Interview With Dwayne Stovall, U.S. Senate Candidate For Texas

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I’ve been teasing you about this all day long.  Who is this mystery candidate who is going to be the next candidate, he’s going to announce here on this show that he is going to seek the nomination to be on the ballot come November 2014 to run for United States Senate against an unnamed Democratic opponent?  He is hailing from the great State of Texas.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I’ve been teasing you about this all day long.  Who is this mystery candidate who is going to be the next candidate, he’s going to announce here on this show that he is going to seek the nomination to be on the ballot come November 2014 to run for United States Senate against an unnamed Democratic opponent?  He is hailing from the great State of Texas.  Many of you know because he’s been on this show several times discussing different items and subjects.  Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to candidate Dwayne Stovall from Cleveland Texas, of Liberty County.  I got it right, didn’t I?

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Dwayne Stovall:  Yes, you did.

Mike:  Dwayne, you should be happy.

StovallI am happy.  Good morning, Mike.

Mike:  Good morning.  Please tell the audience why you are here today.

magnificent samStovall:  I am on your show today to announce that the time I’ve spent for the last two and a half months doing my own litmus test, running a petition around Texas to find out whether the grassroots movement was there to place myself on the ballot against John Cornyn for U.S. Senate is extremely strong.  The petition is going to go away.  We’re officially entering the race.  I’m going to be a candidate for U.S. Senate.

Mike:  So you’re going to run against Senator Cornyn.  You have been very active in Texas in the last six months or so.  Tell the folks out there in Texas who may not have had the benefit of a live soiree with Dwayne Stovall where you have been and who you have spoken with over the last six months.

Stovall:  I have been about 3,000 miles and spoken to about 2,500 people in multiple either tea party or liberty-based groups, some GOP memberships.  I’m speaking to one of those this evening, as a matter of fact.  It’s just been amazing.  Some of them I scare to death and some of them are very, very supportive.  The ones I scare are supportive also, but I’m going to make them check themselves on whether they’re truly fiscally conservative or not.

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Mike:  When you say you scare them, you scare them because why, you’re brandishing this pocket constitution and threaten to actually use it or you’re talking about civil liberties and Texas regaining authority over their own affairs?  Why are you scaring them?

Stovall:  I scare them because I have no political alliances.  I have no history to speak of in politics.  I’m just a commoner.  When I come forward and say: The issue is this, you can’t take a single program, agency, or system of government at the federal level and not connect it to the money.  Everything is connected to the money.  If you really streamline their focus and get everybody back to the fact that we’ve got to get away from this debt crisis, and we’ve got to take affirmative action to say if we’re going to say we don’t want any debt, you kind of have to vote not to raise the debt ceiling, you have to vote not to expand the size of the government.  You can’t have it both ways.

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When people get around me, they realize I’m dead serious.  When I tell somebody I’m not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling ever, and I would never vote to increase the size and scope of the federal government, they get it.  I’m not playing games.  I’m not saying one thing and going to do another, which is historically what our representatives and senators have done.  Some of them are on board.  Every one of us hear the same argument two or three times a year when the CRs come up, the continuing resolutions, that we might have to shut the government down.  We all sit at home and pump the air fists and go: Yeah, shut it down.  It never happens because they’re lying.  They know they’re not going to shut it down.  They know they’re not going to streamline the spending.  They know they’re going to keep increasing the size of it.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailFor me, it all falls back to the dollars and cents.  To me, my own liberty, my children’s liberty, yours, the future liberty of Texans is tied directly to the amount of money that they spend at the federal level.  The larger the federal gets, the less liberty you have.  It’s a simple historical fact.  That’s a truism you can’t get around, more government, less liberty, end of story.  That formula can’t be broken.  I make it very, very simple for everybody.  If you want to vote for somebody that’s actually going to do it, actually say we’re not going to spend anymore, I’ll give you an option.  Now I’m making everybody come to the conclusion whether or not they truly believe that or not.  That’s a whole different aspect.

