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Interview With Jack Hunter 09 March 2012 – Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript Exclusive

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Now, speaking of Kirkpatrick Sale, I know somebody that knows Kirkpatrick Sale better than I, and thats our good friend Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger.  Jack, how are you?

Jack Hunter:  Good morning, Mike.  How are you?

Mike:  Im well.  Youre a buddy with Kirkpatrick.

Jack:  Yeah, Kirks a good friend and a great guy.  I think the idea that 300 million people are going to be ruled by one central government is pretty impractical at this point.  We need to decentralize things.

Mike:  Kirkpatrick has a great book out called Human Scale.  Jack, I didnt know this when I boughtI actually purchased Clyde Wilsons copy of the book.

Jack:      Oh really?  Fantastic.

Mike:  Yeah.  Clyde Wilson wrote his name on the margin or on the first blank page of all the books and he donated them to the Abbeville.  The Abbeville sold them.  I just happened to buy Clyde Wilsons copy of Human Scale.

Jack:  Thats fantastic.  Thats a decentralist tag team if there ever was one, with Clyde Wilson being probably the nations preeminent scholar on John Calhoun and  his theory of concurrent majority.  Thats quite a pair there.

Mike:  If you dont know, Jack is a guest host on this radio program.  Im sure he will return when the campaign is over.  Jack is also a writer and a videographer.  He writes currently for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign, full disclosure.  I just wanted to make sure the audience knew that.

Jack: I read earlier Congressman Pauls email that he sent out yesterday saying, The mainstream media has written me off.  Its as if our campaign doesnt exist and we only have 49 delegates.  People are wondering why Ron Paul continues on.  Congressman Pauls statement was of course theyre not going to get the story right, and of course were doing a lot better than that.  He says, and the key sentence in the email blast that I received was, In fact, while I didnt win any state straw polls, my team expects me to win a plurality of delegates in at least three states as well as outright majorities in two more of the states that have already started their processes.  What do you know, working with the campaign, and what can you tell us, about that statement?

Jack:  Hes exactly right.  Who acquires the most delegates is a matter of party mechanics as much as anything else, which isnt exactly a sexy headline.  What that means is once these contests we have, these primary contests, these caucus contests, then theyre essentially straw polls.  They do not necessarily indicate how many delegates go to each candidate.  You have to stick around for the state conventions. 

For example, the Iowa caucus happened a number of months ago, but the convention is just happening now.  It is up to the supporters of those candidates to stick around and collect those delegates.  Needless to say, Ron Paul has the supporters who will stick around till the end of time for their candidate.  Thats exactly what were seeing in some of these states with their primaries and caucuses. 

In other words, the amount of delegates that we thought were awarded on the dates that we saw the results are not exactly whats going to be awarded in the end.  Ron Paul stands to get a lot more delegates than people expect.  Its going to be very interesting coming up.

Mike:  When we saw you last, the day after the New Hampshire primary at the Red Bird Caf, Im sorry, Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire, you said there were three tickets out of Iowa, two tickets out of New Hampshire, and Ron Paul and Mitt Romney got them.  Now here we are staring down Alabama, Kansas and Mississippi, but there are still four ticketholders. 

Jack:  Thats exactly right.  Barbara Bush, the wife of George H.W. Bush said the other day this is the most terrible election shes ever seen.  Translation, this is the craziest election any of us have ever seen.  People are still talking about the possibility of a brokered convention.  Romneys at a little over 400 delegates.  Like I said, we dont know how many delegates the other guys have.  Ron is going to have more than people imagine.  People are still talking about the possibility of a brokered convention, which is a very real possibility.  This thing is a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride.  I dont know where its going to go, but its been very interesting.

The thing that really encourages me, Mike, more than anything else, is whos winning this race in terms of where the Republican Partys rhetoric is, what theyre talking about now as opposed to 2008 and prior, things like the Federal Reserve.  There is a part of the Republican Party that is talking about a more prudent foreign policy, maybe not as quickly as I would like, but at least its there.  And all these other things, the constitutional issues, things that you talk about all the time and with your movies.  The Republican Party, however slowly, its certainly slowly for me, is heading in that direction. 

