand hundreds of thousands of them did not return.

Listen to the whole interview for a better understanding of what happened AFTER Dec. 7, 1941.

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