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It’s HOMOclericalism, Stupid – The Mike Church Show

todayAugust 21, 2018 5

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Mandeville, La

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The First Woman to Accuse Harvey Weinstein –

  • Come to find out she is a bit of a perv herself.
  • There is an indication of deviant sexual behavior.
  • This is from the Catholic Church to Hollywood.
  • We cannot solve the problem of sin however the society doesn’t have to be comprised of deviants.

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  • Who doesn’t know in Executive matters, if the branch issues security clearances and the President doesn’t want to give that individual one, then he doesn’t have to?
  • That what Executive Authority is or how you would use it.
  • Either you have a 3 tiered system or you don’t.
  • 3 Branches of Government: Legislative, Judicial, Executive

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HEADLINE: In Spies Battle, Trump Holds the High Ground by Patrick J. Buchanan

  • Brennan isn’t being denied any right, a security pass/clearance is a privilege.
  • It isn’t a Constitutional right.
  • If you don’t think there is a serious problem – “with 4 million Americans holding security clearances…..”
  • Families that have 4 families can’t keep a secret but we think 4 million people can?
  • How can we possibly have that many people feeding at the government trough?



HEADLINE: Not One More American Life Should Be Expended for Afghanistan by Robert W. Merry

  • There are generations that have been born and have never had the pleasure of NOT having their country at war.
  • American servicemen are in the line of fire and they don’t have to be.
  • President Trump needs to end this.
  • A generation of soldiers with nothing left to fight for except each other.
  • Was it a justified invasion? No, it absolutely was not.
  • We need to lear from our mistakes, make reparations, and don’t do it again.
  • Here is his conclusion – peace comes at the end of a gun…that is what Muslims think NOT Christians.
  • This does not mean Christians will not defend themselves and their families.
  • Conclusion – Afghanistan is a FOOLS ERRAND.
  • Chivers points out that more than three million uniformed Americans have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 7,000 have been killed. Tens of thousands have been wounded, many grievously. Experts peg the total cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars as reaching well into the trillions of dollars.” 
  • “Not a single further American life should be expended in behalf of this flimsy cause.”
  • I don’t want America to be in a perpetual state of war.
  • This is August 2018 – 20 months there have been significant deaths of US military in Afghanistan, and President Trump still hasn’t pulled out.


HEADLINE: Pope blames U.S. sex abuse crisis on ‘clericalism,’ leaves out homosexuality by Lisa Bourne

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Back to Headline: Pope blames U.S. sex abuse crisis on ‘clericalism,’ leaves out homosexuality by Lisa Bourne

  • Now again, I am NOT bashing the Pope, I am merely reading the letter that was given to the public.
  • I don’t wish for the chair to be vacant, I pray for the Pope daily as I am called to do.
  • Who are you to judge? We make judgements every single day. Human nature is to judge.
  • If you purged all the homosexuals in the seminary you would have a Priest shortage…so what is your explanation on how many people took Holy Orders?

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Email From the Catholic Group –

  • The Brown Shirts say the laity need to get out of it.
  • They are using the same terms: acts of penance, fasting, write letters etc
  • They are using terms like children, long time ago, sexual immaturity etc
  • They are saying new programs implemented are working (Safe Environment Training)
  • More buzz words – we are sad, shocked and sickened, many of the abusive Priests are now dead, the Pope has a plan to fix the problem.
  • It’s a PR campaign to spin this problem.
  • Pope Pius X faced what he thought was a similar crisis – it was modernity.
  • What did Pope Pius X do? He drafted “The Oath Against Modernity”.
  • He sent it to every Cardinal and Bishop and they had to sign it or they had to leave.
  • Don’t tell me this can’t be dealt with administratively.
  • Female orders around the world have been catastrophic. There are some making a comeback.



Back to Headline: Pope blames U.S. sex abuse crisis on ‘clericalism,’ leaves out homosexuality by Lisa Bourne

  • Do you think all these events are coincidences?
  • There are admitted ‘gay’ presets giving discussions on the FAMILY!
  • All of these things were lined up to change the culture of homosexuality in the Church.
  • I truly think the Holy Spirit has stepped in and shined a bright light on this to stop it. 
  • “Largely it’s not a pedophile crisis,” Yore said. “We know from the John Jay report, 81-percent of the victims were males, mostly teens. And we know because our subclass of predators are all male, this is a male-on-male crime, and primarily with teens between the ages of 14 to 17. Those are the victims.” 
  • Reverting back to the term “clericalism” whatever you do don’t say anything close to homosexuality or sodomy.
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  • We have bureaucracy now in the Church.
  • The common wealth of Catholic Bishops – there were people that predicted this would become all too secular democracy.
  • There can be no meaningful Christianity without the Catholic Church.
  • I don’t mean to exclude anyone in Christendom/Christianity.
  • What would you conserve from that?
  • First chapter St. John
  • Ultimate purposes/ Ultimate causes







Special Guest Michael Hichborn from Lepanto Institute 

Follow Mr. Hichborn here – @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Whatever recognition I am getting is only the recognition of the anger of the Catholic faithful.

HEADLINE: Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests by David Crary

  • The laity is looking to what the Bishops are saying and not paying attention to what the world is thinking.
  • The laity wants action and they want it now.
  • The whole “nothing is current” speaking about the sexual abuses.
  • Do you see a RICO thing happening here?
  • Suddenly he was in the spotlight. It wasn’t until after the information had become public that he actually did something.
  • Some of these writers are on the Bishops payroll and that is evident by their stories saying “they did the best they could and removed ____”
  • What do you make of this ‘clericalism’ nonsense?
  • Clericalism does not a homosexual make.
  • Homosexuality is commonality sadly with the clergy.
  • Infiltration from the Vortex
  • Quotes – Infiltration of the Church in Russia
  • We are finally seeing the unmasking of the infiltration of the Catholic Church and the bad guys are scrambling.
  • There are laity that will go through some persecution because of this.
  • This is damaging and destroying relationships with Christ.
  • If the Church can expect this from us, why doesn’t the Church expect it from our Priests?
  • Hichborn – because it is the Priests that are corrupted by this sin of homosexuality.
  • We need to maintain prayers, fasting, and acts of reparation.
  • #IAgreeWithMikeChurch
  • He has casted down the mighty and exalted the lowly.
  • St. John the Evangelist story
  • We are seeing a great deal of fear in the Catholic Church with the higher ups.
  • They want attachment to the material world, such as their reputation and material things that come with the seat they hold.
  • You can read more from Michael Hichborn here http://www.lepantoinstitute.org/
  • This is absolutely still happening in the Catholic Church, so don’t let anyone tell you it is not.
  • Don’t buy into any of this nonsense this happened YEARS ago.
  • Priest from Texas with his plea to the laity, please don’t stop sending the sexual abuse stories in.
  • This is a battle, we need to press the advantage we have here and not stop until every last one of them are removed.
  • What bothers me is they are fearing the civil authority now, they didn’t fear God while they were doing these things.
  • Sackcloth squares with small crosses made of ash – worn by the laity to make the statement we will not stop until the Church rids itself of the rot of homosexuality.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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