Is Killing Innocent Civilians An Acceptable Part Of Obama’s Atrocity In Syria?

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How Many Civilians Are Considered “Acceptable” In The Eyes Of Americans?

2014_This_Is_a_borderMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript In the body count on day two of the illegitimate and illegal actions of the U.S. military in Syria, violating every precept and concept of just war theory, and the UN Charter, and the U.S. Constitution to boot, there are reports that there are a dozen dead civilians.  A town in Syria was decimated.  Not a little boot camp with a bunch of ISIS guys and a flag running around in their black masks, a town was devastated.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Part of the Fox News story I read earlier, they’re probably not trumpeting this up on the war network.  I wouldn’t imagine that they would, but there’s a part of that story that I want you to pay very close attention to.  In the body count on day two of the illegitimate and illegal actions of the U.S. military in Syria, violating every precept and concept of just war theory, and the UN Charter, and the U.S. Constitution to boot, there are reports that there are a dozen dead civilians.  A town in Syria was decimated.  Not a little boot camp with a bunch of ISIS guys and a flag running around in their black masks, a town was devastated.  There are reports that civilians have been killed.  I guess under the new American just war theory, every war is just a war and it doesn’t matter.  Who cares?  [mocking] “They shouldn’t have lived there.”

I posted a picture two days ago, a photograph form the New York Times, on my Mike Church Show Fan Page on Facebook.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

I posted a photograph from the New York Times and there was a pile of rubble that used to be a house or building of some sort.  There were children climbing the rubble.  This was taken 12 hours after the bombs dropped.  I asked the question of the decepticon, vampire hoards that so lust for foreign blood, I asked the question: Do you want to explain to me and the rest of the world how those kids got so near to where that bomb went off?  Would you like to also explain to me, what is the possibility that there are children under the rubble?  You know what I got?  [mocking] “You traitor.  You hate America.  You pansy!”

collateral_damageFolks, some of our fellow citizens, I hate to say this, but they’re becoming Nazis.  They are mad.  They are drunk with hatred.  They are drunk with violence.  I am not joking when I say “war, war, war, kill, kill, kill, die, die, die.”  There is something that is eating at the soul of what little part of the good Christian people of this country.  If it’s not plainly evident to you, I don’t know what would be.  When they come and get me?  When they start going to churches and start looking for people?  When they start going to Christian congregations: Why aren’t you with the war effort?  War effort?  You mean the murdering campaign going on in Syria?  You’re killing civilians, for Heaven’s sake!  [mocking] “They shouldn’t have lived there.”

How is a Christian citizen — that’s all I want to talk about.  How is a Christian citizen supposed to justify this?  How are they supposed to reconcile this with your God?  You have news now.  You know that civilians, you know that there were children nearby, yet you still have the popcorn and the flag out.  There is something that is seriously wrong on this continent.  Don’t drink the water anymore.  There’s something seriously wrong.

I want you to hear this digital media file.  Let’s get a brief snapshot of one such media pundit, former military officer, or maybe he still is, Lieutenant Colonel — I actually know Colonel Ralph Peters.  This pretty much sums up the attitude that I’m talking about.  Please play the Colonel Peters clip.

[start audio clip]

Colonel Ralph Peters: The way you deal with the Islamic State, these bloodthirsty, blood-drunken terrorists is to kill them, keep on killing them until you’ve killed the last one, and then you kill his pet goat. That’s how you deal with them.

[end audio clip]

collateral_damage_father_sonMike:  Kill them, kill them, and then go after the pet goat and kill it.  Well, nothing like a good old-fashioned Baphomet-style sacrifice to end the other sacrifice, right?  Kill them, kill them, kill them.  [mocking] “But Mike, he’s talking about ISIS.  He’s talking about the Islamic State.”  What if in the process of killing them and killing them and killing them you kill children and civilians?  What is your answer to that?  I already know what some of your answers are: They shouldn’t have lived there.  Really?  Really, that’s your answer?  Wow, you’re a great Christian.  You’re a great spokesman or spokeswoman for the pro-life cause.  No wonder we have so many murdered babies in this country.  We can’t even bring ourselves to condemn killing innocent populations when we’re doing it.  We make excuses up: We had to.  No, we didn’t have to.  They’re not invading San Diego.

Let me just clue you in on something.  I asked the question yesterday.  Perhaps we have a West Point or Annapolis grad listening to this broadcast right now.  Will you please inform me as to whether or not the United States military academies teach just war theory, jus ad bellum, any longer?  Let me ask those of my friends in Virginia, does the Virginia Military Institute, the great VMI, teach jus ad bellum?  Let me ask my friends in South Carolina a question: Do we have any Christian soldiers left on the planet?  Does the great Citadel teach, instruct its officer corps in jus ad bellum?  This is the question the Christian citizen has to answer.  If you cannot answer it, how are you going to answer it when you’re standing before our Lord?  What are you going to say, that kids shouldn’t have lived there?  How are you going to answer these questions?  These are important questions.  These atrocities are being carried out under our flag by a madman president that does not have the authority, and he has a Congress that is letting him get away with it.

You know what, Steve Scalise, my congressman?  If you want the blood of innocent civvies on your hands in a country that we are not at war with, in Syria, if you want their blood on your hands, then you ought to vote for it.  You ought to declare war.  You ought to just declare that Syria and their right to exist has just been nullified by the sanctified, almighty, all-holy, all on your knees bow towards Mordor government.  We’re not going to let Syria exist because we don’t like its leader.  That’s basically what we’re doing anyway.  Of course, there are some madmen oil barons and natural gas barons that are ultimately going to reap trillions of dollars of profits.  That’s what’s really going on here.


Our sons and daughters are being told: You get in that plane and you go conduct that raid.  You get in that car.  You get on that Navy ship.  You target that ordnance, son.  You pull that trigger because I told you to.  That’s a direct order.  The kid has never been instructed in just war theory.  He’s been playing video games and blowing people to kingdom come his entire life.  He doesn’t even know what he is.  He couldn’t even tell you what’s wrong, what’s morally reprehensible about what he just did.

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Then he has to come back home.  Maybe when he hears somebody like me he says: You’re a traitor!  I’m trying to save your soul, son.  Think about what it is that we’re doing as a country and a people, for Heaven’s sake.  I keep saying for Heaven’s sake literally, figuratively speaking.  [mocking] “What’re you saying, we gotta lay our arms down and let them just kill us?”  They’re not here to kill us.  They’re in Syria and Iraq killing people because of what we did, largely.  If al-Nusra is going to fight ISIS, let them.  We don’t have to arm either side.  Stay out of it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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