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Interview with Glenn Addison

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Be sure and check out today’s interview with Mr. Glenn Addison, a small-business funeral director, who is running for a Senate seat in the state of Texas. His policies advocate a return to common sense and [r]epublicanism. In this interview Mr. Addison talks about numerous topics that relate to his policies including the debt and deficit, eliminating different Federal agencies, and education. He also discusses the fact that he has not been invited to any of the debates in Texas because they are controlled by the wealthy Republicans. Check out the transcript for the entire interview…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Glenn Addison is with us on the Dude Maker Hotline.  Glenn, good to have you on this morning.  How are you?

Glenn Addison:  I’m doing well, thank you.  I’m honored to be with you.

Mike:  It’s great to have you.  First tell the listeners out there a little bit about yourself.  You’re small-business man.  Why oh why, in one of the largest states in the union, would a previously unknown politico decide to get involved in one of the longest longshot bids to take a political office that you could possibly get involved in, the Senate race in Texas?  Why?

Glenn Addison:  Well, the short version is, like many Americans, my heart is burdened for how far we have drifted in this country away from the founding fathers, away from the Constitution.  Although I’m not sick and I’m not tired, I’m sick and tired of these career politicians and elitist, establishment, insider, Harvard lawyer types running the show.  My question is, how is that working out for us?  I’ve not seen, in my 51 years on this Earth, the opportunity to vote in the Republican Primary for a common man.  That’s what I refer to myself as, Mike, a common man with common sense solutions.

I’m a small-business man.  For those in your audience that don’t know, it’s  They can find out a lot of information about me.  I’m a small-business person.  I’m actually a funeral director.  My wife and I own two funeral homes and a couple small cemeteries in the general Houston region, one in Magnolia and one in Spring.  As I looked at this country, as we’ve been drifting on steroids the last three and a half years, all I see is continued policies and proposals from a bunch of watered-down, what I call wussified Republicans, who essentially just want to change the window dressing, but they don’t want to get back to the book, as I call the Constitution.

You just talked about Santorum and education.  The federal government has no business in our classrooms, as you know, Mike.  There’s actually nine people in my race.  The corporate media, with their establishment ties to the Republican establishment, are trying to suppress the message of the common man.  That’s why I’m honored to be with you today, because first of all, we’ve got to abolish that blasted Department of Education.  I was on the school board in Magnolia for 15 years, up until this past December.  If you go to my website, you’ll see a bunch of gray hair in this man’s head.  A lot of those are courtesy of the Department of Education.  They’ve got no business in our classrooms.  We need to unleash the innovation and competition at the state level by getting rid of that federal department and returning all powers back to the states, where the Constitution, imagine that, says they belong.
What I like to do, Mike, is just reference that short, two-page section in the very small Constitution of the United states, Article I, Section VIII.  There are a whole bunch of words that you don’t find in there, such as education or environment or energy or endangered species.  I’m telling you, that gets my dander up.  I refer to the EPA as the biggest job-killing entity on the face of the Earth.  I’m a big fan of clean air and clean water.  Let the record show that, okay?  I’m enjoying some good, clean air right now in Abilene, Texas where I’ve been campaigning.  The bottom line is, we’ve got smart Texans that can make that happen for us.  We don’t need to federal bureaucrats in our business on that issue of the environment.

The same thing with energy, get out of our way.  Let the states innovate.  Let me chase that rabbit for one second and tell you this.  Let’s talk about the big oil spill that happened a couple years.  As you well know, that decimated the fishing industries throughout the Gulf Coast region, decimated the tourism business throughout the Gulf Coast region.  It hurts those coastal states’ economies.  It hurt their state coffers because revenues were down, sales taxes were down.  The last thing that any state wants is some loosey-goosey oil and gas business environment.  They’re going to make sure that they regulate with common sense to protect their state’s environment.

We don’t have to worry about returning power to the states.  “What would happen if the states have the power to do that?”  Well, good things will happen.  What I like to use, Mike, is an agriculture analogy.  You don’t have to tell a farmer to protect his or her land.  They know that that land is their goose that lays the golden eggs.  They know they better protect and nurture their soil and take good care of it because that’s what provides their livelihood.  The same thing with the states and energy.  We need to get out of their way.  We’ve got no shortage of energy.  We’ve got, unfortunately, an over-supply of idiots and federal bureaucrats, that don’t have any common sense, in our way.  I say let’s return those powers to the states.  I’m sick and tired of these big-name candidates proposing that we reform these agencies.  That’s just outrageous.

Mike:  Glenn Addison from is a candidate for the United States Senate in the great State of Texas.  I believe in the last three minutes, you probably heard why I was having a conversation with Glenn.  Glenn says a lot of the things that you hear on this program.  What do you say to someone that may ask of you, “Well, Mr. Addison, there are a couple ways we can deal with the big problem in the federal government, which is the runaway debt and deficit”?  Senator Rand Paul has a budget proposal that would balance out in five years, but he’s willing to cut five federal agencies and begin the process of reforming some of the entitlement programs.  Would you be more a supporter of Rand or more a supporter of Paul Ryan?