Mike:  Dwayne Stovall,

Stovall:  That’s Facebook or the website.  You can contact me.  I’m a one-man wrecking crew right now.  You can contact me any way.  It’ll come directly to me and I’ll be the one responding to you.  We’re going to start organizing a campaign group and get our field representation out in the next week.  It’s going to get quite busy.

Mike:  The first thing that’s going to be said is: Okay, another citizen thinks they can get into politics.  They think they can do it better than John Cornyn.  What’s Cornyn going to raise, $25, $30 million?

Stovall:  Yeah, easy, tomorrow.

Mike:  Cornyn’s going to raise $30 million.  People that I know, that work around here are probably of the opinion he’s never going to raise the kind of money.  It’s almost as though, when you lay it out like that, the citizenry — before there were even elections, which is one of the things that make some of our elections a joke — the citizenry has already concluded and already foregone that there’s no way you can compete.  They’re just too big and too powerful.  What do you say to a critic like that?

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Stovall:  That’s the general mentality in every faction you talk to.  I’ve gone to San Angelo, Texas and stood in front of 150 members of a tea party.  Before I started talking to them, before I got a chance to even put anything in front of them, their position was: You’re not a known name.  You don’t have enough money behind you.  We’re really looking for somebody who’s already established.  That already starts you in the wrong category.  When I start talking to them, I say: If you want to stick to that program, there is only one group of people who are well known, and those are groups of people who are already established with the establishment GOP.  You’re only going to get the names that have been in front of you for a very long time, and you’re going to get exactly the same thing you’ve gotten for a very long time.  If you’re going to keep voting for what the establishment tells you to vote for, why are you even in the tea party?

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When you call people out and you make them understand the money is the machine, it’s driven by people who pretend to be conservative but really don’t want true conservatism.  I hate to use labels.  I’ve learned very quickly that to communicate with everybody, you might as well get in the label market.  Ninety percent of the people you talk to are going to associate themselves with a particular label.  If you want to address them, you either use the labels or you spend half your time talking about why they shouldn’t use labels.  I’ve disregarded that completely.  My argument now is, if you’re going to be conservative, be conservative.  You’ve talked about it many times.

I’ve been on a similar trajectory as you.  Of course, you know that.  I’ve known you for a couple years.  Ten years ago, you and I were on the same track.  We were both very big government, neocon, didn’t understand the show.  Coming forward, you and I were on a very similar trajectory.  Luckily for me, six or seven years ago I actually got ahold of your show, maybe eight years ago.  I’ve really been on a very similar course with you.  When you come forward and you get to the point where I am now, I have a very special affinity for the U.S. Senate seat.  That is the one position that is the most misunderstood and abused out of all the positions at the federal level.  Everybody will say no.  It’s true.

Since the 17th Amendment removed the state’s power to appoint that position, it’s been completely destroyed.  There’s no representation of the state.  It’s a nationalist position.  It actually destroyed the bicameral system the founders gave us in the Congress.  We don’t have a 435-member House and a 100-member Senate.  We have a 535-member big body of individuals who are popularly voted on on different terms managing our lives.  I can’t stand it when I watch how everything develops.  There is no one watching out for state interests.  If you graphed it coming forward from 1913, you could see clearly that the Senate has always historically voted to increase the size and scope of the government, increase the debt, take over reach of power, and have these unconstitutional actions and behave that way at the expense of the state.  It’s been consistent.  It’s no different today than it was 50, 60, 70 years ago.  They’re just not doing their jobs properly.  I read an article by John Cornyn where he actually described his position as a representative of the nation and that his priorities were to look after the best interests of the citizens, meaning of America, USA, our allies, and our national interests.

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Mike:  That is not the position of a United States senator.

Stovall:  No.

Mike:  Texas should have been somewhere in there.

Stovall:  It should have been the start and stop of it.

