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Interview with David Simpson on Being Your Own Banker


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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio – On today’s Post Show Show Mike and David Simpson discuss his “Being Your Own Banker” strategy, which involves keeping money out of markets and invested in “hard commodities” as much as possible, amongst other strategies.  Also listen to David’s feelings on the Aurora shooting and much more on today’s special Post Show Show. If you want to watch and listen to the entire show, grab a Founder’s Pass right now!


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I second that motion. I emailed him directly and he responded. I just sent him a thank you and we ended up having a fulfilling conversation. Some people just have incredible class.


Yes they do and that class is a product of a virtuous upbringing and unwavering Faith in Him. I am glad you got to speak with David!

Will Davis

Just watched this show (because I can) and that was a great interview! I love it when he is on. Thanks


I will pass your compliments on to David. Feel free to write him yourself, he would love hearing from you:

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