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Is Snowden A Traitor? Michele Bachmann Thinks So

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Many people think that Edward Snowden should be tried for treason, including Michele Bachmann. Well, maybe we should go over the definition of treason, traitors, and how people like George Washington dealt with them. Washington dealt with numerous traitors but he was very cautious with how he dealt with them and didn’t over-react. Sir Francis Bacon said that there was one of two ways that there was one of two ways that men that who were seeking fame and building empires, they could either be successful and be labelled Patriots, or they could fail and be labelled Traitors. Snowden was not trying to bring about an end to the Federal Government. He was simply a concerned citizen who saw something going on that he felt that other people should know about, and he did what he thought was right. For more on this be sure and check out today’s Founders TV and sign up for a Founders Pass if you haven’t already!

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Justin K

What I have trouble understanding, is if the information regarding the Government watching the known world’s communication by Snowden is detrimental to “our” security, as now the “terrorists” will now know “our” tactics, is that to say that the “terrorists” had no idea the Government was watching their communications? And if that’s the case, and these “terrorists” are so stupid they had no idea, what does that say about the effectiveness of “our” intelligence and Government’s ability to stop “terrorists.

James in IL

In this Citizen of these united States and of the State of Illinois view, the only way Snowden is a traitor is if “the people” are Enemies of the united States.

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