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Investment Opportunity -Road to Independence Movie

October 25, 2011 – RTI Investment Seminar

        This is Your Chance to Help Push Founding Father Films & the TRUE Story of our Founding into the Mainstream!

        NEW ORLEANS, La. – Listeners still have exclusive first access to the Next Phase of Mikes, now, 2 years in the making Road To Independence-The Movie project! If you are a fan of the film or just someone looking to invest in Conservative Filmmaking there will be plenty to see, hear and get excited over! Here’s Mike with a preview of The Event.

        Welcome-to the Founding Father Films Road To Independence Money Bomb:


        Looking to contribute Less than $500; not a problem just use our SECURE ChipIn Widget.*

        *Donations made through ChipIn are not eligible for investment and no return on investment is to be presumed or implied

        BlackHat Studios LLC (The Company), dba Founding Father Films, a company registered with the Secretary of State of Louisiana and operating at 21489 Koop Rd., #2, Mandeville, LA 70471 (hereinafter FFF) seeks external and supplemental investment capital for the completion and Christmas Season promotion of The Road to Independence: The Movie. In return, FFF expects to return a handsome profit to investors.

        October 13, 2011 Event Recap: Attendees gained access to EXCLUSIVE sales of RTI-Merchandise NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC at the time.

        A full panel of well known-all-star guests including stars from the film and Mike presented an update for current MoneyBomb investors and welcome new ones with breaking, EXCITING NEWS about the movie and its future. Among Mike’s announcements were the deal/agreement reached with BMG Multimedia to become the exclusive, worldwide distributor for the film. Mike showed an edit of the newly restored, to its intended and original splendor,the scene containing Patrick Henry’s "Liberty or Death" speech.Mike also unveiled 3 other newly restored scenes cut from the original print and others that were edited. Finally Mike unveiled and showed off some of the never before scene "Making of Road To Independence"featurettes.

        After all this, the plan to promote the film’s new release with a $40k advertising campaign and a pitch for investment capital to pull it off was engaged. Mike showed off the soon to be infamous "Secession" commercial he plans to use for the Televised portion of the campaign as well. Below are the levels of participation investors who some capital to risk can purchase shares in the campaign.

        Levels of Participation

        1. Founding Father – $5,000.00
        2. Patriot – $2,500.00
        3. Minuteman – $1,000.00
        4. Colonial Revolutionary – $500.00
        5. Ally to the Republic – $50 to $499.00 (no expected ROI)


        Order the Road to Independence – Director’s Edition Now on DVD.

        The first 200 orders come signed, numbered, and include a certificate of Authenticity."

        Listeners will have first crack at the NEW 2 disc Director’s cut edition of RTI-The Director’s Edition with hours of bonus features, 12 minutes of restored footage cut from the original version. All new DTS Digital Surround Track, enhanced animations that were not possible in the original edition and more. There will be 200 signed, numbered limited edition copies of the new version in white or clear DVD cases with certificate of authenticity.

        LIVE Call-In Number: 985-867-1774

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        Road to Independence Sneak peek & Money Bomb

        • Date: Thursday, October 6th, 2011

        • Time: 6:00pm Central Time

        • Money Bomb by Phone: (866) 483-DUDE
          or (866) 483-3833

        • Special Guests: …..TBA

        Become a Become a 24/7 Backstage Pass member today. to hear all of Mike’s past interviews with Professor Gutzman, Ron Paul and more as well as exclusive access to the Post Show Show, Church Doctrine, and subscriber-only downloads.
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