It Is Election Day And Despair Is Not An Option, Just Ask Saint Catherine of Sienna

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Mandeville, LA – CITIZEN! There is nothing left to do but pray, fast, vote and keep vigil all day tomorrow. I am leaving the results in the Holy, capable hands of Our Lady of Fatima and her Son, Christ The King. Saint Catherine of Sienna was a mystic who had many visitations from Our Lord, who poured his Sacred Heart out to her in dialogues. This account deals with what too many of our friends and family are dealing with today: despair. Read the teaching, slam a shot of good wine or Scotch or Bourbon, pray to Our Lady for a blessed outcome tomorrow and be well my friends!

“Despair is that sin which is pardoned neither here nor hereafter, and it is because despair displeases Me so much that I wish them to hope in My mercy at the point of death, even if their life have been disordered and wicked. This is why during their life I use this sweet trick with them, making them hope greatly in My mercy, for when, having fed themselves with this hope, they arrive at death, they are not so inclined to abandon it, on account of the severe condemnation they receive, as if they had not so nourished themselves.

“All this is given them by the fire and abyss of My inestimable love, but because they have used it in the darkness of self-love, from which has proceeded their every sin, they have not known it in truth, but in so far as they have turned their affections towards the sweetness of My mercy they have thought of it with great presumption.”

“I have shown to the eye of your intellect a very small part of what happens, and so small is what I have shown you with regard to what it really is, to the suffering, that is, of the one, and the happiness of the other, that it is but a trifle. See how great is the blindness of man, and in particular of these ministers, for the more they have received of Me, and the more they are enlightened by the Holy Scripture, the greater are their obligations and more intolerable confusion do they receive for not fulfilling them; the more they knew of Holy Scripture during their life, the better do they know at their death the great sins they have committed, and their torments are greater than those of others, just as good men are placed in a higher degree of excellence. Theirs is the fate of the false Christian, who is placed in Hell in greater torment than a pagan, because he had the light of faith and renounced it, while the pagan never had it.”

Saint Catherine relays this mortifying rebuke of schism and heresy that I pray more would read and meditate upon. Saint Catherine of Sienna, pray for us.

Read the whole thing:

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