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RTI-CD&-DVD-ComboMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“This is the Mike Church Show here on the Crusade Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network, radio the way it should be.  You’re listening to the voice of Andrew Bieszad.  His book is Lions of the Faith.  You can get it as a Kindle download at  Andrew, the reaction to these attacks now is, we see now that the Islamic world has now provided all major news media organizations with propagandists.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  There was a big attack yesterday in the airport in Istanbul.  Although no one has claimed responsibility for it, it’s obviously another act of Islamic or Muslim orthodoxy.  We haven’t had the reporting that we had on the previous attacks where ISIS has claimed responsibility, but we have had the usual suspects showing up on television saying ‘Murica’s gotta get over there, and ‘Murica’s gotta stop this, and ‘Murica’s got to get involved.  We’ve got to get over there and get them before they get us.  All the while, calling this just another act of Islamic terrorism.

If you’re noticing this, folks, if you’re keeping up with this, note that the frequency of the attacks is on an upward spike now, or on a trend line that’s going upwards.  There doesn’t seem to be any connection being made that the Muslim orthodoxy is ascendant, even in countries where there are Muslims.  This is a fundamental point that you need to understand and we need to talk about.  Let’s bring on Andrew Bieszad, the author of Lions of the Faith, our resident Islamic scholar.  Andrew, how are you?

Andrew Bieszad:  I’m doing good.  I didn’t break the camera yet this morning.

Mike:  No broken cameras.  One of the things that I think we need to talk about, and I will rely on you to inform the audience of, is that when an attack like this happens in a Muslim country, as Turkey is certainly under the flag of the crescent and the star, and it even happened at the Ataturk Airport.  Of course, Ataturk, the revolutionary that brought official Islam, Sharia Law back to Constantinople and the country that we call Turkey today, named after Ataturk.  This is what happens when there is a clash between orthodox and non-orthodox Muslim populations, isn’t it?

Bieszad:  Yes, or even within that, Muslims that are considered heretical by other Muslims.  Again, people forget that, when we talk about Muslims attacking the West, attacking Christians and so forth.  Muslims are most violent towards their own.  They mistreat each other worse than anybody else does.  Usually it’s an issue over [unintelligible].  In Islam, your human dignity comes from your belief and practice of Islam.  Therefore, if I am of a different Muslim sect than you are, or if I just think I’m a better practicing Muslim than you are, I have not a divine command, but I have a divine permission to mistreat you, even kill you if I want to.  I don’t have to do it, but if I choose to elect to do it, there’s no sin involved.

Mike:  So no sin was involved yesterday in taking on the airport in Istanbul.  Just like there was no sin involved in the taking of life at the Orlando nightclub, the Pulse Nightclub, and there was no sin involved in taking life in San Bernardino.  There’s no sin involved in the attack in Brussels, at that airport.  It seems to be that the Western world is kind of becoming used to this now.  Oh yeah, another Muslim attack.  Well, it wasn’t at our airport, so we really don’t care about it.  Yet we have imported into the United States, and certainly every European country has imported into its midst, significant Muslim populations.  It’s only a matter of time before this finds us, isn’t it?

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Bieszad:  I put an article up online yesterday.  I’ve been doing some writing for [unintelligible].  I put an article up about a boy in Uganda.  This kid was in a Muslim family.  He wanted to become a Christian after going to church with a neighbor.  His father took him, tied him to a tree, set the tree on fire.  The only reason why the kid survived is the neighbors rescued him.  The neighbors heard him screaming as he was being burned alive.  They took the kid and got him to the hospital.  I bring this story up as an example because some of this happens in Muslim countries all the time.  You hear about it on the news sometimes, [unintelligible].  These kind of actions are commonplace.  It is not talked about.  Just like with homosexuality and pederasty.  People talk about the Catholic Church is full of pedophiles or the schools are even full of pedophiles.  That’s nothing compared to the Muslim world.  Child rape, especially of little boys by older men, happens a lot.  It’s as common as flies in a cow pasture.  That’s how frequently this takes place.

What’s happening in the Western world is we are not only becoming desensitized to it, but we’re being taught that this is something that you just expect.  Get over it and get used to it.  It’s not something you should expect.  It’s not something you should have to get used to.  It’s not something you should ever have to get used to.  We don’t need to coexist with people like this.

