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todayJuly 11, 2011

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    It TheKingDude


Its Not A Debt Ceiling, Its A Debt Suggestion

2011 Mike Church

Hey Folks Mike Church here with Todays Church Doctrine.

I have 10 foot tall ceilings in my home. The are framed with 2×6 wooden rafters sitting atop walls framed with 2×4 wall studs. The ceiling is covered with gypsum wallboard and then painted for appearances. These ceilings in my home dont move, they dont rise because tall people enter the home, they dont drop because short people come inside for a rum punch party. In other words they are finite and stable, much like the ceiling of say the Louisiana Superdome.

There is however a ceiling out there that is very malleable and moves at the stroke of a dictators pen. It is called the debt ceiling. Using the definition of ceiling cited above this debt ceiling is no ceiling at all. it is a suggestion, an unrealistic fantasy of future federal spending. This suggestion has been ignored 74 times since 1962 but this time is going to be different, were going to put spending cuts in place that will work and will keep the debt from ever getting bigger and you can probably imagine what is said afterwards. Here is what is NOT to be said EVER Ladies and gentleman, since 1931 the federal government has expanded like kudzoo on the Alabama countryside. Presidents and Congresses have been elected to stop this growth some have been elected to reverse it. They have all failed and this latest effort will fail too, therefore the only prudent course is to start eliminating all agencies and programs not authorized by THIS Constitution. We begin with Education, Energy, Housing and Mortgages and then move onto food supply and production Some will say this is not realistic to which I reply You mean realistic, like the debt ceiling ?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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