Mike:  Yes.  Dwayne Stovall,  He’s going to run against John Cornyn.  Dwayne is also a Refounding Father.  Dwayne has been tinkering around with official government.  You actually are in an elected position now, are you not?  Aren’t you on a school board or something?

Stovall:  Yes, I’m on the school board at Tarkington ISD.

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Mike:  He actually has attained some elected position.  Number one, Dwayne is a friend.  Number two, Dwayne is a good guy, and he’s one of us, folks.  [mocking] “One of you guys needs to get in.”  Okay, well one of us is getting in.  You can stop that.  Number three, if you will recall, when Debra Medina entered the race against Rick Perry back in 2009, pretty much the same thing was said: Who is this loudmouth, constitution-carrying-around, ratification debate, chortling on, Texas’s priorities are number one, who is this woman?  She has no chance whatsoever.  Then they got to the debates.  Remember, Perry was not going to go to the debates.  Medina, because of her persistence, forced her to go to the debate and she clobbered him in those first two debates.  It went from five percent of the polls all the way to 24 percent before she was torpedoed by someone who shall remain nameless on this show.  Debra was a force to be reckoned with.  Certainly Rick Perry was getting very nervous.  They started looking into who is this Medina woman and how can we stop her?  I expect that, because Dwayne comes from the same cloth and he espouses the same things and he’s well-informed — he doesn’t just talk about it.  I know what he reads because he buys a lot of it from me.

Stovall:  That’s true.

Mike:  And he asks me for recommendations.  I know what he reads.  I think Dwayne is going to be in a similar position.  If you can get to the debate and get Senator Cornyn on a debate, you’re going to do very well just with the background and knowledge that you have.  Folks, to see one of our own, one of us actually challenging for a position — some people may say: I like John Cornyn.  Nobody is saying you shouldn’t.  If you are electing a United States Senator from the State of Texas to represent Texas, you have an alternative now.  You have someone who is actually going to pledge to you to represent Texas first and not the interest of the rest of the 49 states or some foreign entity.  It’s Texas first here.  That’s the position and that’s the structure of how the Senate was conceived — it had the structure before the 17th Amendment.  I think this is a very exciting time.

Stovall:  It’s been very enjoyable.  I’ll tell you, talking to different groups and all these people I’ve talked to over the last two months about the difference between federalism and nationalism, which is a core problem among those who consider themselves conservative.  Most of them don’t realize they have nationalist viewpoints.  When you get into that discussion it creates a lot of other avenues of learning.  I’m not a scholar.  I’m never going to profess to be a scholar.  I’ve been chastised by those at the high end of the GOP because I don’t have a degree.  I always laugh and go: Well, we’ll just set aside George Washington and Truman and the other dozen presidents that didn’t have a degree.  Let’s just focus on all those highly-degreed individuals in Congress today that are doing such a wonderful job.  That’s a simple one.

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I will tell you this: there’s not going to be any high-end financing.  That’s the other thing.  You’re not a big name, and do you have the funding?  No, I don’t have the funding and I don’t expect it.  Whether I’m blessed with $20 or $20 million is out of my hands.  I’m not too worried about that.  What I know is that I’ve already been addressed by some of the highest moneyed interests in the GOP.  They have made it crystal clear that they will even campaign against me.

Mike:  Of course they will.

Stovall:  See, I’m just that dumb.  I’m either just that dumb or I just have that size of fortitude.  The issue here is, the people who make money off the creation of debt, who have those corporatist relationships, who have those unholy alliances with the federal government, be it red or blue, whatever team they choose, they will never, ever, ever go along with the actual reduction of the federal government, ever, and it doesn’t matter which team they’re on.

Mike:  You’re absolutely correct.  Okay,  It’s in today’s Pile of Prep.  It’s posted on the Facebook page.  Brother Stovall, Godspeed and we’ll be in touch.  Good luck to you.

Stovall:  Thank you very much, Mike.

Mike:  You are doing God’s work here, sir, as a [r]epublican with a big, Texas-sized heart.

Stovall:  I am certainly trying.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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