You see, it’s not – people will say not all Muslims will do this.  You’re right, not all Muslims will.  The fact is the Islamic theology that permits this, just because a Muslim person does not believe in this personally or says they will not do it does not mean that per their religion they do not have the divine permission to do it later.  In other words, if they want to go on jihad and kill a non-Muslim, act out violently, they are permitted to do that and there is no sin involved.  There’s also no sin involved if they don’t do it.  It’s purely a matter of freewill choice.  You’re relying literally on the goodwill of another person to act in a way that is orderly and not disordered.

People of any religion, anytime, anyplace, anybody can act stupidly at any time.  But the issue with Islam is, you have this divine permission.  It’s an option.  It just sits there.  It’s stock option.  You don’t have to use it, but if you choose to elect it, it’s just a choice.  As a Christian, you don’t have that option.  If you want to go out and do these kind of things, you’re no longer a Christian.  You might affiliate with it, but you’ve committed really – by your actions, you are going against the very thing that you believe in.  You’re [unintelligible].  If you do it enough, that is apostasy.  It opposes the very faith you Lions_of_Faith_andrew_bieszadbelieve in, so you’re no longer a part of it.  Islam, this is no apostasy here.  This is only orthodoxy.  Indeed, the more you do it, you may actually even get a reward from Allah for doing this.

Mike:  This is the Mike Church Show here on the Crusade Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network, radio the way it should be.  You’re listening to the voice of Andrew Bieszad.  His book is Lions of the Faith.  You can get it as a Kindle download at  Andrew, the reaction to these attacks now is, we see now that the Islamic world has now provided all major news media organizations with propagandists.  I’ve seen them on Fox News.  I’ve seen them on the Clinton News Network today.  The propagandists and apologists come on and say something to the effect of: Well, this is not the action of a true believer in the religion of Islam.  This is a reaction of a radical sect, an extremist version of the . . . you hear the politicians say: We have to deal with radical Islam.

You and I have been on a one-year-long quest now to try and inform people that there isn’t a radical Islam, just like there shouldn’t be traditional Catholics.  There’s just Islam.  Somebody is either orthodox or they’re really not Islamic.  They’re not practicing it.  Help me explain this to them.

Bieszad:  It’s simple.  The kind of people who talk about radical Muslims or extremist Muslims – like I always tell you, Mike.  I’ve been telling you since I’ve been coming on here since day one.  I want extremist Muslims.  I like extremist Muslims.  Those are the guys who are going to go put out the Green Peace shirt and actually believe in it, chain themselves to a tree and say: Save the trees.  Those are the guys that are going to come out with a shirt that says “I Love All Infidels” and actually mean it.  Those are the ones you want, but, of course, those are the heretics.  We want the heretics.  The heretics are the ones who are less inclined to attack you.

Even among traditional, I don’t want to say traditional, but more mainstream, non-traditional sects of Islam like the [unintelligible] of India or even many of the Shiite sects, because they’re more removed from Islamic orthodoxy in varying degrees, not only are they more liberal minded when it comes to dealing with non-Muslims and even other Muslims, they are also, want to be converted to Christianity.  Another example here.  The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, we say he’s such an evildoer, a horrible person.  The man is an Alawite.  Those who don’t know, an Alawite is a very small, splinter sect of Shia Islam that’s really found only in Syria.  It has a little more of a geographic range: Lebanon, Israel, parts of Turkey.  Really it’s a Syrian thing.  That sect of Islam worships Muhammad as a god, worships Muhammad, his cousin Ali, and one of their converts, a guy named Salman the Persian, as part of this strange trinity of belief.  That’s heresy.  That’s complete heresy by orthodox Islamic standards.  That’s like Mormonism.  But you want these people because the Alawites –

Where do the Alawites stand?  They’ve been the greatest protectors of the Christians, of the other Shias, and even of the Sunnis.  They have looked out for their interests because they recognize not only the human aspect, but that their survival is conditional upon the survival of the other groups, so they don’t fight with each other and kill each other and get a situation like what we have today where we give the Sunnis power and they go out and butcher everybody.

Mike:  That’s got to be a very rare distinction.  You’re a double secret probation heretic.  Literally you’re a heretic to the Christian faith and you’re a heretic to the Islamic faith.

Bieszad:  If John Belushi was a Muslim.