Glenn Addison:  More a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul, who really lays out some budget cuts, significantly more profound than his son Rand.  Let’s just open the book for a second, as I say.  Let me remind you of a few things that you already know.  I need to be reminded a time or two myself.  In that section, there are some words you don’t find: agriculture, education, commerce, energy, housing, urban development, labor.  You know what?  You do find the reference to the postal roads, but they’ve been built.  We can abolish the Department of Transportation as well.

In the State of Texas, every single dollar of federal gasoline tax, in my opinion, should never cross the state line of Texas.  It should go to our state capital Austin and there be divvied up.  The same thing with all the other states.  There are eight departments that I’ve identified that I’m very comfortable in abolishing and sending those powers back to the states.  Article I, Section VIII does not authorize.  And including interior, I think I didn’t mention that a while ago.  Then agencies like the EPA, the Fish and Wildlife Service — my goodness, I tell you.

Mike:  Where does the word fish or wildlife appear in the Constitution?

Glenn Addison:  When our federal government is more concerned about lizards, salamanders and dragonflies than the livelihood of American workers, I’ve got a real problem with that.  You don’t find that in the book.  They’re concerned about a lizard out here in West Texas, in the Midland-Odessa area.  It’s called various things, the sagebrush or the sand dune lizard.  I’ll tell you this, that’s our lizard, thank you very much.  We Texans can handle our own lizards, thank you very much.  We don’t need a bunch of idiotic federal bureaucrats coming over here and getting in our business about our lizards.  We joke about that, but it’s the gospel truth.  This federal government is out of control.  You don’t find authorization in the book for the federal government to be involved in that.

Mike:  Glenn Addison from, a candidate for the United States Senate in the great State of Texas.  Glenn, finally today, what is coming up for the Addison campaign where folks that actually live in Texas may be able to come out and meet you, watch you speak in person?  What do you have to do to get invited into one of the next debates?  I understand you weren’t invited or have not been included.

Glenn Addison:  That’s right.  There was one televised debate thus far that the Belo Group put together.  The Belo Group is a huge media corporation.  They’re in cahoots with the fat cats in the Republican Party.  They only invited four of the nine, four millionaire that they were reasonably impressed with financially.  On my website, people can click on the Events tab and see where I’m going to be speaking.  That’s the best way to drive them there and see where they can find me in their region.  We are traveling this big state.

I’m not sure what it’s going to take other than people in the media finally getting some common sense about them, which again, let’s don’t hold our breath on that, but demanding that Addison be included.  That’s what I’ve been encouraging people to do.  Unfortunately, the fat cats in the party have swayed enough of these media folks to where the media really believes they need to be the gatekeeper and the kingmaker in this race.  That’s why this show today and others that I’m on are getting the word out.  In this business of politics, as you know, Mike, a few weeks can be an eternity, in a good way.  All it takes to start a forest fire is one spark.

We’ve got a television commercial coming out next week that I believe will go viral once we get it out.  It’s going to sum up some things that the people have really not been tuned in about, and that is that the four fat cats in this race are all flaming moderates in some form or fashion.  Ted Cruz, for example, brags about fighting against [unintelligible], yet he wants to stay in it.  He’s got very close family ties with his wife and others with regard to the Council on Foreign Relations, close ties to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the fat cats that have been bailed out.  The guy is a nice fella, but he’s a flaming moderate on key issues.  He does not want to abolish the EPA; he wants to reform it.  He does not want to abolish the Fish and Wildlife Agency.  He wants to reform, reform, reform.  My question is, how’s that working out for us?  That’s all Republicans have been proposing.

Mike:  I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term flaming moderate.  [laughing]

Glenn Addison:  I coined that.

Mike:  A flaming moderate!  [laughing]

Glenn Addison:  You know, Mike, I would patent that but the Chinese would steal my patent and Ted Cruz would defend them.  The flaming moderates, like I said, these are nice guys, but they are flaming moderates on issues of the UN.  They’re flaming moderates on issues of the EPA, the Endangered Species Act.  If one of these guys gets elected, nothing is going to change.  We’ll continue on down this road, veering away from the Constitution, taking more and more liberties from us.  The NDAA and bills like that will continue to get passed if we keep sending these flaming moderates to the Senate.  They’re nice guys.  I’ve got a bunch of friends, maybe not a bunch, but I’ve got some friends that are moderates, even some liberals.  I’ll tell you this, I don’t want them in the United States Senate.  We’ve got enough of them there already.  If some of these fat cats that you see in these debates are sent to Washington, nothing will change

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Winston Elliott

Mike, Mr. Addison sounds like a fine man and a good republican. I have known Ted Cruz for over 25 years and he is a very solid republican. He was endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

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