If you want a conservative philosophy and youre looking at the GOP, it doesnt really exist.  Theres lots of partisan bluster and lots of Obama is horrible and were not, but other than that, theres nothing about small government, limited government, the kind of stuff that Goldwater and Reagan used to talk about, except in the Ron Paul camp.  I think people recognize that and theyre trending in that direction.

Mike:  Heres something from todays Washington Times, and we had Rand Paul on the program yesterday.  This is from their editorial today by Emily Miller. 


On Thursday, freshman Sen. Rand Paul released a strategy to balance the budget in only five years.  The Kentucky Republicans bold proposal would pay off $2 trillion of the national debt within 10 years a timeframe unheard of anywhere else on Capitol Hill.  The Departments of Energy, Education, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development would be closed.

The biggest drivers of the debt social entitlement programs would be reformed with provisions like giving Medicare recipients the same health plan as members of Congress.  Foreign aid would be limited to $5 billion a year and privatize the dysfunctional TSA.  A 17 percent flat tax for individuals and corporations would encourage growth, and thus increase revenue.

[end reading]

Mike:  You know Rand.  Does that sound like a good idea?  Is there any wonder that that apple has not fallen far from the tree?

Jack:  Thats exactly right.  Every self-identified conservative Republican out there says their greatest concern is our national security, our debt, our deficits.  Here comes along Rand Paul, who two or three years ago came out with a similar plan and only had seven senators back him up in the end, there he is with an equally bold plan.  I know Senators Mike Lee and Jim DeMint have signed onto this.  Where are the other Republicans?  Its put up or shut up time.  You guys all say youre tea partiers and want to cut this and cut that.  Heres a plan to do it. 

Its the same with these presidential candidates.  There are no specifics in
any of their cuts.  They just say theyre going to do it.  Ron Paul offers $1 trillion in the first year and gives you hard numbers how were going to do it and everybody is like, Oh, were not going to do that.  Heres his son Rand Paul doing the same thing.  If the Republican Party is serious about cuts, they need to get behind a Republican who offers actual cuts.  I want to see every Republican politician out there who talks a good game to put their money where their mouth is and back up Rand Paul on this.  Now Mike, do you think theyre all just going to fall in and do it because thats what any good conservative Republican should do?

Mike:  No.  Heres the political calculus of this.  Theyre probably of the opinion that if they were to back this, they would not achieve reelection.  That says a lot more about their personal ambitions than it does about their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and by proxy, to protect and defend the experiment, too, doesnt it?

Jack:  What it also says, Mike, if theyre running against Obama because hes the most horrible president in the world, which I agree that he is, why is he so horrible?  Obviously because hes spending so much money.  So a Republican offers the counter to that and you say, I cant do that because we might not win reelection.  Where exactly is the opposition there?  The Republicans are going to manage a better brand of big government and big spending than Barack Obama?  Are we the party who wants to get away from big government and big spending?  If you dont back up this plan, thats what youre saying, and youre essentially useless in my book.

Mike:  Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger, you have a new column that youre doing now, a video column that youre doing for The Daily Caller, The Deal With Jack Hunter.  Is this the same as the old Southern Avenger or is there a new twist on this?

Jack:  Southern Avenger is still there.  Thats my moniker, always will be.  I had this idea talking with some friends that not only within arguing with liberals and whatnot, who obviously are on the wrong side of everything, but with our own movement, conservative movement, libertarians, constitutionalists, theres a big, wide gap between the rhetoric, as I just explained with Rand Pauls budget, and the reality of who actually wants to cut, wants limited government, wants limited Constitution and so on.

I was talking to a friend.  I was like, I need to do something new with my videos, just to let people know, dammit, this is the real deal.  What should I call this video series?  He said, Call it The Deal and thats what I did.  So thats the idea.  Its been a lot of fun and its got a good reaction.  Im glad everybody is enjoying it.

Mike:  Did you happen to catch your other other boss, Tucker Carlson, on Special Report with Bret Baier on Wednesday night?

Jack:  I did.  He said people still need to be paying attention to Ron Paul.  I thought it was very interesting.

Mike:  Not only did he say that, he was meeting with great opposition from the king of the decepticons, the neocons, Bill Kristol.  Bill Kristol pulled a Rudy Giuliani on Tucker Carlson and was just yucking it up when Tucker was saying, You better be nice to Ron Paul.  If you think this is so funny, I dont see whats so funny about it.  Jack, I actually have the audio.  Hold on a second. 

