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Is Obama An Economic Illiterate Or Is This About Gov’t Control?

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – There are a few questions left in life thathave yet to be unanswered. What came first, chicken or the egg? Who andhow was Stonehenge built? What exactly is in taco Bell’s meat? And,what the hell is Dear Leader Chairman MaObama doing to this once greatNation? It’s widely accepted that time, and time alone, will give usthe answers to these ailing questions. The problem with that statementis that Obama is on a term limit and the debt is a ticking time bombready to explode in the face of millions of Americans.

So, inresponse to Dear Leader Chairman MaObama’s question posed by theKingDude, the KingDude sees two options as to why. Option one is thathe knows exactly what he’s doing and his intent is to simply raisecapitol enough to bring it fully under Government control. Option twois that he is an economic illiterate nitwit airhead who really doesbelieve that all of this is working. The sad part folks is that all theevidence of this administration points to the knowingly anddeliberately messing everything up.

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BoehnerCare & CantorCare Just DeceptiCON Versions Of ObamaCare 

2011 Mike Church Show 

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