Mike:  The method that was used at the airport in Istanbul, so the first part of the act is they put themselves into a public position.  Then with automatic weapons they randomly select whoever may be nearby and they just mow them down.  Then before they can be arrested and interrogated, then they detonate suicide vests.  This is all caught on surveillance footage now.  They detonate suicide vests and take themselves out.  I imagine that the first part of the attack is what gets the, according to the Islamic religion, or to Muslim orthodoxy, gets them – that would be like an alms to us.  That would be like a mortification or some kind of a penance, an offering.  Then the second act of leaving this world in suicide, that’s one that I don’t really understand, because I don’t think that you and I have ever talked about it.  How is suicide covered by the Quran?  Is that just because Allah wills it?

Bieszad:  It’s simple.  Muhammad said [speaking Arabic], verily, paradise is under the shade of swords.  He also said that if Muhammad had one wish, his wish was that he could die in jihad, come back to life, die in jihad again, then come back to life and die again.  That is the Mohammedan wish, to fight endlessly for the cause of Allah.  This is martyrdom in Islam.  We think of martyrdom is being killed – in the Catholic sense it means being killed in hatred of the faith.  For instance, Emperor Nero goes up to St. Paul and says: I hate you Christians.  I hate you.  You need to leave your religion.  St. Paul says no.  Nero says: Go chop his head off.  That’s being killed in [speaking Latin].


In Islam, the definition of martyrdom is what Allah has willed it to be.  Remember, Islam doesn’t operate on reason.  If you want to understand Islam, I tell people to stop thinking.  Deny your reason.  It makes a lot more sense when you do that.  Disbelieve what you’re told.  The ways to martyr in Islam are being crushed by rocks, drowning, dying of childbirth, there’s another I’m forgetting, and the last is dying as the holy martyr fighting jihad for the cause of Allah.  You can have a house fall over on you.  You can drown yourself.  Or you can die killing a bunch of infidels.  If you die as a martyr, you get the highest level of heaven.

There are seven levels of Islamic heaven.  Muhammad extended up each of these levels of heaven when he was on his night journey, making the [Arabic].  Basically, if you get to the highest level, you get all the benefits of heaven.  You get 72 virgins.  You get to enjoy paradise as one big party.  You get to choose virgins, either male or female.

Mike:  That’s the other part that we often think that the virgins are – well, Islamic men principally, although in San Bernardino it was Islamic females as well, that are perpetrating these acts and it’s going to be female virgins.  Well, as you pointed out, pederasty is rampant among the Sharia Law practicing Mohammedan hordes.  It’s just 72 virgins that you – in other words, you get a virgin smorgasbord.  It’s a buffet.  It’s a virgin buffet.

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Bieszad:  It’s your choice, exactly.  I tell people [unintelligible] people say: This was a Muslim killing gays.  No, no, no.  This was a gay man killing other gay men.  Homosexuality is rampant among Muslims.  I will explain how this works.  It’s very simple.  We talk about sodomy, sodomy in the West and in the Christian culture.  Sodomy doesn’t really exist in the Islamic world in terms of the way we think of it.  [unintelligible] understood as being two men dressed up as men having, sodomizing each other.  That’s what sodomy is.  If one of those men, however, puts on a dress, puts on some makeup and lipstick, and instead of calling himself Muhammad he calls himself Amina, he might have all male parts, and they might commit the same act that two men dressed as men would, to sodomize each other.  That man is now considered a [Arabic], literally a man dressing as a woman, a feminized man, and therefore it’s okay between two Muslim men.

Mike:  What about the laws in Yemen and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and other Muslim countries where they’re throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings.

Bieszad:  Those are Muslim men who are not [Arabic], who do not dress as women, who are sodomizing other Muslim men.  That is the difference.  Literally it’s a matter of changing your clothes.

Mike:  So if you’re a Muslim version of Ru Paul, a Muslim version of Bruce Jenner, you’re all right.

Bieszad:  I’m going to give you a name to look up.  Your listeners can look him up.  His name is Bulent Ersoy.  He is a crossdresser.  He is the most famous crossdresser in the Muslim world.  He’s been crossdressing for 35 years.  He is a classical singer of Ottoman music.  He is loved all over the Middle East, among Muslims and in Turkey.  Recently – I’m going to tell you this.  Last week, President Erdogan of Turkey came in and he broke up a huge LGBT protest in Istanbul.  Right after he breaks that protest up, he goes to a Ramadan Iftar dinner, the fast-breaking dinner, one of the holiest days of Ramadan.  He and his wife, guess who they’re having dinner with, who his special guest of honor is?  Bulent Ersoy.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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