Carlson:  Could Johnson get three points in the general election thereby ensuring Obamas re-election?  Yes, he could.

Baier:  So this is why all the calls are for Newt Gingrich to get out of the race, there are no calls for Ron Paul to get out of the race.

Carlson:  You have to be really, really careful of Ron Paul.  He had his own convention last time and endorsed the Constitution Party candidate last time.  Laugh if you want, but its about Gary Johnson.  If he gave Gary Johnson his lists, this could be a problem.

Baier:  You are shaking your head.

Kristol:  Im laughing at Tucker on this.

Carlson:  Theres nothing funny about this.  Its a tight race.

Kristol:  Ron Paul is the dog that hasnt barked.  Of course it could be significant, but A, hes not going to be the Republican nominee.  B, theres no evidence.  Those 41 percent of the voters in Virginia, that was an anyone-but-Romney vote, not a Ron Paul vote.

Carlson:  Is there evidence that he could help Gary Johnson get a couple points in a general?

Bill:  No.

Tucker:  You think theres none?

Bill:  No.

Tucker:  With respect, I profoundly disagree.

[end audio clip]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – Check out this audio clip and read the full transcript of Mike’sinterview with Jack Hunter today. They cover numerous subjects including how the Ron Paul campaign is doing, how the Decepi/Neo-Cons arelaughing at Ron Paul, the national debt, decentralization, and muchmore! 

Mike:  With respect, I profoundly disagree.  Does Bill Kristol, Captain Decepticon himself, does Bill Kristol really believe that all those national polls, if you polled Republicans, Democrats and Independents, that show Ron at 11, 12, 13 percent, that thats fictitious?  This iswhat did they used to call it in the Nixon era, plausible deniability?  Is that what this is?  We want it to be true, so it must be true.

Jack:  Look, those big government phony conservatives, the neoconservatives, the decepticons, and Bill Kristol is their leader without a doubt.  Theyd like nothing more than for Ron Paul and his movement to not exist.  That makes life a lot easier for them.  They can still police the world, which is all they care about, and not give a damn about how much money we spend at home, which they certainly dont care about.  Theyve never shown any interest in rolling that back. 

Tucker Carlson is absolutely right.  Heading into this general election, he uses the Gary Johnson or who he might endorse.  Forget about that.  If Ron Pauls people stay at home, that could be enough margin of victory between Obama and whoever the eventual nominee is, whether its Paul or anybody else.  The idea that any of these conventional, big government, neocon, decepticon Republicans can just say, It doesnt matter.  Its a non-factor, these guys are fooling themselves. 

Let me tell you something.  Not only is it a factor in 2012, heading forward in the future, 18-30 year olds who voted for Ron Paul in every contest overwhelmingly are going to grow.  Theyre going to be a major factor, not only in this election, but in every future election.  This is the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, if it is in any way going to be recognizably conservative.  I dont care who goes to church the most.  I dont care who says, Im a businessman. 

Thats nothing againstIm a social conservative.  We have a $16 trillion and rising national debt and youre going to tell me this is going to be who wants to be
the next Republican American Idol contest?  Im sorry, Republican voters out there.  We need to cut this debt and do it now.  Weve got to quit screwing around.  Bill Kristol is living in yesterdays news, and unfortunately, too much of the Republican Party is today.

Mike:  Jack, I have a final word for you.  Ive coined a phrase here.  I was looking for a term that we can use to describe ourselves so were not affiliated with the neocon, decepticon frauds like Bill Kristol.  Ive come up with counter-conservatism.

Jack:  Im feeling it, Mike.  Im not giving you any credit, just letting you know.

Mike:  Were counter-conservative.  This is counter-conservatism.  You say thats conservative?  Guess what?  Were going to do the exact opposite.  As a matter of fact, we already do and say the exact opposite.  Are you conservative?  No, Im a counter-conservative.  Youre a liberal?  No, Im an actual conservative.  Those guys are fake, so Im a counter-conservative.  I expect to see that in a The Deal with Jack Hunter anytime soon.

Jack:  Absolutely.  I think thats a great way of looking at it.  The terminology is important.  Ive already stolen decepticon from you, so here comes another one.

Mike:  Jack, keep up the good work.  Thanks for checking in.  Hope to see you soon.

Jack:  You, too, Mike.

Mike:  Thats Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger, there for you.    

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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