It’s a SURE Bet, Jesus Knew Gal Queda Would Arise When He Made Marriage

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Revolt_Heather_t_hirts_displayMandeville, LA – The conceit of our times is evident in nearly everything we read, see, and hear. Humility has no bridegroom in the era of ME. Case in point, the latest attempts to shoe-horn the inerrant word of Our Lord into the pseudo-conservative and vulgar progressive latest avant-garde lifestyles.

Case in point, The Week’s Damon Linker weighs in on the Holy Father Frances’s latest efforts to “liberalize” Chuch teaching on marriage and divorce.

But of course, reformist Catholics disagree — and they, too, have a point. As theologian Natalia Imperatori argued on Twitter in response to Douthat’s claims, the context of Christ’s statements about marriage was very different from our own. Jesus was talking about the practice of men abandoning their wives at a time when women had no independent rights and were considered their husband’s property. In that context, Christ’s commands protected women from abuse, but today, abuse is more likely to result from a woman being trapped in a bad marriage. Hence, the genuinely Christian approach would be to stop penalizing people for ending unhappy marriages.

No, the genuinely Christian approach would be to acknowledge that Our Lord is God,  his word is inerrant and he knew there would be Gal Queada, and women “trapped in…bad marriage[s]”. His law and his commands haven’t change, the corrupt, arrogant, mortally sin-drunk humans he left to obey his command and seek the narrow gate have. Pope Pius X make this abundantly clear at the dawn of the drive through divorce mills.

“…first of all, that men’s minds be illuminated with the true doctrine of Christ regarding it; and secondly, that Christian spouses, the weakness of their wills strengthened by the internal grace of God, shape all their ways of thinking and of acting in conformity with that pure law of Christ so as to obtain true peace and happiness for themselves and for their families.”[1]

Ok Holy Father, you have to understand that true happiness today is drawn from the Curve tv wives purchase for their 3rd husbands and the Dance Moms Season I & II blu-ray collection husbands buy for their 4th wives. Oh wait, the pontiff mentioned families meaning children didn’t he? Well, we elect the prettiest faces among us to preside over “family courts” to settle the “happiness” of those kids and farm the rest out to day-care mills and then the public school system. That is until the “abuse” begins, you know, snoring, not taking the trash out, never being “in the mood” but finding time for “:corks and canvas” night with the girls. Maybe Blessed Pius X saw that coming too as did our Lord’s Council on marraige.

“Let that solemn pronouncement of the Council of Trent be recalled to mind in which, under the stigma of anathema, it condemned these errors: “If anyone should say that on account of heresy or the hardships of cohabitation or a deliberate abuse of one party by the other the marriage tie may be loosened, let him be anathema”

Those who argue that modern times have made necessary a change in how the Church views these issues fail in their most basic charge as Christians: humility. To even seek relief for YOUR mortal afflictions is to defy the path to the narrow gate of heaven as nearly every saint who ever lived has reiterated from those first, glorious martyred Saints: Peter, Paul, James, Bartholmew et al. The Church, lovingly and devoutly following Christ’s teaching on the family & marriage are clear not ambiguous it is we who need the humility to seek a prescription for blessed eye care.

In sum, the nearly blasphemous  notion, seeking to become canon law or at best, another heresy performed by unsuspecting Novus Ordo Catholics, that somehow God lost his wits and power while making marriage law  has an answer: It’s a SURE Bet, Jesus Knew Gal Queda Would Arise When He Made Marriage law.


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